Monday, February 01, 2010

February Flashbacks

This fiasco-in-the-making is about to take over the city where Mistress MJ currently goes about her business.

[thanks, XL]

And although the Games themselves don’t begin until February 12th, the cultural portion of the event is already in full swing.

As a result of road closures and traffic diversions, Mistress MJ’s commute will be adversely affected for the entire month of February, leaving less time for blogging.


We’ll delve into the bowels of the Infomaniac Archives to bring you entertainment from yesteryear.

There are enough new bitches here who might appreciate it. You long-time Infomaniac readers will just have to suck it up. After all, you were probably wasted the first time you read these posts so they will be new to you too.

And with 1,550 posts to choose from (that’s right!), there should be plenty of material to entertain you.

One more thing … Mistress MJ will not be commenting on each and every one of your comments during the month of February so get used to it. Oh sure, I might LOL at one or two of you periodically. Or step in to break up a fight if things get ugly. So yes, I’ll be reading your comments but not actively participating in the fun.

FEBRUARY FLASHBACKS starts Tuesday, February 2nd.

We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Bonus: Wanna learn how to make flashing text as we did above with February Flashbacks? Then visit Eroswings’ “Blog Tips - - Sliding and Flashing Texts” for easy-to-follow instructions.


  1. I'll be at the curling venue ... sulking.

  2. and now, i'll read the post! xoxoxox

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. It's the Olympics! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!! If that's what the Canadian Hockey Team is wearing, they'll definitely scare the Russians (and the competition) away!

    I can't wait to see what Vancouver lights up with the Olympic Torch. Rumor has it, it's going to be a big bong!

    P.S. Start buying cheap Winter Olympics pins/gadgets/toys now. Because by the last week of the Olympics, tourists and people will pay big bucks for them when you sell 'em!

    P.P.S. Thanks for the shout out! And hope your commute to work is not too troublesome. You might meet some tourists on the bus! The Dutch will be wearing orange!

  5. please wake me up when it's all over.

    zzzzzzzhai xlxxxxxxxxxx hai savanaahzzzzz hai erowswingszzzzzzzz

  6. Eros said...P.S. Start buying cheap Winter Olympics pins/gadgets/toys now. Because by the last week of the Olympics, tourists and people will pay big bucks for them when you sell 'em!

    *buys Olympic butt plug and shoves it up arses of City officials*

    *pees on Olympic torch to extinguish it*

  7. This is all fine and dandy, but I want to know why curling will make XL sulk...

  8. are you back yet? Is it March?

  9. Oh great. We will get sloppy seconds.


  10. Had I known Naked Hockey was on the card, I would have been paying more attention.

  11. Sport - wer's braucht ... this blinking makes me nervous ... aaarrggg

  12. Recycling old posts.
    Some people will go to any lengths to reduce their carbon footprint!

  13. No one Flashed me :(

    Oh I get it ,
    I'm using windows.

  14. Oh hi Xl,
    I'd be sulking too if someone slid my warm rocks along the cold ice, with IDV busily brooming my path

  15. Mistress, I was just reading a news article about the security net about to be thrown over Vancouver. Holy crap! Maybe you can get some good pix to use on Infomaniac of people being strip searched.

    @ Ponita: It's the month without pillow fluffing, fresh Infomaniac posts, and loving Mistress attention in the comments box that is making me sulky. I seek solace at the curling venue.

    Oh Hai Boxer, Princess!

  16. How cruel and unusual. All these flashbacks will make me think my memory actually works.

    @ Princess: You'd better not slide too fast as Broom has VERY harsh bristles.

  17. Why Mr De Vice,
    The very thought has me quivering in anticipation!!!

    *Now That should be enough to poke him in the other eye*

  18. Oh, the boys play the poking game. Again.

  19. I turn my back for one day and...

  20. I have done plenty of poking on facebook , I can't say I enjoyed it much

  21. You haven't poked me Beastie...

    Walks away sulking

  22. Ugh, the Olympics! Poor you. Not that I have anything against them really, but wouldn't want 'em in my town!

    Watch out for flying snowboards...

  23. Is it time for the Olympics already? Geez, where have I been?

    Are you going to personally welcome all the athletes? No wonder you won't have time to comment!

  24. Bollocks. Seeing that flashing text I thought I'd won something.

    I'll be flying the flag for our curlers. Meanwhile there'll be bobsleighs on your bus.

  25. Are you in prison again? really its all a bit much...

  26. I bet she's a member of the board of some strange o-committee ...

  27. Hate to break it to you, but you were snout down in the Jamesons when you read the instructions, cheeser. The text ain't flashing.
    Maybe you were being flashed by ErosWings while you were texting and it all got muddled up in transit between your swizzle stick and the keyboard. My swizzle stick gets caught in my keyboard while I'm flashing all the time so I know whereof I speak. Now fix it or I shall be forced to taunt you a second time.

  28. Is a swizzle stick something like a nozzle?

  29. Will someone tell Ms. Nations to try using Firefox instead of Explorer?

    Or possibly to put on her glasses.

  30. Would you bitches stop asking questions? I've had a tiring day and need a cocktail.

    With a swizzle stick.

    Which, for Mago's benefit, is a plastic stick used to mix/stir your cocktail.

  31. And no, I'm NOT in prison, thank you for asking, Mr. Mutley.

  32. So now the shortest month of the year shall become the longest. I mustn't be greedy, I know the outside world needs some MJ as well. The pain, oh the pain. I shall be but a bubble-headed booby reading yesterdays items. I hope I can tell the real from the flashbacks.

  33. My name is Mob cos there's lots of us3:05 AM, February 02, 2010

    The incessant flashing...

    *falls down*

    ok I've recovered now...

    *falls down again*


    *starts doing the prone fandango*

    *changes browser*

    Right, where was I? Oh yes, that flashing text doesn't work on proper browsers like Chrome.

  34. I'm not one of these ugly dolls you can prick with needles! Or swizzle sticks.

  35. My name is Mob cos there's lots of us12:17 PM, February 02, 2010

    Also I think I know what the real reason is for you not blogging so much. Nothing to do with traffic and road closures, unless those are euphemisms for 'chasing after all the fresh meat that has just hit town'.

    Vancouver eh? My net draws tighter and soon I shall figure out what country you live in. Oh hang on, I'm not American. Correction. Soon I shall figure out what part of Vancouver you live in. MUAHAHAHA.