Sunday, March 20, 2011

Don’t Fear the Reaper, KAZ

Please raise your glasses in a toast to the memory of Infomaniac Bitch KAZ from Manchester, England.

As you know, KAZ fell ill with ovarian cancer last year.

Yet she kept her sense of humour and made valiant efforts to blog whenever she had a bit of energy.

Here is what her friend Keith had to say on her blog

Carol - Kaz to you all - died in her sleep early in the morning of Valentine's Day.

Her funeral was attended by about 50 people which, considering she has two living relatives, shows how much people thought of her. It was conducted - according to her instructions - by her friends and was a warm and friendly gathering. The music she had chosen was

(Thanks you for the) Days - The Kinks (entry)
Soave Sea Il Vento - trio from Mozart's opera Cosi Fan Tutte (for silent reflection)
Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult (exit)

The message she left for me ended with the instruction 'enjoy life', which I am sure she would extend to you all.

And now a message from Mistress MJ and Infomaniac Bitches everywhere...

“Thank you for the days of laughter we shared, KAZ.”

I hope Piggy and Mr. Mutley were waiting on the other side for you with open arms.


  1. Cheers to you, Kaz!

    Thank you for all the laughs and for your wonderful company over the years! You were one of kind! And you're much missed and much loved!

  2. So very sad. I remember the time I thought because she had Patsy for her avatar that she must have been a gay man.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones.

    The Infomaniac pool is dwindling...I'm getting nervous.

  3. RIP KAZ

    May HaShem embrace you and care for you whilst simultaneously fighting off Piggy so he can be first.

  4. I just heard. I had a feeling this was the case. I'm so glad Keith told us.

    I miss her.

  5. I just read this on FB and then her site...

    Rest In peace, Sugar. You will be missed. oxox

  6. ... fuck cancer.

  7. I will miss Kaz very much.:-(

  8. I hope Piggy, Mutley and Kaz all have their celestial laptops with them.
    I have been missing Kaz and will continue to miss her.

  9. Kaz will be sadly missed...

    My sentiments exactly Mr Mago...

  10. Kaz will be sadly missed...

    My sentiments exactly Mr Mago...

  11. I shall miss her posts and the comments she left on my blog - I'm sure our paths must have crossed at times but with no real face to put to the name I wouldn't know. All her blogland friends will miss her terribly.

  12. Rude In Public.

    Regrettably Incompletely Plastered.

    Rather Improbable Person.

    Reads Infomaniac Plumptiously.

    Really Ioungest Pensioner?


  13. Peace out to Dear Kaz. I read her blog and found her to be a woman with great strength and dignity.

    Cancer is the devil, but this woman has gone straight to heaven.

  14. Godspeed to her. My thoughts are with her family.

  15. Kaz was so hilarious and smart and witty...I had hoped that this would turn around. I'm so glad that I had the privilege to engage with her energy and warmth.

    I will always smile when I think of Kaz.
    xxx ooo

  16. didn't get to know Kaz, but, dang...
    Talk about coincidences...
    I just posted a video today called...
    Don't Fear he Reaper.

    But, there's no rock music on it. makes you want to throw rocks AT IT, but...not in it...



    This is a little poem I wrote for KAZ once upon a time…

    A good time gal from northern Blighty
    Table dances in her nightie
    She loves her vodka, she's a lush
    Her antics make the punters blush

    And KAZ, in response, wrote this for me…

    I'd like to thank my pal emjay
    For greetings on my special day
    For lunch it's vodka down the pub
    Then pole dancing at the 'Obsessions club'