Saturday, June 04, 2011

Princess’s Favourite Post

Posting…somewhere in Australia

And speaking of Australia, today on “Your Favourite Post” we feature that Diva from Down Under…yes, I’m talking about Princess!

CLICK HERE to read Princess’s fave post entitled, "Fabulous Frock" Competitors.....And Voting Day.

You’ll see gorgeous gown and fabulous frock entries from folks you know including XL, Miss Scarlet, Eroswings, CyberPete, Savannah, Inexplicable DeVice (IVD), and, of course, Mistress MJ.

Prepare to be dazzled!

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  1. That post makes me laugh, it was brilliant and made all the more special due to Pete's entry. Miss Haversham eat your heart out.

  2. Ah lovely!

    Oh look! Miss Marilyn came first for a change. Yay!

    I'm still a little miffed that my Swan dress didn't win best dress.

  3. Hello Dhaaarlings...
    How delightful... A cat walk down memory lane... Just the ticket to help me get over quite a pigish week!

    The whole buildup and organisation of the fabulous frock competition and "Annual Masked Ball" at "The Palais"
    Gave Princess such a thrill to hold such an event.

    It has been almost a year and I'm thinking it might be time for an another Annual Ball and Fab Frock compo.... This time with a Winter theme.... so keep an Eye out for an announcement over at The Palais soon.

    And thank you MJ for brightening my week...

    Oh and Petra Dharling... what was the category that you won that fabulous hot pink feathered mask prize for again....

  4. What a delightful rememberance!

    Except for that horrid blue fake-satin number 'Petra hauled out of the cellar.

    * shudders *

  5. Love the Gilda frock.

    I swear I check this blog at least 30 times a day..

  6. A winter theme?

    Hello from Canada aka The Great White North!

  7. I am overwhelmed by the glamour and lovely fonts on Princess' blog.

  8. What Fun!
    I'm sorry I missed it...
    Pageants set you free !!