Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coming Soon – Thrift Shop Auction

Be here MONDAY for the exciting Infomaniac Thrift Shop Auction!


Everyone can bid regardless of whether you’ve submitted a thrift shop item or not.

CLICK HERE for details on how to enter.

You have until SUNDAY to submit photos of your items.

How will the auction work, you ask?

If you see an item you want, leave a comment saying why you want it.

The “seller” will decide if you get it or not based on how much he/she likes your comment.

So be witty, be charming, or simply grovel if you want an item badly enough.

No money will be exchanged. However, the “seller” must pay for shipping and handling so make sure the item you submit for bidding is lightweight. No one wants to spend a fortune in postage for something they're giving away for free!

See you Monday, bitches!

p.s. We expect a good deal of bidding and haggling will take place and we expect you to behave like ladies and gentlemen. We don't want anyone leaving here with "cake face" ...


  1. Will there be any CROCS?

  2. Mistress MJ is going to be very busy today and does NOT, I repeat, does NOT have time for such nonsense!

    Come back when you have collected your thoughts.

  3. That goes for the rest of you.

    There will be no mention of the "C" word at this auction.

  4. Will there be cake?

    I am now indisposed, but will do my best to keep up.

  5. Yes, there will be cake.

    But you are NOT to thrown it in each others' faces.

    And I've just realized that "cake" is a "c" word.

  6. Canada is also a c-word!

  7. You are a testy cunt today, aren't you MJ?

    Oh, is that another C word?

  8. Obvously, CyberPete ...
    Deadlines ... I'll search for my camera now.

  9. I'll try to get something submitted, it's a little wacky in Queens right now.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. how did i miss this auction, sugar? i guess the prayer circle had something to do with my lack of concentration! xoxoxoxo

  12. I sent it off, just a minute ago.

    Come, see the light, sister Savannah!

  13. I've got two nail polishes which could do with new homes...

  14. I bid for Deirdre's cream pie.

  15. Did i mention?... Not only do I brake...I go Broke in thrift stores...