Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Steve!

How did he go from cute baby (though not THE cutest baby)…

Voted “Poofiest Baby” by you. And for good reason. the filthy, Twinkie-loving, circus-flea-encrusted, closet-poofter that he’s become today?…

[photo via Tazzy & Piggy]

He’s rather cunty
We call him Smunty
He’s taken a liking

To being a Viking

His cock is bent

It pays the rent

Happy Birthday, Smunty the Cabin Boy!


  1. I think all us guys want to be Vikings.

    I have no idea if Vikings had bent cocks. I don't think they cared much for paying rent though. Sorta not really a "Viking thing" - you know?

    Meanwhile, I've spent over half my life trying to figure out why there is an American football team in Minnesota (where I lived for 4 years) is named after Norwegian sea raiders. Has never made much sense because seemed to me most Minnesotans that had to - paid rent. As to the bent cocks part - never checked it out.

  2. * shudders *

    That gumby expression on Smunty's face disturbs me.

    Still, Happy Birthday Cabin Boy!

  3. Smunty Steve the birthday Viking5:40 AM, December 28, 2007

    Thanks for remembering me, you sentimental old tramp.

    Will be home soon, will thank you properly then.


  4. Happy birthday Smunty.

  5. Yeah,Happy Birthday CuntGrumpSmunt!

  6. NWT: Here’s more information about Viking penises. No mention of bendy bits though.

    IVD: Good. I’ll be sure to post it again in future.

    SMUNTY: That you are forever beholden to me is thanks enough.

    CONNIE: I know your big day is in March but what about that slapper you’re married to?

    SID: Aren’t you going to offer him a drink?

    It seems you’ve stocked up enough for the holidays to share with all of us.

  7. Hmm - obviously a forgery.
    Happy Birthday young Smunty!

  8. You made it another year. Well done you.

    The great big lovely gift without a card is from me.

  9. Happy birthday smutty

    Hope you are having a fabulous day you viking you

  10. What age is Smunty Miserablés anyway?


  11. KAZ: Forgery? It’s his face that’s the crime.

    RIMMER: Have you sent him a “his” mug?

    CYBERHO: Don’t encourage him by calling him Viking.

    SID: Unlike you, Smunty hasn’t had to roll back his odometer.

  12. No mugs other than those already received, as P&T were the ONLY ones who sent me their address.

    And unlike SOME people, when I say I'm sending something, I send it a mug or a hopping plastic lederhosen.

  13. RIMMER: Don't get your Bavarian folk pants in a twist.

    You'll get your windup hopping lederhosen.

  14. No, that's ok. Perhaps you can donate it to some worthy cause or needy person instead.

    I've lost interest in your ballyhooed knee-breeches à la bavaroise.

    Suffice it to say that I had a blue Christmas without them. At this point, it would just be insulting and patronizing.

  15. RIMMER: Argh! I'd just put them in a padded envelope for you!

    If you still want them, let me know as I can't send them today (have to leave for work) but was going to pop them in the post tomorrow.

  16. RIMMER: p.s. None of the others have their prizes yet either if it's any consolation. I'm a lazy cunt. But I do have a note here in front of me to hop to it and get them sent out.

  17. *crocodile tears*(dramatic sigh, back of hand to my forehead)

    I suppose, if you've gone to the trouble of a padded envelope and all...*sniffle*

    (bows...thank you...thank you!)

  18. Ah, bless him, the adult Smunty has a face only a mom could love!

  19. that's an awfully big arm up that little mans ass.

  20. RIMMER: I'll need a padded cell by the time I'm through with you.

    EMMA: And his ma's not so sure.

    WAITRESS: Believe me, he can take it.

    And then some.

  21. Happy B Lat'd B Day, Steve!

    I shall pillage and plunder some today in honor of your Viking traditions!