Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Hols – Day 2

On Day Two of my summer vacation I met up with this amiable bunch of beach bums . . .

(clicking the pic brings them up close and personal...share the experience!)

They expressed an interest in signing up for the Fag, Hag and the Odd Slag Dating Service!


  1. Did you lure them with a bag of donuts ???

    1. That's not funny... It's Hi-La-Re-Us!... And I'm fat too...

  2. So you're in Spain as well.
    Looks like 'Club 48 - 60'.

  3. I like watching naked beach volleyball, but not when it's played by fat blokes.

  4. Pity their stomachs didn't 'shrink in the wash' too.

  5. Ah, so you went whale watching and came upon a of pod of beached whales...

    I hope you dragged them back in the water where they belong--hopefully to be harpooned soon by some Native American tribe or Japanese whaler.

  6. BOXER: They’re due at your place round half past two.

    When they’re finished with KAZ.

    BEAST: Lure them with donuts?

    I think not.

    They’re foreigners, not Canadians.

    KAZ: Is that their age or their waist size?

    GARFY: But there are just as many jiggly bits.

    ISTVANSKI: What we have here is a classic case of koro.

    EROS: I’m keeping my distance from their blowholes.

  7. it's terrible!!! what happened to their peni? they are almost all woren away ... *gasp*

  8. They haven't seen their winkies in a long, long time.

  9. I've never seen such a pronounced case of "dickie-do"

  10. BITTERSWEET: Looks like their penii took vacations too.

    MYTOES: But lucky us.

    We CAN see them!

    PEEVISH: Sure it’s dickie do but putting them on display is a dickie don’t.

    RICH: Merde alors!

  11. i love how old man on the far right there is actually trying to suck in his gut. good gravy marie thats a lotta acreage.

    of course you know that the reason they have vienna sized sausages is because anything that stays in the shade too long won't grow.

    I'll be here all week.

  12. ....and I'm never eating again!

  13. It's not a line up of novelty space hoppers is it?

  14. It would be funny having a gang bang with that lot. I can just see the headline:
    Emmak asphixiated when blubber sex games go awry

  15. NATIONS: Speaking of Vienna sized sausages, where’s that Pigs in a Blanket recipe you promised me?

    CYBERPOOF: Are you sure you wouldn’t like an appetizer?

    *waves cocktail weiner on a toothpick under CyberPoof’s nose*

    IVD: Spacehoppers, yes.

    But their handles are too small to get a proper grip.

    EMMA: Don’t go there without a snorkel.

  16. If Baywatch was sponsored by Molson...

  17. No thank you. I would like a fruity rum cocktail though.

  18. GEOFF: *tries not to imagine David Hasselhoff with a Molson Muscle*

    CYBERPOOF: *mixes CyberPoof some “fruity goodness”*

    *glares menacingly at IVD and scratches him off my postcard list*

  19. Canada eh? How marvelous. I have recently been on late night wireless in Canada. Perhaps you heard? Does this mean I qualify to live there?

  20. Was the water was very, very, very cold?

  21. AXEVICTIM: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I won’t know if you deserve Canadian citizenship or not until you’ve shown me your bare arse like the rest of my male readers.

    Snap to it. Send me a pic.

    We can talk after that.

    XL: The water was tepid.

    As MyToes said, “They haven't seen their winkies in a long, long time.”

    Let it be a warning to you not to supersize your happy meals.

  22. ..and not a penis amongst them..
    Surely this is not coincidnence?

    They must all belong to the 'little big men club'.. and the guy second from the left is a new member (ha!) and that is why he is getting the special little tummy pat..

  23. KIMBA: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    You do realize that Anonymous Boxer and I are keeping our eyes on you lest you run off with Old Knudsen’s cap?

  24. just missing me to complete the set of hideousness....

  25. Right. That sheds little light on the penis question I had...

    Get it? Little light...

  26. This is just Rong. R O N G rong!

  27. I notice their feet have sunk below sand level ... if you had them posing any longer you probably would have ended up with five head shots and ruined this whole post.
    or maybe not ... "oh ... there's an ocean behind them!!!

  28. MANUEL: Nonsense!

    It was your delectable round arse that saved this blog.

    DIVA: A light THAT tiny requires an AAAA battery.

    CSI: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Two rongs don't make a wright.

    JOE: I just regret that I didn't get a shot of them from behind.

  29. I kinda followed AxeVictim over here. After seeing that photo, I'm not sure if I'm glad I did.

  30. HEFF: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Would you have preferred a naked group photo of Megadeath?

  31. They should be processed to feed starving children in the Third World..
    right there on the beach that's about 1250 lbs of beef marinated in beer and baby oil being slowly baked for 8 hours @ 100 degrees...

    add a nice Chianti and some fava beans and Bob's yer Uncle!

  32. DONNNNN: Thank you for sharing your recipe from the Hannibal Lecter Cookbook.

    What’s for dessert? Ladyfingers?

  33. A self-help-group for castrati? Champions of the all-you-can-eat-and-barf contest down at the marina? Der Weg allen Fleisches? The way all the flesh goes? The German word for a real fat belly is "Wampe" and boy those have some. I am a thin herring against that.

  34. MAGO: Eat up!

    Help yourself to more Schweinebraten und Kartoffelknoedel.

  35. Given the different food scandals here I slowly get vegeterian. At least I eat only flesh I can still recognize as animal part.

  36. I think they are sexy and would blow everyone if them!