Monday, November 03, 2008

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

Before we get started, let’s give a shout-out to all the shut-ins who are feeling poorly at home…namely Inexplicable Device (IVD).

Poor Diddums has a case of the Man Flu™.

Get well soon, IVD!


Over at Boxer’s place, Hallowe’en went to the dogs

Boxer's chihuahua Paco. Or is he Dracula’s dog?


Meanwhile over at XL’s place, Hallowe’en went to the cats who were guest bloggers


And in a move that surprised no one, Beast painted his arse for Hallowe'en...


Donn is out COPPing in his COPPstume as he patrols the mean streets of WinterPeg.


Frobi’s lost his pigeon “CooCoo” who was last seen flying overcliff in Dorset, heading out to sea.

Can anyone help?

A substantial reward is offered.


Eros encourages you to feel your breasts (and the breasts of your mates) in the shower for abnormalities…


Savannah is driven to drink as she prepares to move into the plantation house.


Old Knudsen hosted a blogothon in celebration of International Blogging Day.

At last count he’d posted 14, yes, that’s right…FOURTEEN POSTS IN ONE DAY!!!

Beat that, bitches!

Jerry Lewis, on behalf of Old Knudsen’s blogothon, says “send your money to PayPal or I take the the air out of this kid’s tires”


With American Thanksgiving coming up, Brooklyn’s Leah is going to post one thing she’s thankful for every day in November.


Heff celebrated his 41st birthday with beer and tacos


The Infomaniac House of Couture kicks it up a notch.

Last week Tony bought a new hat and this week CyberPoof bought new shoes


Maxi’s started his own cuntry, er, country “Maxiland” and I’ve been made Minister of Filth in his Cabinet.

And finally…


Miss Scarlet claims she’s not a ginger


There IS no New Cunt of the Week.

New Cunts are you bitches who’ve been reading Infomaniac for 14 months or less and are frequent commenters.

Off the top of my head, that would be Leah, Heff, Maxi Cane, T-Bird, Random Chick, Ponygirl, Anonymous Boxer and Miss Scarlet.

Am I missing anyone?

Or did you miss out on being a New Cunt back when I was posting the Blogging Roundup on a regular basis? Then now’s your chance!

Simply send me a wee blurb about yourself; where you’re from, your interests, etc. and you too can be initiated as a new Infomaniac bitch.


  1. I can has first!

    Have you ever had a group winner?

  2. Old K is on Blog Viagra and I'm worried he's never going to come down.

    Check back on Tuesday for an Election Day Paco Special.

  3. COPPENS: Winner for first place, you mean?

    There have been some close ties and blood shed as a result.

    Beast once broke a fingernail trying to climb over Boxer and Eros.

    BOXER: Old Knudsen is Lord of the Four Hour Blogging Erection.

    Though he's surpassed his previous record and may require hospitalization.

    COPPENS: According to The Knudsen Nation (of which I am a member and you are NOT), today is International Blogging Day.

    Thus spoke Old Knudsen.

  4. COPPENS: Arrest me, officer.

  5. My my, what a fabulous blog week.

    I really like Donnnnnnnns photo. He should ditch the flourescent vest though.

  6. Thank you for the shout out. I'm nearly better now - I ate that dog for nourishment.

  7. Methinks Miss Scarlet doth protesteth too much.

  8. Great, now I need a minister of border control.

  9. Why can't we all just all get along?

    *implores and reaches for hip flask*

  10. Leah is dedicating the entire month of November to Filthy Friday posts?

    Poor Frobi, his bird, CooCoo flying the coop. Perhaps a song to cheer him up!

    *Lines up and does a little dance*

    There's a sad sort of clanging
    From the clock in the hall
    And the bells in the steeple, too
    And up in the nursery
    An absurd little bird
    Is popping out to say coo-coo
    (Coo-coo, coo-coo)

    coo-coo Regretfully they tell us
    coo-coo But firmly they compel us
    to say goodnight

    To you

    So long, farewell
    Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight

    I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

    *Turns and flutters out of the room*

  11. Well I am trying to get along with Donnnnnnnn.

    If you know what I mean.

  12. Miss Scarlett is acting in the manner of the fiery redhead she claims she isn't

  13. Beasty"£$%^£&%$*&%*£"grrrr%^&

  14. Cheers MJ. There's a position for a borderline personality? In Ireland? Sounds too good to be true. Cats, dogs, pigeons, haircuts, sissies new shoes, forties fartathon, the western world is all right. Oh yes, and Scarlet purring, dahds the best.
    Thank you Dear.

  15. EROS: Flutters out of the room?

    Are you certain you’re not just a bit poofy?

    CYBERPOOF: Your motives are suspicious.

    BEAST: She’s quite the little spitfire.

    SCARLET: I just found a ginger pube where you were sitting.

    Collars? Cuffs?

    COPPENS: I was simply trying to incite you in hopes you’d pull out your nightstick.

    For the benefit of CyberPete, of course.


    MAGO: All I’m missing is the antics of the ever-kooky Germans.

    Perhaps you can remedy the situation?

  16. They are? I thought they were quite clear

  17. i believe you know quite enough about me already mj...besides i am an extraordinary cunt and wouldn't fit in a normal post anyway...hmmp

  18. HA!!! Can't be mine!!! [obviously because I'm not ginger] I'm waxed within an inch of my life!!! HA!!!

  19. CYBERPOOF: You've scared him off now.

    DAISY: But I'm sure our readers would like to know more.

    And where are those photos of Irish arse and Irish cock that you promised me?

    SCARLET:Not even a landing strip?

  20. German antics? Frolicking Froleins maybe ...

  21. A tergo is prohibited now by the British Language Authority (BLA).

  22. *saunters in and looks around. eyes still swollen from all the drinking the night before*

  23. Orange juice, fish sandwich, or a hot cup of borschtsch?

  24. MAGO: I have no idea what you're rambling on about but I'll nod my head in agreement and smile nonetheless.

    Mmhmm, yes, mmhmm.

    Do go on.

    VOICES: *applies soothing cucumber mask to Voices' puffy eyes and advises him that it's not a salad*

  25. ahhhh....

    *asks that mj stick around so that knudsen doesnt try to toss voices salad*

    i have been this hung over in... weeks!

  26. Sorry.

  27. VOICES: Old Knudsen composed a total of NINETEEN posts on International Blogging Day and then went on to write an epic tale about his cloth cap. Required reading!

    He's probably taking a well-deserved rest now.

    MAGO: Apudne te vel me?

  28. Nah, he came over to my blog and commented. Maybe it's just you.

  29. yeah i read his latest post... i was thinking it was about his mushroom cap though. i'll have to go back and reread it with this new found understanding...

    *searches around for reading glasses*

  30. It's so cool how the comments get so totally off on tangents that have nothing to do with the actual post!

    I think that is the whole entertainment value of blogging - off the wall conversations that zing around in a bazillion different directions at once.

    I love it!

  31. CYBERPOOF: I just wanted him to perform a citizen’s arrest on me.

    Is that too much to ask?

    VOICES: Perhaps if you remove the cucumber slices off your eyelids, you could see better.

    PONYGIRL: What tangents?

    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Please park your backhoe ‘round the back.


    TONY: Number 36 with a bullet!

  32. *removes cucumber from eyes to see mj naked, bending over to pick up her stockings, put cucumbers back on and pretends he didn't see*

  33. Absolutely not!

    Canada would be so much better if he did.

  34. I seem so tame...

    But at least I'm a New Cunt!

  35. VOICES: *thwacks Voices with cucumber*

    CYBERPOOF: So funny I forgot to laugh.

    MAGO: Just because I kicked you in the cojones over at Knudsen’s doesn’t mean I want to be legally bound to you.

    I have a position coming available soon as houseboy though, if you’re interested?

    LEAH: Good. You’ll be next week’s New Cunt of the Week.

  36. better than getting thwacked by mjs various uteri she has hanging round the house.

  37. That pumpkin ass was so much better than my Halloween decorations. I'm jealous.

  38. VOICES: I only have one uterus but I'd love to have a couple of spares.

    I'd use them to thwack both you and Beast.

    PRU: It's proof that Beast is good for at least one thing, even if it's just painting his arse.

  39. hey I'm a cunt I'm a cunt! and i capitalize at ranDom! and I'm new! and I have a cucumber and theres ginger dickhair all over my housE! i can do blurbs-lOOk!


    *looks around*

    Its TRUe!!!

    *slinks off in disgrace*

  40. *wonders if coppens carries a set of cuffs*

  41. LEAH: Uh huh.

    NATIONS: You've been an Infomaniac bitch since the FIRST WEEK!

    You are a veteran BITCH!

    New my arse.

    Coppens, arrest this woman.

  42. OHMYGAWD!!!!! i am dying here, sugar! that was too funny! *sigh* now to get my non-scarlett o'hara ass back to packing...(you know i'm a member of the knudsen nation, too, sugar)


  43. SAVANNAH: We are proud to be Knudsenites.

  44. Ooh er! I qualify as a COTW? Awesome! Blurb is a'comin' your way!

  45. You started commenting in September 2007 which makes you a New Cunt seeing as I stopped posting Blogging Roundups just before that in August 2007.

    Go for it but try not to use the words yuck or ewwww.