Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Are You Doing Today?

Do you have the day off like the lucky fellas pictured above?

Like them, will you get outdoors and ride the Yule Log (aka Great Ashen Faggot) or stay home and laze about?

What are you doing today, bitches?


  1. I've got a family Christmas thing again today. Like most Christmas traditions around here it involves gathering around a table and eating and drinking as much as humanly possible. We don't have any snow.

    Oh joy! 5 down 2 to go...

  2. I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday.

  3. girlfriend isn't well so i get a free pass.....i can do anything i want.....i can go to pub and watch all the football......i can phone up friends and go on a blocker all day.......i could.....but i wont.......i'll blog......sad eh

  4. CYBERSLUT: Did your family ever redecorate that 1970s brown and orange kitchen?

    TICKERS: Your work schedule is cutting into your valuable blogging time and depriving your readers.

    The least they could do to reward you for working on Christmas Day is let you blog from work.

    MANUEL: I’ve been known to blog whilst drinking and watching footie and chatting to friends all at the same time.

    Multitask, Manuel!

    RIMMER AND MAIDY: You don’t have Boxing Day in the U.S., do you?

    Many of us in Canuckistan have the day off each Dec.26th.

    It’s become like your “Black Friday” with everyone hitting the sales.

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ll be back to work tomorrow.

    KAZ: Ah, the importance of being idle.

  5. I'm up to the waist in Nazis around here in the frozen northland. Why?? ummmm... don't ask...

    I need Knudsen over here to deal with the SS next to my Christmas tree. OBB would give them the business, right?

    Hope to escape the Wermacht long enough to go play on the snow for a while.

  6. My parents did redecorate, thank god!

    Now it's a peculiar green and some sort of odd wood on the cabinet doors. I may take a picture before I escape from here and post it in the spirit of bad taste

    How I got such fabulous taste is beyond me as it doesn't run that pure in my family

  7. Iam still being force fed by Ma Beasty :-(

  8. NWT: Up to your waist?

    Where did you find midget Nazis?

    CYBERPOOF: You were sprinkled with FairyDust when you were born.

    Hence your good taste.

    BEAST: Isn’t it time you were weaned?

    SID: Speaking of weaned, I’ll arrange for your dummy to be soaked in Jamesons.

  9. I didn't get out of my pj's today and I'm in heaven! Consumed lots of chocolate and watched movies.

    Hope your Christmas was a merry one.

  10. D.Prince: Now THAT'S good livin!

  11. No Boxing day just back to work and watch the little ones.

  12. GEO: But you get all those Presidents Days off so you can’t complain.