Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Donn Goes For Gold

When KAZ saw our earlier post picturing three nekkid men on a snowmobile, she responded, “Donn seems to be quite an expert on this topic. Is that him in the middle?”

Spot on, KAZ. Here we see Donn going for the Gold …

The name “Dave” is just meant to throw us off but astute Infomaniac readers know his true identity.

Note the use of the distinctly Canadian interjection “Eh?” at approximately 0:35.


  1. I'd like to have been present for the " know what we should do?" brain flash that launched the concept of naked snowmobiling.

    Wonder if they snow-balled later?

  2. bronze, but i'm good with that! xoxoxo

  3. Blech!

    He missed the dog, must be a drunken Canadian.

  4. I'd recognise that ass anywhere - eh?

  5. "Faster, faster...."
    I'm sure Mr Coppens is used to hearing this.

  6. He gets the special Brass Balls award for that stellar performance!

    I wonder how much antifreeze he had in his system to stay outside that long... ;-)

  7. is this your entry for Movie Clip Wednesday? If so, I think it's perfect. Except for the music. Or lack of anyone singing.

  8. Just tromping around watching the music videos, landed here, there was no video so I clicke on "DONN" up there and dang if he didn't have a screaming music piece in his post!
    Always worth traveling by here.

    Well, unless, of course, ypu get run over by a naked skimobile driver!


  9. My name is Mob cos there's lots of us5:35 PM, February 17, 2010

    I'm assuming that XL was about to launch into one of Spandau Ballet's greatest hits. So what happened to the rest of the lyrics bud?

    And what happened to the February Flashbacks Mistress MJ? This is the third new post in a row. Or were you actually secretly one of the competitors at the Winter Olympics but failed to make it through to the next round and so have time to blog again?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. My name is Mob cos there's lots of us5:46 PM, February 17, 2010

    And I notice from the following news article, if it is true, that women now have only two uses in life - making babies and use as bicycle stands.

    (I deleted the last comment as I didn't want to be number thirteen.)

  12. whoop whoop....super Donn...



  13. That fuckin stupid - me not ben it warms since in countryside UK! Always stay clthinged and by radiators.

  14. High marks for technical skill and for artistic components!

    Putting the Oh in Oh, Canada!

  15. I had to deduct points for no accessories. A bracelet, even a chinese lantern would have added that touch of savoir-faire required to make it on the podium. Nice use of genital-flashing though.

  16. youtubes?!?! thats as bad as me facebooking... **writes name in snow and leaves**

  17. When he wins the gold, where will he hang hi medal?

  18. BITCHES: In response to Mob’s question, as follows…

    And what happened to the February Flashbacks Mistress MJ? This is the third new post in a row.

    Mistress MJ does not have time to respond to your query.

    She is a busy woman.

    Make do with whatever crumbs she throws your way.

    And be glad of it.

  19. These fresh posts are like the gravy on our poutine!

  20. Control yourself, XL.

    I'm working on another new one.

  21. My name is Mob cos there's lots of us3:55 AM, February 18, 2010

    Inner Voices can write his name in snow and leaves? That's a neat trick. I mean, I've heard of writing your name in snow but not the other one.

    And Mistress MJ, I refuse to be limited by the ambit of other peoples limited perceptions!