Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Faith Tones, Revisited

The pious amongst you may remember last week’s Saintly Sunday post featuring the lovely Faith Tones…

We here at Infomaniac wondered whatever happened to this girl group.

The original members have all gone their separate ways (i.e. reform school and beauty boot camp) but in their place, the Faith Tones have reformed with some familiar faces and a brand new album…

(left to right: Old Knudsen, Mutley the Dog, Ginro)

[photo above courtesy of Ginro]


  1. Ginro looks suspicious of Old Knudsen, but Mutley has his tongue at the ready!

  2. Oh, geez, I forgot myself....


  3. Come to think of it, Knudsen looks like he's wearing a bearskin, like the Footguards...or an oversize Davy Crocket hat.

  4. Are you suggesting that there is a difference?

  5. It's no use Mistress MJ. I think all the others have gone to Church. You're going to have to do another post to pique their perverted interest(s), lol.

  6. You know, they are much more attractive than the originals.

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  8. i knew a girl named faith once...
    i knew a girl who had faith once...

    oddly i knew a girl named vagina once...her mother combined names of her aunts to make her daughter's name (vanessa and gina)...too bad the bitch failed at spelling...she would have saved that poor girl years of humiliation...

    i don't know where that came from...i need more coffee...

  9. i haven't had enough coffee yet to fully grasp the meaning of that image yet, sugar! xoxo

  10. That's a sin against the first commandment. But I can litterally see them dance around the "golden cow" ...

  11. What a pretty tribute to you, MJ!

  12. From beautiful young women to fag ask Lils.

  13. God Moves In Mysterious Ways........

  14. I think CyberPete did that photoshopping.
    I would have touched up Old Knudsen at the roots.

  15. PONITA: You get over-excited by the slightest slip of the tongue, I see.

    GINRO: It could be a giant lemur on Knudsen's head.

    CSI: The gal on the right got contact lenses.

    GINRO: They may be down on their knees but not at church.

    T-BIRD: Which one do you fancy?

  16. FEM: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I was looking at your Vegetable Art blog and thinking that you should meet our friend BEAST who is known for his banana performance art.

    I’m particularly interested in your Yummy CAKES blog, myself.

    DAISY: That almost made sense but I’ll need a cup of coffee to think it over.

    SAVANNAH: May I suggest a stiff drink instead?

    MAGO: And there was much rejoicing.

    LEAH: But am I worthy?

  17. GEOFF: I had to Google “fag ash Lil” and found this meaning…

    A derogatory word used to describe a woman with a fag hanging out her gob and ash build up,no attempt to flick the ash.

    Sounds like Dot on EastEnders, doesn’t it?

    Or would I be correct in using that term to describe Becky on Coronation Street?

    TICKERS: Down boy!

    TONY: This mystery not only begs the question “whodunit” but WHY did they do it?

    KAZ: Knudsen was going for the cheap tart look.

  18. Fem has been leaving exactly the same message at other blogs too I think.

  19. I see the middle one still looks like a dog.

  20. KAZ: Oh my, a comment on my photoshop skills.

    Oh my.

  21. Yes Kaz, it was Pete's work not mine really. MJ 's just annoyed with me because I won't send her a picture of my naked buttocks.

  22. I believe that is actually Old K's twin sister. He rarely speaks of her, which isn't surprising. Rumor is she left the group after dropping acid and moved to San Francisco to live with The Moonies.I believe she can be found on a street corner in the Haight District. So sad.

  23. GINRO & CYBERPOOF: Let's not have infighting amongst artistes.

    BOXER: Back in the old country, she was known as The Floozy of Friggadoon.

  24. [drops note in Dating Service employee suggestion box]

    "Use this image to break in Mistress MJ's new houseboys! i.e. the old Clockwork Orange strapped-to-a-chair-with-their-eyes-propped-open until they submit treatment."

    [goes back to fluffing pillows]

  25. Well personally I think this a great improvement on the original and now I'm rushing out to buy it. I assume Mutts is on lead vocal?

  26. I'd say the top picture in this post is the one that's been doctored. People never look that bad - ever!

  27. XL: After your last post, I’m thinking it’s time we set you up with the Fag, Hag and the Odd Slag Dating Service.

    SCARLET: Yes, Mutley’s on lead vocals.

    Have you heard him sing the Spenser Davis Group’s I’m a Man?

    ISTVANSKI: Obviously you’ve never seen BEAST first thing in the morning.

  28. Old Knudders looks almost shaggable in that pic.


  29. Were these the only houseboys left after the holiday rush? Did they come with the uniforms or did you provide them yourself?

    It's only a matter of time before one of them sleeps with the producer and the other two are bumped back to background singers! That explains the shady, backstabbing, evil plotting looks.

    So which one's going to pull a Diana Ross?

  30. I just can't stop looking at Knudies hair. thats....some damn hair. just, wow.


    hard, shiny, poufy hair. probably full of carniverous spiders. highly flammable hair. impact resistant hair.


  31. Helmet hair.

    They use special hair spray that makes their heads impact resistant at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

    I agree, FN - DANG!

  32. Thats terrifying! However did you find out... ? I do think that blouse suits me, purple is my colour, it marches my naughty lipstick! By the way Knudsen was fondling me throughout the photo shoot - can I sue someone?

  33. Pure genius by the way!

  34. fucking suits the old prod well.....

  35. SCARLET: *agrees*

    GARFY: I think it’s time you put the cap back on the bottle.

    EROS: They’re all a buncha divas.

    Expect those wigs to fly!

    NATIONS: You gotta figure the three of them combined have eaten a hole in the ozone layer with the amount of hairspray they used.

    PONITA: How many cans of Aqua Net do you think they used on their hair?

    Don’t light a match near them is all I’m saying.

    MUTLEY: Knudsen’s got his hand up your backside like you’re a ventriloquist’s dummy!

    The cad.

    MANUEL: You’re lucky you’re not in the picture, ya dirty little Fenian.

  36. How did I miss this post? lucky I guess.
    Well I know which one I'd shag.