Friday, March 30, 2012

Saturday: Deadline Day

You Bitches have sent in some of the most “interesting” items from your households for our upcoming Show and Tell Day

[thanks, Thombeau!]

You have all day Saturday to submit your entries…although I think most of you have done so by now.

Wait ‘til you see what’s on display!


Thanks, Bitches!


  1. Oh dear, I was wondering where part of my crown went.

  2. If the guilt truly was eating me up, I just know that norma would be positively GREEN!!!

    And none of us could take that....

    (Except for me of coarse, and I mean that!)

    Oh, Hai lx, oh hai maddie....

  3. so, where'd you stick the dildo?

    *you're so pretty in a pale blue a-line*

  4. I have more if you don't like what I sent.

  5. Show and Tell!
    Show and Tell!
    We want Show and Tell!

    Come on Maddie, pick up those pompoms and join me!

    Show and Tell
    Show and Tell
    We Want Show and Tell...

    1. *Dusts off Pom Poms and zips up thigh high white leather boots*
      Gawd... Huggy Jon I haven't had a root... er... I mean... had to root for anything in such a long while... Now if we can just get peenee back into his skirt...

      Show and Tell
      Show and tell
      We want Show and Tell...

      Ra RA Ra...

      Gimme a "B"
      Gimme an "I"
      Gimme a "TCH"
      Infomaniac BITCH

      Now I'm really Knackered
      Any chance of a double Vodka?

      Peenee... Put that skirt back on...

  6. I see the Infomaniac Cheerleading Squad has shown up.

    Mistress MJ hopes to post your “Show and Tell” photos on Sunday or on Monday at the latest.

    There is still time today to submit, Bitches.

    1. *rushes out to get some popcorn before show begins*

      Who wants butter?

  7. Oh... Mr Lax... Your Pom Pom Fluffing Has improved.... That feels soooooo good....

  8. Oh Crap!

    *rushes off to look for something to photograph*

  9. I am shivering with anticipation!

  10. Me, I'm shuddering with foreboding.