Saturday, October 04, 2008

Reading Weekend

It’s pouring rain, I’ve come down with a sore throat, and I’m taking to my bed with a shot of Jamesons and a book…

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. I say, sorry to hear that you're under the weather Old Girl..
    perhaps this will cheer you up M'Lady?

    I heard the most delightfully wicked Camel joke the other day at the Officer's Club..


    Why are Camels known as the ships of the desert?
    Get this, apparently it's because they're full of Arab 'seamen'!

    My word isn't that a sketch?

  2. Sore throat ? is it a FRICTION BURN ???
    ***Beast wraps his stinky duvet round Miss MJ's shoulders***

  3. I hope you feel better soon.

    I'm sure smutty books and copious amounts of Jamesons will help.

    Ì might have a copy of "Satan was a Lesbian" or something lying around. I found it in a cupboard when I moved in here.

  4. I shall mostly be setting fire to kittens.

  5. Those darned viruses!

    Hope yours clears up as quickly as mine has.

    I am currently reading The Family: The Real Story Of The Bush Dynasty by Kitty Kelley. Little Georgie is still uneducated but I'm sure he'll be going to school soon.

  6. I like the look of that Arab's loincloth.
    Hope your illness doesn't prevent you from enjoying your day in bed.

  7. What have you had down your throat that caused it to be sore? Make sure Jamesons wears need to spread STDs...

    Get well soon!

  8. Booze and a one-hand-book, what does one need more?
    I'm mostly cold.

  9. Feel better dear! And maybe add some hot lemon and honey to the Jamesons prescription...

    I'm married to a Lebanese man, does that make me a sucker for Arabs?

  10. This weekend I will mostly be doing your ma.

  11. [fluffs Mistress MJ's pillow]

    There. There. Please be better soon.

  12. Nurse Beasty is here to administer some TOUGH LOVE
    ***greases enema tube****
    A good flush out is whats needed

    ***gropes beneath duvet for a pulse****

  13. I bet that camel's feeling a right gooseberry.

    While you're under the weather, I've been working (I know! On a Saturday, no less), I'm about to eat my tea, then have a lovely, long, luxurious bath and go to bed with a good book.
    I'd rather it was a good man, but I think Tim said he was washing his hair, or something...

    I hope you feel better soon, MJ.

  14. A steaming cup of spiked tea and naughty reading material sounds like a fun weekend. The sore throat part doesn't, though. Try some vitamin C.
    It can't hurt, and I think it totally cured me when I was bitten by that radioactive spider. Well, I'm mostly cured anyway. Spiderwebs only shoot out of my nose when I sneeze.

  15. I hope the Jameson's does it thing!

    Plus, that book looks awesome. Can I borrow it when you are done?

  16. i got frustrated and went to the bed yesterday for most of the day...just said fuck it, i'm done...apparently it was what i needed...the change in weather always does this to me...get better wouldn't be the same without your posts...and i will need something to get to work monday morning...i'm counting on you...

  17. I shall be cleaning up the fucking mess you left behind in my study. How many used kleenex can one deranged nympho stuff down the back of my sofa?