Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Try Something New Day!

It’s been almost a year since we held a Try Something New Day.

So let’s do it again!

What new activity will you be trying?


  1. I'm going to try be the second commentator on today's post...

    Failing that, I'm going to try to learn to make a mai tai.

  2. My buddy Karl Childers, you may have seen him in the movie Sling Blade?
    Anyway Karl wants to know how you got all them photeegraphs from the nervous hospital?
    Oh and do you have any fancy bananers

  3. EROS: Start mixing.

    COPPENS: Put the banana DOWN.

    You got that banana from Beast's "fruit basket" didn't you?

  4. I'll make an effort of looking busy at work today.

  5. Well, I won't be trying what that young lady is doing, that's for sure.

    I think I might try being pleasant to everyone at work. It will scare them away so I can be left alone, I hope. Failing that, if they come back tomorrow expecting more of the same, they'll just get the normal, curmudgeonly, me. Ha!

  6. I will be trying to be more funny on my that is possible.

  7. sucking my own willy has gotten boring.

  8. I am going to try and develope a range of interesting nervous twitches . That second young lady needs a packet of hobknobs she is obviously a bit peckish.

  9. I don't know about hobknobs Mr Beasty, maybe she should just try knobs.

  10. i will be trying not to get lost today...however, maybe i should stay put and try the suggested activities?

  11. I can actually do that with my nipples.

    Today I will be will be trying not to wank in traffic.

  12. Aaaaaaaagh!! My poor nipples :(

    Great idea though - today I will make a realistic To Do list and actually get to the end of it for once!

  13. I shall be shoplifting from Marks & Spencers today - something new for me.

    I shall also read a blog from your blogrolls - any suggestions?

  14. I plan to torture and kill bankers.

  15. I going to not say 'ew' at a picture MJ has posted.

  16. notpackagoddamnthingtoday.


  17. CYBERPOOF: That WOULD be a first.

    IVD: The trick with the titties…

    You could have Tim do it to you instead.

    KNUDSEN: You couldn’t possibly be funnier. LOL!

    sucking my own willy has gotten boring

    Is that a thinly veiled attempt for the weemen of Infomaniac to pity you and come to your aid?

    BEAST & SCARLET: I know what the pair of you are up to, you HobNob thieving miscreants.

    I would expect such behavior from Beast but I’m disappointed in YOU, Miss Scarlet.

    DAISY: Where ARE you?

    MAXI: You’re not the first Irishman I know with marvelous moobs.

  18. WHOOPSADAISY: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    The Filthy Irish are always welcome here.

    FROBI: Everyone on my blogroll is a must-read.

    Except BEAST.

    GARFY: Time well spent.

    T-BIRD: But Friday is another day, isn’t it?

    SAVANNAH: You’re packing HEAT, baby.

  19. I won't be imitating that second picture, that just ain't pretty.

    I think I'll give a whirl at carving naughty pumpkins tonight.

  20. mj...i'm in ballymena...northern ireland at the moment...just got here after a stay in cookstown and will be going to magherafelt next week, i think...

  21. Well, I've done my washing (by hand as the bloody machine has busted!) and that's something I usually do so doesn't count.

    I'm going to go and do some training for an hour or two but again, that's something I usually do so doesn't count.

    I was shouting at blogger as it refuses to let me add certain tags to text in the comments, such as strikethrough. But shouting at blogger is something I usually do so that doesn't count either.

    I was going to go outside and streak up and down the street, but it's too cold here in the UK at the moment so I'm not doing that. Besides, it might frighten the neighbours and they already think I'm strange as it is.

    I'm lost. My life is so full of excitement at the moment that there really isn't anything I can think of...although I could do my stretching exercises whilst naked (which I've never done before) but I'm not enamoured at the thought of seeing parts of my naked body that nature never intended for me to see.

  22. CATSCRATCH: Extreme Pumpkins, perhaps?

    SCARLET: In that case, I’ll refer you to my Biccies posts.

    DAISY: Oh Daisy, you KNOW how much I love big Irish arses.

    Snap some pics for me, would you, of the backsides of Irishmen.

    And Irish cock too, if you come across any.

    *crosses self and faints with the excitement of it all*

    GINRO: While you’re nekkid, grab your camera.

    It is a requirement of all new male Infomaniac readers to send me a photo of their bare arses.

    If you send me a photo of your bare buttocks, you’ll be immortalized here.

    Alternatively, if you’re shy, I’ll keep it in my private collection.

    Don’t just stand there. Get a move on!

  23. I was about to ask you to send me a photo of yours seeing as I have never done that before - seen your bum that is.

    What is it about you and Scarlet? You both manage to, sometimes by months, anticipate things I think of? LOL!

  24. if i can get a pic while he is still sleeping in the morning...i will...for you my dearest...and yes it is true what they say about morning wood...

  25. GINRO: Quit stalling and get snapping.

    XL: Tee hee.

    Those kittehs need a cat vomit sign.

    DAISY: Sing along with me…

    “Isn’t it good Irish wood.”


  26. I'm gonna try to not take all these f*cking election signs in my neighborhood and ram them up someone's arse. Will I succeed? I don't think so...maybe that chick in the second pic wants them rammed up her arse?

  27. huh, something new eh? i'll have to think about it.... it would have been nice to have a few suggestions posted for the men... meh...

  28. wow... random is in a mood this morning...

    *runs off waving bob barr sign*

  29. ginro: ̶s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶

    Mistress MJ: I need a twelve-pack of those Cuidado: Vomito de Gato signs!

  30. i guess i could try not to be so annoying and swear so fucking much...

  31. BOXER: I take it you won’t be trying that at home?

    RANDOM: While you’re at it, get the f*cking election signs off the lawns up HERE too as we’re having a civic election.

    VOICES: Something for the men?

    Here. Try this!

    Your mouth will be too full to curse.

    XL: Such a clever blogger.

    My cat vomits every day.

    I have a tiny orange highway cone I use in place of the Cuidado sign.

  32. Exactly!

    Turns out I was so good at it that I stayed at work until 6.30pm.

    Don't hurry making another post like this one.

  33. Exactly!

    Turns out I was so good at it that I stayed at work until 6.30pm.

    Don't hurry making another post like this one.

  34. knudsen was giving demonstrations out back earlier of that...

    *thinks of something else to do*


    *needs some alcohol to lower his blood levels so he can think*

    anybody wanna goto lunch!?!?!

  35. CYBERPOOF: I may have to rethink tomorrow’s post, then.

    VOICES: Alcohol?

    Sourtoe Cocktail, anyone?

  36. i guess thats better than the "sourpuss" cocktail we have have here in the states...

    *orders a round for everyone here*

    drink up bitches!!!

  37. Thanks, because I must leave early.

  38. *notices cyperpete didnt finish his drink*

  39. VOICES: Or I could offer you a Prairie Oyster.

    Combine one raw egg, Worcester sauce, hot sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper.

    Mix ingredients in a glass and swallow in one gulp.

    Unless you would rather EAT your Prairie Oysters which is altogether different.

    CYBERPOOF: Going to visit your imaginary boyfriend again?

  40. No, and I hope I won't run into the friend who stayed with me.

  41. I see XL. It's obviously Chrome that's the problem. I just switched to FF and I can see your strikethrough now, whereas before I couldn't.

  42. CYBERPOOF: You need a plan in case you run into him.

    Quick. Think of a reason you’re in a hurry to go somewhere.

    GINRO: FF?

    Around here that stands for Filthy Friday.

  43. nah, but thanks... im on a liquid diet... nothing but liquid goes in and nothing but liquid comes out... great way to lose ten fifteen pounds of brain cells in a week, all should try it!!

  44. I'm inspired. I'll try screeding the concrete floor.

  45. I'll stick to my usual, "don't ask, don't tell".


  46. And It's not even Friday yet!!!

  47. I've eaten Prairie Oysters... in Ottawa, of all places. Thinly sliced, lightly breaded and fried, with a hot mustard dip - very yummy!

    Now on to the plastering of my livingroom wall (no, I am not getting plastered....) because the holes are now repaired from the cat fiasco.

  48. after two years of hearing my neighbor play heavy metal I though, eh up, I'll try something new so I went next door and fired a gun at his CD player. He has now rearranged my face and I am wearing a plaster mask. That's the last time I try something new!

  49. VOICES: Thanks for sharing.

    TICKERS: Screeding?

    Is that something dirty that only the Welsh do?

    BOXER: I wish Voices would follow your lead.

    RICH: Consider it a warm-up.

    PONYGIRL: Well I am about to get plastered.

    Don’t expect a coherent posting tomorrow.

    EMMA: Is your neighbor named “Heff” by any chance?

    (see my Blogroll)