Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations, America!

What a NIGHT!

(click pic to feel like you're there!)


  1. FIRST!

    Oh, that means the 2012 campaign begins tomorrow...

  2. Congratulaions indeed.

    I see that Sarah Palin brought her gun to the party.
    What a gal!

  3. We've done it! We've made history! The American dream still lives and thrives on these shores!

    *Strips and joins in the celebration to show firm support for women, probing deeper into women's issues.*

  4. XL: First to the bar!

    COPPENS: She's a pistol-packin' mama, dontcha know.

    A maverick!

    EROS: Take it OFF, baby! YEAH!

    *waits for Ponygirl and CyberPoof to show up and slobber over screen*

  5. *slobbers over the screen*

    Congrats America! Are you sure there won't be court dates and questionings before McCain wins?

    I'm thinking we haven't heard the last from Florida

  6. After the total ho hum of our Canadian election a month ago - what happened in the US of A this evening was waaaaaaayyyyyyy more interesting. Definitely felt like I was watching a moment in history.

    Amazing stuff.

    I live in the Arctic; I've hunted caribou and moose (and some other wildlife); I have driven a snowmobile on 1000 mile trips. But I'm still glad Ms Palin is either going back to Alaska (I can almost see Alaska from my house in NWT!) or else is gonna take on Oprah or Dr Phil or someone on tv. Whatever....

    Thanks to our American friends for giving us all hope tonight - ya done GOOD!

  7. *slobbers belatedly on screen, after wiping Cyberpete's spit off*

    So I am a little late.... I had to work until 11:30 p.m. this evening.

    Eros, if you are takin' it all off and dancing and probing, I am so there! At least, where you live, it is warm enough to do that. Up here it is only 4C (which is not quite 40F and a tad nippy for nudity).

    Big congrats to the USA on Obama's success!

  8. Just another night out at the Accrington Stanley working man's club...
    Congrats America.

  9. Those young ladies look exhausted...poor things

  10. Holy crap! I've been at work today and missed the news... so I just found out here that Obama The Dude won!

    Congratulations on getting out there and voting, people.

  11. Wonderful news.
    And don't you feel proud that t-bird heard it here first.

  12. And Barry's so smart and good-looking too--our own American tits and ass!

  13. Aah, what lovely wenches :)

    I would love to %^&**# but being shy (fair dinkum) and still recovering from my minor operation I will content myself remembering my past lascivious escapades.

    Finally, the citizens of the U. S. of A. have done something truly liberating. Congratultions Obama!

  14. CYBERPOOF: There’s always a hanging chad or two in Florida.

    IVD: You tend to care a little if you share a border with numerous undefended gaps in it.

    NWT: Seeing Alaska from your house is all well and good but what newspapers and magazines do you regularly read?

    PONYGIRL: What was that?

    Did you say your nippies are stiff with the cold?

    SCARLET: So that’s where you’ve been.

  15. BEAST: Since you’re busy with your so-called 'climax' of a major work project, why don’t you let the ladies move into your house and rest up?

    Be a good lad and launder the stinky duvet first.

    T-BIRD: Yet, as an Australian, you live in the future and should have predicted this.

    KAZ: Upcoming this week on Infomaniac:

    We discuss the NAFTA Agreement, the housing & mortgage crisis, and providing tax credits to reduce health care costs.

    LEAH: And his ears would make convenient handles when he heads “down south” so to speak.

    KOOKABURRA: I hope your deviant septum is healing.

  16. OMG MJ!!!!! You are a genius. I hadn't even thought of that...ah, the fodder for fantasy you just provided...

  17. thanks for your support, sugar! it was a historic night for my country! today we are no longer blue states or red states, we are the United States of America standing with President-elect Barack Obama! xoxo

    (but i do have to ask, who is this barry fellow y'all speak of?)

  18. My night didn't go quite that well.

  19. Oh, All Ladies' Night. Nice to see them all exhausted.

  20. LEAH: Fodder for fantasy...

    That’s what I’m here for.

    That, and to alert the Aussies (see T-Bird’s comment) to world events.

    SAVANNAH: I’m assuming that Leah is using the nickname “Barry” for “Barack” Obama.

    Unless (oh dear) she means Barry Manilow?

    HEFF: I hope there’s something for The Heff in the New America.

    Maybe Butlik can play the inauguration!

    MAGO: What did you DO to them?

  21. Now that's a party I could get into. Pass me the pie would ya.

  22. You should have seen the orgies over in San Francisco! Oiy!!!

  23. I LOVE ORGIES!!!

    *wonders why he has never participated in one*

  24. RICH: Pie?

    You’ve learned not to ask for cake?

    RANDOM: Let me guess…

    Were the orgies on (K)nob Hill?

    VOICES: You have your nude card games round the coffee table though.

  25. Barry was apparently once upon a time his nickname.

  26. yes there are those, and upon futher inspection of your picture posted, its not an orgy... its a bunch of passed out naked drunk chics... that happens all the time at my house..

    *leaves not feeling so badly anymore*

  27. LEAH: Better “Barry” than his initials…


    VOICES: Nekkid drunk chicks with guns, too, I would imagine.

  28. IV: Hey, I didn't know that Sarah Palin partied at your house!!

  29. W00-HOO WOO-HOO

    I'm still in happy/happy shock.

    **runs around and hugs everyone**

  30. RANDOM: *waits for Voices' confession*

    BOXER: Well YOU may be on a high but what does PACO have to say about all this?

  31. After all of the euphoria, I realized that this will be the first time I am older than the President.


  32. XL: But is Madonna older than you?

    *searches for pick-me-up for XL*

  33. I have warts older than Madonna, and more sexy at that.

  34. we dont discriminate at my house... you want to get naked and play with your guns, no problemo... and alas it was not palin but tina fey...

  35. KNUDSEN: You told me those genital warts weren’t contagious.

    VOICES: I bet she’d be up for a game of Nude Twister.

  36. GACK! Please, not Madonna!

    [cheers up in self-preservation]

  37. I've been more proud to be a Canine-American.

  38. another fav at the voices compound indeed! tapioca twister!!!

    *stomach growls*

  39. Meant to say, I've never been more proud to a canine-american. It's hard to type with paws.

    hey it smells like ass in here. I like it!

  40. MJ, to be honest, I hoped, but didn't predict. I sort of predicted the Republicans wouldn't let any Bush-style rorting at the polling booths go on again, because it only works once every now and then...

    Seriously - people's votes getting lost and dead people voting? Were all those rumours substantiated?

    I think it's awesome I heard the good news here first at Infomaniac, whilst I was coveting the naked ladies' shoes.

  41. *notices ass smell ass well*

    whatcha got goin on in here mj? is beasts duvet cover on display here as well?

  42. is there room for one more in canada?

  43. It smells like ass in here!


  44. It's getting colder than a witch's tit here in Winterpeg - feels like -3 and raining ice pellets, don't you know.

    So, yes, my nipples ARE stiff with the cold - but they tend to stand up better for something like that Eros with ice cream dripping down his torso.... *looks about for the Topless Texan*

    Those girls sure can't hold their liquor very well, can they? Bring out another round - they need more practice!

  45. I kissed each one's big toe. It never fails.

  46. Looks like MJ had another get together.