Friday, June 24, 2011

Fête nationale du Québec

Yay! It’s a public holiday just across the river so Mistress MJ is taking a couple of days off to celebrate.

Catch you later, bitches et Bonne Fête St. Jean!

And yes, there WILL be poutine: the holy trinity of fries, gravy and cheese curds. …


  1. !!! yippie!! for you, sugar! xoxoxxo

  2. You know, I could eat that, yes, I could! Enjoy, enjoy! (I was a bit disappointed to see chips n gravy instead of the usual meat and two veg this early Friday morn! HA!) xo

  3. Nothing like an artery clogging weekend, have fun!

  4. i salute you and your gunk in a cup.

  5. Salute; ditto, but I'm drawing the line at poutine.

  6. Looks yummy. Only right with a plastic fork.
    Can I have some fried champinons
    with it?

    Bonne Fete!

  7. well, I'll be.
    We celebrate la fete St. Jean here too...with a voodoo ceremony.
    I'm not even making this stuff up.

    Enjoy your poutine!

  8. Ew! I'll just have a bottle of Piper and lounge on my chaise instead.

    Bon whatever festivity MJ

  9. Well, ha ha on you. I'M celebrating SUMAS DAYS this weekend and we're having RED MEAT BABY! Or red baby meat...something like that.

    were you all waiting with bated breath for who won the vintage ads? You were? BREATHE DAMMIT.

    for playing the game the way the game was meant to be played,
    STACIA wins consolation prize Lysol ad with secret extras...

    for extra whining, CYPERPETE wins his lot #3

    and for flattering my vanity, PRINCESS WINS THE GRAND SWEEPSTAKES!

    My darlings, here is my email addo:

    you'd do best to just copy that and replace the AT with a @. the zero isn't a's a lower case letter o. And be honest, folks, you're all partied out the majority of the time, like me. Or maybe not LIKE me, but close.


  10. Yay for lucky winners.

    Have fun doing whatever you're planning to do to celebrate whichever St day it is.

    I'll pass on the poutine. It still really isn't doing it for me.

  11. By the way, the poutine in the photo looks like an old ash tray after a stoner party.


  12. I missed you folks! Hope to be back more regularly soon.. Mm, POUTINE!

  13. *Curls lip in disdain* at chipwreck.

  14. Poutine,schmoutine. Winners, send me an email so that you can receive your prizes!!!!

    I can see fries and gravy. Why add the cottage cheese? I mean, it sounds delish (no matter that it does indeed look like an ashtray after one of CyberPetes parties) but it just seems rather odd and specific. Was there a sudden glut of cheese curd and some desperate soul was forced to top all his outgoing fry orders with the stuff or succumb to the rising tide of curd? I envision something like the Great Molasses Flood of 1919, only smelling like Monday mornings laundry at Chez Infomaniac.

  15. Yay!
    Thank you Ms Nations...
    I have just read this post and flicked of an Email to you.
    Word is out and I have people queuing up to use my loo already! It seems they can't wait to clap their eyes on Ms Nations historic bits!

    As for the Poutine Mistress... I hope it's on a par with the cake on offer at The Palais!

  16. I doubt that it is real cheese. It's socalled "Analog-Käse" / cheese analogue made from ... never mind.