Saturday, December 29, 2007

Salacious Saturday

What with Smunty’s birthday yesterday, I neglected to post Filthy Friday. So here in its place is Salacious Saturday…


  1. Its like yer posts see into my life.

  2. None of them look too happy - WHERE is the Christmas spirit??!

    My word verification is SUKGFX? - there's a message there, hmmmm...

  3. Obviously a meeting of the Canadian society of Proctologists.

  4. "Can you read it?"

    "It's too dark!"

    "Bloody stupid place to leave a will! What was he thinking of?"

  5. KNUDSEN: You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

    NWT: SUKGFX = Suck graphics. Or graphics suck?

    You’re saying this illustration sucks?

    KAZ: One must pity proctologists as they’re the BUTT of so many jokes.

    GEOFF: *hands him a “Bud Light” American beer*

    I said “BUTT light” not “Bud Light!”

  6. MJ your a cunnyseur of ginger twats!

    Are you not?

  7. SID: Ginger twats and Irish twats.

  8. The ginger twat looks like she's more interested in what's on the telly...

  9. You mean yesterday's posting wasn't filthy enough?

  10. IVD: Corrie's on.

    What do you expect?

    BINGOWINGS: True. Nothing can scour away the smut of Smunty.

  11. It looks like none of them can get past the smell.

  12. GEO: Hmm…Back to the drawing board to make a few adjustments to the cunnilingus mask.

  13. Bugger did I miss Postman Pats birthday?

    Happy B-day cunt.

  14. A Wonderful Cure For Piles I Am Told.....................

  15. My dear Madamme Gere, how many times did I tell you to get young Richard a Puppy.

    Bloody gerbils!

  16. TATAS: Bugger Postman Pat.

    TONY: Right you are.

    Half a teaspoon of fresh GINGER JUICE, mixed with one teaspoon each of fresh lime juice and fresh mint juice, and a tablespoon of honey, constitutes an effective medicine for piles.

    HE: Richard’s an American Gigolo who can’t resist a Pretty Woman. He’s just testing things out on his Runaway Bride but she’s out Looking For Mr. Goodbar.

  17. Sorry MJ? was that you wanted to bugger Postman Pat?
    Dirty ho.
    Hope you had a good Crimbo bitch.

  18. Smunty was an ugly baby - but the lady in this post is a minger - she looks like the old woman who lived in a shoe - I mean for fucks sake...

  19. CYBERHO: I should have used that as the post title.

    TATAS: Bugger Postman Pat?

    If by Postman Pat you mean Smunty, then why not? Everyone else has.

    MUTLEY: Smunty WAS ugly? Past tense?

  20. I hadn't noticed the fella coming in through the door earlier - one can only imagine that he's calling out "dinner's ready!"

    What the 3 gents with the lass will have thunk about that - we can only guess.

    Have also noticed that none of the gents in the picture are even close to smelling or tasting pussy.

    Maybe buddy coming in the door wants to tell them that?

    And she still looks very, very bored about it all....

    I'm done analysing this one!

  21. NWT: Bored? I told you Corrie's on telly!

    It's the episode where Tracey's in court.

    She's riveted.

  22. MJ: You mean you weren't one of the first on Postie Pat? Your slacking bitch.