Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kapitano!

Mistress MJ has been spirited away by faeries and cannot join you.

But speaking of faeries, why don’t you buy our Kapitano a birthday drink? …


Note: To those who have sent emails inquiring about your Mistress’ health/state of mind (you know who you are and thank you) or sent filthy fotos via email (Ms. Nations) … Mistress MJ will respond asap.


  1. My name is Mob cos there's lots of us11:42 PM, January 16, 2010

    I knew it, she's away on some dirty weekend somewhere.
    Dammit! Why am I never invited to these things?

  2. third...ok, i'm moving up! xoxox

  3. A drink? For me? Oh thank you.

    I'll have something hot and salty please.

    And then to drink....

  4. "...the hydrocephalic bartender could barely restrain his urge to see if Lance's sweater vest was as flammable as it looked."

  5. and by the way that photo was not filthy. It was botanical.

  6. I am so pleased you are well. I hope to get a full refund for that crap voodoo doll. In other news I am fairly certain the fella on the right is sporting a dickie. Felix is the master of the dickie. I have seen him with several. Clothes horse or educated consumer?

  7. Happy Birthday Kapi, you old cunt. You probably don't like being reminded of your increasing years at your time of life do you?

    And I never sent any emails to you, MJ. Or dirty pics. I'd just assumed you were drunk under a table somewhere.

    Celebrating Kapi's birthday, probably.

  8. Happy birthday Kapi! Have a fabulous day.

    Mimosa anyone?

  9. Happy Birthday Kapi.

    Hope you have a suitably fabulous one.

    Cyberpete, I'd love one thank you.

  10. Happy birthday Kapi .
    Lets spend our time speculating where the old bag has gone . I am guessing on a Nekkid Wrinkly Old Geezer Convention to recruit new models for Filthy Friday's

  11. Mazel Tov Kap !!!

    One batch of hot and salty - on tap :)

  12. Happy Birthday Kapitano.
    I don't think that barman is a knitwear fan.

    Awaiting bulletin MJ.

  13. Happy Birthday KApitano!

  14. Happy birthday!

    Hi Mistress!

  15. My my my Kapitano don’t you look fetching in your poly wardrobe.

    Might I buy you a Mickey Finn?

    Happy Birthday.

    I too have been wondering where the Mistress be? In between my wondering of where I be. Where am I anyway? What is this place? Can anyone hear me? Is this thing on?

  16. Happy birthday, Kapi!

    I didn't realise revolting checked trews and someone's mum's cardi were de riguer this season?

    Are you unwell, MJ? In my few days away, I've obviously missed something. I, therefore, offer a pox-less wish to your good health.

  17. blue sweater.....
    hips thrust...
    come hither look=


  18. Happy Birthday, Kapi!!!



  19. Hope you're doing fine, MJ.

    Take Care and Stay warm and safe.

  20. All that knitted wackiness completely distracted me from the birthdayness of Kapitano! I hope you had a great one!

  21. Thanks to everyone who dropped by to wish Kapi a happy birthday.

    Especially Eros who brought cake!

  22. Belated birthday wishes Kapitano!
    I'm sorry but have been busy wetting the head of the latest addition to the royal family.
    A new Prince arrived on the 16th Down under.

    Oooo double shots all around!

    OH And MJ, the clinic called!