Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Fashion Trends

Mistress MJ senses an ill wind blowing in from the Fall fashion collections.

Or it could just be a particularly foul odour emanating from the likes of any of you bitches.

Here’s a look we won’t be sporting anytime soon: The mini bowler hat…

Yours for only £35.00 ($70.00 Canadian or $60 U.S.)... stay tuned as markets fluctuate.

My ego is far too big to be contained in such a petite chapeau.

We’re simply NOT mad about plaid…

It’s a look that only Jimmy Bastard and Old Knudsen could pull off…

You KNOW how we at Infomaniac feel about ugly footwear!

We’re not a fan of the peeptoe high-heeled Oxford at the best of times…

But combine it with PLAID and this is the resulting fugliness…

We’ve seen enough.

What’s your look for Fall, bitches?


  1. I'm all turtle necks and sweater vests.

  2. I live in the Pacific Northwest - you should have pictured what we really wear; Rain gear. Lots and lots of rain gear.

    Can Paco have the tiny bowler?

  3. I'm going with whatever Wal-Mart has on sale in the camouflage section.

  4. I'm gonnae have to go with AB on this one. I'm very particular with my clothing I must admit, so it's normally the 'North face' range for me.

    My indoor choice is of course traditional Scally-fornian. Lots of baggy shorts combined with sparkly PVC. I'm also quite fond of those Borat style thongs. You know the type.. the ones that make your arse look as though it's taking in washing.

  5. I shall be wearing H&M's finest, no doubt.

  6. I fall somewhere between XL and Bollix (No mankini).
    no piont in trying to compete with our resident super models IVD , Cyberpoof and Tim

  7. Ahem. I've just bought some *plaid* button earrings. Does this mean I'm a fashion victim?

    Otherwise I'm still rocking the "looking like I've just fallen out of a skip" look.

  8. But I love plaid minikilts.
    With black tights and docs of course

    *Wonders if they do docs in plaid*.

  9. Horsey didn't look in the mirror before going out. That's for sure. Hey wait a minute... then she'd never go out!

    Those bathrobe material socks the kilt people are wearing looks comfy. But quite ugly all the same.

    I'll be wearing a lot of black. I still haven't forgiven the powers that be, for coming up with those extremely low waist jeans, which is why I haven't been checking out the fashions of the season.

  10. Those socks are traditionally deigned to be extra thick & chunky in order for us to keep miscellaneous items in. For example, if you attended a Glaswegian wedding, where would you keep your chib and your knuckle duster?
    Kilts dinnae have pockets Pete, hence why we keep our condoms and loose change in our sporran.

  11. JOE: You must constantly be fighting off the women, dressed as you are in such sartorial splendor.

    BOXER: GORE-TEX® is the official fabric of the Pacific NorthWest.

    With fleece a close runner-up.

    Paco can have the mini bowler if my cat approves the deal.

    XL: Oh, hello XL.

    I didn’t recognize you at first in your balaclava.

    BOLLIX: Sparkly PVC?

    From the “House of Old Knudsen” collection?

    IVD: Do they make trousers long enough in the leg to fit you?

    And those freakish fingers of yours…

    Do you have your gloves custom made?

    BEAST: You fall somewhere between XL and Bollix?

    Is that code for “I want to be the meat in an XL/Bollix sandwich?

  12. BETTY: Plaid button earrings are a knowing wink to the trend.

    Yet by not swathing yourself in the fabric, you’ve kept your dignity intact.

    Well done, Betty.

    I’ve been known to work the “just fell off a chuckwagon” look, myself.

    KAZ: DR Martens have their own tartan called the “MacMarten Tartan”.

    MAXI: Are you part of an all-gay revue of Riverdance?

    CYBERPOOF: You could shop at “Big Boys” for some stretch-waist trousers.

    BOLLIX: Sporran my arse.

    You keep your spare change under your foreskin.

  13. I could, but I don't want to. I just want trousers that don't leave the upper half of my underwear on display, is that too much to ask for?

    Another thing I've wondered. Do they make Crocs in plaid?

  14. Blue uniform. Boots. Big MacLight in hand, respectively in black leather gloved Männerfaust ... yeah we'll have to press hard on ...

  15. I'll be diving into the down soon. It is only 7C here today so far (and it is after 1:00 p.m.). The name will very soon change from Windypeg to Winterpeg. We will probably have snow for Hallowe'en (again) this year.

    But I do have lovely a plum down vest and jacket, also a pumpkin down jacket, so colour-wise you can fish me out of a snowbank with no problems.

    Don't know about plaid Crocs but they do come in Camo. I wear honkin' big winter boots rated to -40C... unfortunately (not!) only in black, no plaid.

    Jimmy's arse looks quite pinch-able under that kilt, doesn't it?

  16. The kilt has never looked so bad with Sarah Jessica horse face in it. Ah the kilt having cum from Vikings and Normans then to be changed by Sir Walter Cunt and used in the British army where a lot of the rebellious Fenian Highlanders ended up. My tartan is brown with bits of diced carrots in the design.

    Where has Bollox gone I haven't finished slagging the cunt off.

  17. same thing i wear every fall into winter, sugar...skirts and sweaters or jeans and sweaters. xoxo ;)

    (yeah, wtf is bollix?)

  18. I'm sporting hair shirt and a pair of plus fours paired with spats.

  19. These elf ears that I ordered for my daughter's Galadriel costume, and liked so much that that I ordered another pair for myself...

  20. Beastie I love you for that comment but I'm no supermodel.

    I wish I was though. Think of all those lovely drugs.

  21. Whoever came up with those fugly shoes needs to be beaten with them! The same goes for whoever let Sarah Jessica Parker out in that frock (or let her loose on the viewing public for that matter)!

    I'd buy the bowler hat if I can use it as a weapon like Oddjob did in the James Bond movies. I'm going to be needing it to fend off shoppers with the holiday shopping season coming soon.

    As for Fall wear, well, if it gets cold, I may have to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants. Also I get to bring out my comfy hoodies; and if it gets really cold, I may have to wear underwear (most of the time).

  22. Hey, what happened to “Little Jimmy's” and Bollix’s blog?

  23. BITCHES: Thanks to everyone who commented today.

    Apologies for not responding individually.

  24. not sure what my fall look is...but i can tell is nothing that was on this post :)

  25. no, no I wont be doffing a mini bowler this fall or any fall come to think of it.....