Friday, December 07, 2007

Filthy Friday


  1. Oh my word!

    It looks like a lump of sausagemeat with a horrible little mouth at the end.


  2. Please bring back Eros and the shorts.

    Mind you that cock would be to small for your toxic gapping gash MJ.

    *shakes head and walks away*

  3. Are we supposed to guess which blogger this is?

    I came over here looking for pictures of Reginald Dixon. I'm disappointed :(

  4. IVD: Does this comment have anything to do with the Blue Peter Badge you won for the sausage-based shepherds pie recipe?

    TATAS: If Bingowings wants to send me some nekkid pics of himself, I’d be happy to post them for you.

    BETTY: Go on, then. Guess the blogger.

    Reginald Dixon?

    I don’t dare post such a huge instrument.

    Note: I had to Google Reginald Dixon.

  5. I'm sure IVD has already been there

    the dirty skank

  6. MJ: you dirty dirty whore, I have Connie for my pleasure. If you want to get nakky pics then carry on I wont complain

  7. I can't help but think of breakfast sausage links when I see this. Would go well alongside a plate full of scrambled eggs and buttered biscuits.

    But as far as pleasure, I wouldn't touch that thing with Piggy's hand!

  8. CYBERPOOP: It’s not big enough to fill IVD’s gaping chasm.

    TATAS: See comment below.

    BINGOWINGS: Please send Tatas nekkid pics of yourself. She wants you bad.

    AWA: Is that a full English?

    FROBI: His moon’s in Uranus.

  9. Is that long thin pink thing in his hands his weiner?

    why is he strangling his infected scrotum? Isn't it sore enough?

    He will definitely need some
    Penis illin' to get that infection under control...
    and a new weiner.

  10. Hey Bingowings: now that you are sending nekkid pics to Tatas you may as well send some to me too


  11. Yeah, me too. You've got my address...

    P.S. CyberPoo: Yes, I wrapped it in pastry and put it in the oven on gas mark 4 for twenty minutes!

  12. Looks like a stuffed

  13. Fuck I meant to put Snood but the link went wrong.

  14. HE: A “little shot” of penis-cillin? Or should I say a “little prick?”

    NWT: Sing along… “Boy, you're gonna carry that weight Carry that weight a long time”

    CYBERSLUT AND IVD: The least that Bingowings can do is send us a photo of his arse, as is the requirement for all male Infomaniac readers.

    CONNIE: “Snood Doggy Dog”…har.

  15. I'll put on my best pestering tone for that arse shot.

  16. That's the smallest cock I've ever seen. Pffft!

  17. MJ, Tatas, CP, and IDV: While, I'm flattered--Aww Shucks!--at the nude pics request, I'm afraid I don't have any--at the moment ;)

    Besides, I'm very shy! I don't think I could ever pose nude--unless the price was right or I've too much too drink ;) or maybe for charity...

    Hmmm. What Would Jesus Do?
    *Assuming He could post a comment without being forced to get a Blogger or OpenID account?*

  18. Yikes!! That has to hurt. That will take a lot to get rid of that infection.