Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shitty Saturday

Well, THIS day was a total waste of makeup!

Mistress MJ will return soon when her mood improves.


  1. Uh-oh!

    *tip-toes out of the room*

  2. There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick & powder.

    1. I thought I heard you mention my name, can't you talk any louder?

  3. listen Mammose Jube, if you use a
    large enough trowel and scoop on
    enough spackle, any mood can be obliterated.

    i do it everyday.

  4. [tiptoes in]

    [fluffs pillows]

    [trips on Jameson empties]

    [tiptoes out]

  5. [spectralises in]

    [leaves catalogue of fat, naked old men in questionable poses and a boozy selection from Hotel Chocolat]

    [also trips on Jamesons empties]

    [spectralises out]

  6. MJ puts the 'turd' in Saturday.

  7. Yes... but think on the bright side... You still have that cute little compact ready to put your face on for another day...

  8. Have a cocktail and get your kitty punched. It does wonders!

  9. Tomorrow will be a different matter. Let's make sure of it.

  10. Thank you to everyone (except Peenee) for your valiant attempts to brighten Mistress MJ's day.

    I should also like to point out that until I read Norma's comment, I had not noticed the "turd" in SaTURDay.

    That alone is enough to cheer me up.

    Kudos to MacLX for the pillow fluffing whilst he is holidays. That, Bitches, is devotion.

    And bonus points to Mr. DeVice, not just for the catalogue of fat, naked old men in questionable poses but also for the boozy selection from Hotel Chocolat. Bitches, if you have not sampled these delicious booze-infused chocolates, you must do so. Mistress MJ is fortunate to have Mr. DeVice as her supplier as they're not available in Canada.