Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Under the Weather

Mistress MJ is a little under the weather.


Please let me know what I'm missing as I haven't felt up to making all my blogging rounds.

I hope to recuperate a.s.a.p.

UPDATE: Do you remember our January post on THE SCOURGE?

Miss Normadesmond thoughtfully emailed this to me …


  1. Oh, no!

    [vigorous pillow fluffing]

    Anything else need fluffing, Mistress?

  2. All Quiet on the Eastern Front...

    Feel better soon.

  3. All that boot scootin' eventually catches up with you...

    Hope you're back in the saddle real soon

  4. Diarrhoea? I've just had that too. I filled the pot twice and lost half a stone! so it wasn't all that bad.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. Quick - boots off! Yer feed need first aid - step aside people nothing to see here ...

  6. I thought you had learned your lesson about hanging out in cowboy bars. I suppose you also forgot about truckers that want to show you their big rigs. Still, get better!

  7. be careful. vomit can stain
    hair that's been bleached for jesus.

    unless of course that's the tone your going for.

  8. Horrors! This is what I do when I'm not feeling well:

    Hot Bath


    Take of youself Mistress.

    Hai XL, Mago and Princess!

  9. UPDATE: Contrary to what MITZI says, Mistress MJ does NOT have diarrhea.


    Anyway, thank you everyone for your concern.

    Mistress MJ must return to her sick bed.

    But be sure to check the updated post...a little gift from the charming Normadesmond.

  10. Caught the pox, have we? Well, you'll be better off in bed than visiting, oh, I don't know... Beast, let's say? He's posted something about his mooning causing global disasters.

  11. *bustles in*

    Now I thought we'd discussed drinking water without proper sterilisation liquid.

    *pours a fifth of Jamesons into a glass*

    Take your medicine and don't let me catch you drinking water again.

  12. Mr Beastie is holding a tin-foil hat competition!!!
    Get well soon, Mistress.

  13. FEEL BETTER soon! "A nation is aroused" over cracked toilet seats??? Life was so much simpler then...

  14. Hope you feel better soon, luv. Next time, disinfect the freakin' green elf shorts before donning them. Just a helpful hint.

  15. You might be safer disinfecting the FGES after they have been "Donned"....

  16. A doctor friend of our once noted that seemingly sane people, who live in an average clean house, normally freak if they or someone in the house touch a toilet bowl fixture never think twice out embrace said same bowl when they puke. In cases where the voimtor has the flu and is running a fever they are more likely to hug the bowl when they puke because 1) the porcelian is cool feels good and 2)Its anchored soundly to the floor.

    But he also noted that unles one is a total pig, or has open sores, it won't kill you. "Just remember to scrub up after having a good vomit episode," he said.

    A good vomit episode? Sounds like a bad game show name.

  17. Why does the photo show loose hair hanging down around the toilet? Why the hell aren't those houseboys doing their jobs?! I remember in college that was the sign of a true friend, someone who held your hair as you puked.

  18. well once you get over your dose of the squirts (Dont bother denying it WE KNOW) you can make a nice tin foil hat :-)
    Get well soon

  19. I am *SO* over the weather at the moment. Let's have some spring!

  20. I'm starting to rally 'round and will pop by later tonight or tomorrow to visit everyone...including Beast and his tinfoil hats.

    Thanks, everyone, for visiting.

    New post up.