Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snapshot Sunday


  1. You could do so much better MJ

    Why not go for quality rather than quantity

    Oh you are from Canuckistaan my bad

  2. Is that Jim McDonald second from the right?
    So that's what they get up to in 'The Big House'.

  3. Mj since you CAN comment on Tazzy and Piggies Site , can you tell the stoopid cunts that the buggering thing wont send me a password
    so i will never be commenting on their wanky blog again EVER
    ***flounces off in big huff ***

  4. MJ i wanted to wish you a happy new year darling and thank you for the laughs this have kept me giggling like a schoolgirl and at 45 that feels good! I wish for you giggles in the new does make one feel younger...

  5. CYBERHO: According to IVD, it’s quantity rather than quality.

    Who am I to believe?

    KAZ: Now you’ll have everyone coming here looking for Jim McDonald’s cock.

    Geoff is having troubles enough with everyone coming to his looking for Beverley Callard’s breasts.

    BEAST: I’ve done your bidding.

    I’m also distributing your “CALL NOW FOR HOT BUM SEX” cards.

    DAISY: Happy New Year, gal!

    There is a niche for 45-year-old women who giggle and dress as schoolgirls.

    Please see me at recess to sign the contract.

  6. oh i am so there MJ...i am sooooo there!!!!!!!!

    do we get to sign in blood...:)

  7. DAISY: Bloodletting is discouraged on Infomaniac.

    Applying leeches, yes. Phlebotomy, no.

  8. Yes he is a dirty boy that IDV

    I like it

    So you gonna do them all for new years?

  9. Those boys can keep both their clubs and their balls in the air at the same time.

    "Look Ma, no hands!"

    Jim's going to use his club on Vernon. Watch out, Vern!

  10. "Ta da!" they cried, as each (rather short, actually) man pulled two batons out of his arse.

    * ignores MJ and CyberPoo but picks up one of Beast's cards on the way out *

  11. CYBERPOO: I’ll leave one behind for you as I know you’re looking for a date.

    GEOFF: So Vern’s still on the show?

    Come on, you can tell me!

    Jim would win in a Grudge Match, wouldn’t he?

    IVD: Only two batons per arse?

    They must be frightfully envious of you, then.

    BEAST: Don’t let IVD’s baton anywhere near you if one of your New Year’s resolutions is a clean bill of heath.

  12. BEAST: Here's a message to you from Piggy...

    There's a big clear message on the signup page stating that we do not accept hotmail email registrations so if the stupid cunt is having a problem reading, it's not our fault.

    Perhaps he could join the world of GMail like the rest of us.

  13. From L to R:
    By the concerned expression on their faces it is quite obvious that #1 & #3 have spotted the advancing army of gerbils.

  14. HE: No, they're alarmed because they've spotted IVD making an advance.

  15. Vern's getting married to Liz.

    He's going to walk bloodied down the aisle into her consoling breasts.

  16. MJ did you know i used to be a teacher?In those days my pupils were always dilated.HEY GIRL ! Have a Fab 2008

  17. Please

    It looks like they are up for a game of bowling. Well at least they have all the equipment with them

  18. GEOFF: No! Vern's the biggest layabout on the show.

    Why didn't she run off with the drain man?

    TONY: Even your avatar is hiding behind dark glasses.

    May your 2008 be great.

    CYBERSLUT: You know all about gutter balls.

  19. don't we all

    I'm sure you've had your share of those

  20. Who says I was picking up the card for me?

    And I was advancing to the bar...

  21. These splendors in the grass,
    Displaying their sass,
    Are you taking them home,
    For your collection of gnomes?
    To tend to your grove
    and treasure trove?
    Into your home where they can hang,
    To welcome the New Year with a...bang!?

    Happy New Year, MJ!

  22. CYBERSLUT, IVD, AND BINGOWINGS: All of you need a good spanking.

    Work it out betwixt yourselves who spanks who.

  23. CyberPoo and I should spank one of BingoWings cheeks each.

    Then swap around and spank the other.

    Then BingoWings can spank us for being too naughty!

  24. IVD: Naughty, naughty boys.

    All of you.

    Can I watch?