Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To Shave, or Not to Shave

That is the question.


Where do you stand on the issue, Bitches?

(This topic applies to any and all genders.)

Note: There's a birthday post below this one for Geoff!


  1. I think shaving is an abomination, well, unless it's done in a cute poodle cut.

  2. DON'T DO IT!

    A little trim here and there is fine, but shaving it all of is just...EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  3. Just don't get anything on the pillows is all I ask.

  4. Why is it that these days there a huge marketing push for both men and women to look prepubescent by shaving everything off?

    Leave the fur alone I say...

  5. women: if it looks like you're having your happy place nuzzled by a puli, shave it.
    men: if your ball fro is long enough to fricken' BRAID, trim that stuff now.
    mj: my moustache is better than your moustache. don't hate.

  6. The shaving is so last century!

    I trim the ears nose and chest hair.

    I shave the nut sack and butt-hole hair.

    I like a man to be a man not a fetus.

  7. Tidy... but not bald... there is creativity in topiary.

  8. I've earned every one so dealydammit, they are staying (except on my face) although I do shave my shoulders

  9. Hair is extremely inconvenient stuff.

    On the legs and arms is has no function at all. On the chest is serves only to make suntan lotion difficult to apply (unless you're a woman, in which case there's probably specialist websites that want you to pose for them).

    On the back it's a pig to wash. Under the arms it's uncomfortable. On the face it collects crumbs. On the head it collects dandruff. And on your scrotum it just keeps growing back, forcing me to spend money on razors for the rest of my life.

    (If you're a woman and you've got hair on your scrotum then...you're either very clever or slightly confused.)

    Every time I go out on a date, I've got to spend half an hour shaving my face, shaving my head, shaving my chest and reshaving my balls. It's a date, not an gala event to raise the stock of Gilette. Gah.

    But I have to admit, I do like men with red hair. If you're ginger on top and smooth underneath, maybe with spectacles and a nerdy awkwardness...then I'll be your stylist any day.

  10. I have NO idea what you guys are talking about...

  11. I prefer that my playmates be shaved or trimmed. If I need to floss I'll use the kind you buy at the drugstore. "Mr. Clean" was my first boy crush so the image of shaved musclemen may be indicative of my preference.

  12. i suppose jerry sandusky will enjoy the shaved look.
    next best thing.

  13. BITCHES: For the majority of you, I’m cancelling your appointments with Mr. Baldnutz.

    A note to the ladies: If you want heart-shapes, stars and lightning bolts, try Jenna’s Hot Trimmer.

    Did someone mention topiary?

    And did somebody else mention gingers?

  14. There is something unpleasantly erotic about that ginger picture.

  15. Trim so it's neat (both men and women) but the bald look is ever so kiddie porn scary.

  16. Did someone mention cake?

    @Kapi: The arrow on his body is pointing south, just in case you don’t know where to go.

  17. Pubic hair is sexy. So is chest hair, pit hair, etc...

    Razor stubble is NOT sexy, and neither is the pre-pubescent look.

    Once shaving pubes became a trend, those who followed that trend showed themselves for the conformists they truly are.

    I have spoken!

  18. I agree with Mean Dirty. MJ please have someone shave that thing in the egg cup.

  19. THOMBEAU has spoken!

    All hail Thombeau!

    Welcome back, WALLY and HAYWARD!

    Mistress MJ loves hairy arses!!!

  20. Now I personally love it bush, trimmed or shaved. The shaved look doesn't suit all men, but on a pig who's gettiong fisted, its a favorite.

  21. COOKIE: Now I personally love it bush, trimmed or shaved. The shaved look doesn't suit all men, but on a pig who's gettiong fisted, its a favorite.

    I shall make note of that under “Cookie’s faves.”

    When is your birthday again?