Monday, October 13, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to our 3.5 Canadian readers.

Infomaniac is recuperating from a Thanksgiving-dinner-induced coma.

We’ll be back on Wednesday.


  1. ooo, ooo, ooo i must be the ".5" reader!!!!!!

    that means im less than one, so... tech-ni-cali i must be first!!!!

    yah, first!!!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving girly! I have missed you and wanted to pop in and say so! But am saddened to hear that bollix is MIA! Talk soon!

  3. Happy thanksgiving.

    So, do tell us what you are thankful for. It's not all about eating and slacking you know.

  4. Yay first!

    So the Canadians took the land and killed off the Indians too? why did they let the French live?

  5. Thanksgiving?

    Isn't that just a fake holiday to celebrate the invasion of a land?

  6. What have you got to be thankful for living in Canada?

  7. Thank you, thank you, woah yeah great ...

  8. blimey yet another holiday. Did you 'stuff the turkey' miss mj ???

  9. Thank you for the music, Celine.

  10. Well, I am Canadian, I live in the middle of this massive country and I am ever so thankful that I have managed to NOT freeze to death each winter!!

    Had my Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and even got to take home the leftover pumpkin pie! Woot woot!

  11. BOXER: But I’m a laydee!

    VOICES: First, you say?

    You’ll have to fight it out with Boxer.

    ROBYN: Nice to have you back on board the Good Ship Infomaniac.

    *offers Robyn a slice of pumpkin pie*

    CYBERPOOF: What am I thankful for?

    Same things as last year.

    KNUDSEN: Fifth is the new first.

    We let the French live so that we may have poutine; the holy trinity of fries, gravy and cheese curds.

    MAXI: It’s an excuse for millions to watch doubleheader games of the Canadian Football League.

    And by “football” we’re referring to North American-style football; not proper European footie.

    *turns up nose at CFL/NFL*

  12. FROBI: What have we got to be thankful for living in Canada?

    We’re thankful that we’re not Americans.

    MAGO: Such unbridled enthusiasm from Franconia.

    BEAST: Whatever do you mean by THAT, Sir Beast-a-Lot?

    GEOFF: Celine? Ack!

    *turns jukebox upside down and shakes vigorously*

    XL: Thanks, XL.

    PONYGIRL: The pie is calling me for breakfast.

    Are you going to watch that new TV show tonight (Less Than Kind) that’s filmed in WinterPeg?

  13. awww. That's so sweet.

    Writing that caused physical pain right?

  14. CYBERPOOF: I had to bite a bullet.

    VOICES: Who do you think you are?

    Marlon Brando?

  15. It was written between the lines.

    It was way too much Oprah and not enough Jerry Springer.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving. Now that the turkey has made you sleepy and easy to manipulate, we'll thank you to kindly take back Celine Dion.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving MJ...enjoy!

  18. i could have said "please pass the salt."

    to which your reply may have been, "its in the middle of the table, you get it."


    *goes out to find tree to pee on as he gets no love here AND FINDS ONE OF BOLLIXS SHOES HALF BURIED IN THE DIRT OUT SIDE MJS*

  19. Thanksgiving was brill except for the power going out just as we were about to put on the veg.

    Too many people cooking their turkeys I reckon, put the whole Island in darkness.

  20. CYBERPOOF: I may have been heavily medicated when I wrote it.

    EROS: Celine loves you Americans too much to leave.

    She's yours for life.

    DAISY: Thanks, gal!

    VOICES: You can stay to do the washing up.

    PISSOFF: Yay BC Hydro!

    Almost as reliable as BC Ferries.

  21. do the washing up!?!? after a candian orgy/thanksgiving?!?!?

    *ponders idea of sloppy seconds*

  22. ah so that's were my readership is today.....have fun n that

  23. I'm thankful that you are expected to make a full recovery from your self induced tryptophan stupor.

    I'm also thankful for the millions of Gobblers who so unselfishly gave their lives so that we could make complete pigs out of ourselves and gorge on their buttery carcasses. It's good to be at the top of the food chain.


  24. Happy Thanks Giving1 Rest Up Girl!

  25. We don't have 'Thanksgiving' in UK.
    Can't think why....

  26. VOICES: Get this frilly apron on.

    MANUEL: Fickle Canucks.

    SAVANNAH: That's why I have an extra large pie.

    DONN: I go from stupor to stupor.

    Next stop, Christmas.

    TONY: It's 2 am.

    I don't do resting very well, do I?

    KAZ: You have far too many bank holidays.

  27. knudie sez:

    "So the Canadians took the land and killed off the Indians too? why did they let the French live?"

    thats what I want to know too. you were doing so well, and then....?

  28. I believe that Canaduh's predicament was resolved through Parliament's infamous "Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Act" of 1867 and the "Abuse It or Lose It Act" of 1868.

    According to historical documents the Europeans believed that the First Asians weren't really doing anything with it anyway...these original settlers desperately needed the guidance of the advocates of Adam Smith to show them how to properly plunder and desecrate the Ecosystems of the New World.

    By all accounts the First Asians had already squandered thousands of years and their tenancy had almost no effect on their Environment!?
    That's called wasting.

    The French on the other hand were making wine and getting lots of Beaver. How exactly does an Englishman hope to compete with that?

  29. NATIONS & DONN: The French Canadians gave us JoJo Savard.

    Without JoJo, we wouldn’t know how the stars were guiding us and we could end up face down in a toilet planter somewhere in Whatcom County, Washington.

  30. bloody french
    ***stomps off in a huff ****

  31. if you're following french stars thats exactly where you're likely to end up, too... stinking of Chanel and garlic.
    Yeah, thanks Canada.

  32. Do you guys eat turkey for Thanksgiving or turducken? And NO, that's NOT tur-drunken...

  33. Vive la FRANCE!
    The land of civilisation, culture and l'art de vivre.

  34. BEAST: I heart French Canadians so quit taunting them with your outrageous British accent, you English pig-dog!

    NATIONS: Canada elected a new prime minister today. An Anglophone although he’s bilingual.

    But he could have lost out to Francophones/ Québecers Stéphane Dion or Gilles Duceppe.

    You could have had a French Canadian leading the country above you and then what? Eh? Then what?

    RANDOM: I’m too hungover from pumpkin cocktail to answer that question.

    MAGO: Are you channeling Charles de Gaulle?