Saturday, July 26, 2008

Say No To Socks With Sandals

I’ve gone on about it here but now that it’s summer, it bears repeating.


You may think you look like this…

But really you look like this…


  1. Show your painted toes you freaks!!

  2. Maybe they are ashamed of their toe nail fungus. Wouldn't you prefer to see sock instead of jam?

  3. Socks? Sandals? Sorry, I didn't notice on the first guy - must be that bag on his head.....

  4. If you stare closely at that man with the bag's bum.. you can see he is wearing fine netted knickers..

    Not only is he ugly (why else would he have a bag on his head?) and wearing socks with his sandals.. he has bad undies.. with a hole in the front of them and all! Poor bugger.

  5. Your one to talk , wearing them pop socks with your uggs

  6. Only socialists and Jesus freaks sport that combo.

    I bet Barack Obama is a fan.

  7. Hey, did you visit Germany 20 years ago and snap me on my bench?

  8. I absolutely agree. That naked guy can almost get away with it because he looks hot and check out the Gucci bag!

    The excuse some people have about their feet are ugly or nasty so they are doing us a favour by wearing the socks doesn't cut it.


    Thanks for mentioning this topic again. It bears repeating all year around.

  9. MYTOES: Yes, all it takes is a pedicure and some nail polish and fellas could bare their toes proudly.

    Men should visit your blog to see how good it looks.

    CECILE: Take note of CyberPoof’s advice:

    If your feet look bad, JUST WEAR REGULAR SHOES!

    PONYGIRL: You are easily distracted and influenced by designer labels.

    I bet you have a closet full of Prada that you never wear.

    KIMBA: Did you hold up a magnifying glass to see that?

    Have you considered a job as a knickers inspector?

    BEAST: Arghhh to Uggs!

    *thumps Beast over the head with his own Crocs*

    GARFY: I can’t get past Obama’s big ears to see his footwear.

    MAGO: I blame the Germans for the socks and sandals look.

    And if you think they look stylish with your lederhosen, you’re sadly mistaken.

    *adjusts dirndl and exits*

    CYBERPOOF: Not even the Gucci bag can save him.

    A man on the bus had the most horrid toenail and was wearing sandals.

    (We won’t discuss the fact that he was also wearing short shorts with varicose vein-covered legs)

    While I applauded him for not wearing socks with sandals, I thought to myself, “IF YOU HAVE UGLY OR/AND DISGUSTING FEET JUST WEAR REGULAR SHOES!”

    Attention Bitches: CyberPoof has spoken.

  10. Never mind the sandals and socks; I'm more puzzled by the sex of the person in the second pic. Man or Woman?

    It's as confounding as their reasoning for wearing that particular shirt.

    The pants are snazzy, though...

  11. How do you know that 'that' is a man on the bench?! Old men and women start to have identical shapes around that grow droopy boobs and ladies get long, curly,'s hard to tell them apart.

    In fact, if it wasn't for camel toe it would be virtually impossible.

  12. No, not the Germans this time! Netherlands. It's their's.

    And any even very little style conscious Bavarian of course wears Haferlschuh with the Lederhosen:
    Black, polished, built for eternity.

    Nice Dirndl. Gives a chesty look, dulliöh ...

  13. EROS & DONNNNN: Men have moose knuckle.

    MAGO: I suppose that next you'll be blaming the Austrians for lederhosen.

    I had a look at that Haferlschuh link and clicked on "Damen".

    That woman looks as if der Herr is stepping on her toes with his sturdy shoes.

  14. Is that ErosWings with the bag over his head? Looks very similar from behind...

  15. IVD: It's obviously Eroswings trying to find a gloryhole in the wall.

    He really should remove that bag from his head before he damages his tackle.

  16. Dear fashion guru ...

    I've finally given up the Docs for summer and like my chunky sandals.

    Is there any chance that I could start a new fashion in Autumn if I wear them with muticoloured, stripey sparkly, knee length socks ?

    Thought not.

  17. KAZ: Not if you want to stay friends with CyberPoof.

  18. You are damn right MJ!

    The CyberPoof has spoken bitches!

    The person in the second photo appears to be wearing two shirts where one is not pulled properly down over his fat belly?

  19. OK
    I'll choose friendship over sparkly socks any day.

  20. Awww Kaz you know exactly what to say. You are defrosting my heart

    That sounds a little disgusting doesn't it?

  21. Your possibly perpetrating an even worse crime , insighting people to wear shorts with normal shoes and socks .
    For heaven sakes , Cyberpoof and Kaz....get a room!

  22. KAZ & CYBERPOOF: What Beast said about getting a room.

    *slips in glitter and sparkly bits from CyberPoof's defrosted heart*

    BEAST: "Insighting people to wear shorts with normal shoes and socks"?

    I'm feeling weak from my own lack of judgment.

    We'll have to pass this dilemma over to CyberPoof unless you have any suggestions on appropriate footwear for shorts.

    By the way, men should NOT be wearing short shorts.

  23. Well true, but it's ok to wear sneakers and shorts.

    So there.

    And MJ is right about the short shorts.

  24. Should you wear socks without sandals if you actually suffer from camel toe toes?

  25. CYBERPOOF: Thank you for your assistance in this matter here today.

    I'm at work and it's most disconcerting trying to juggle my dual role as model employee AND style counsellor to misguided bloggers.

    BETTY: I would suggest a good podiatrist or, failing that, a farrier.

  26. Glad to be of service!

    I think a good cobbler is what Betty needs.

  27. No Prada in this girl's closet, MJ. No Gucci either - I stick with my sandals (w/o socks), runners or paddock boots.

    Not into the high fashion crap - if I tried to wear Prada heels, I would break a leg for sure!

    Shorts and sandals is summer gear for me. Well, and a tee as well - not too keen on letting the girls get sunburned....

  28. CYBERPOOF: What would I do without you?


    PONYGIRL: You know there are certain men who "admire" paddock boots.

    I'm sure I could find a website for you.

  29. Moose knuckle and Molson muscle is a bit of a tongue twister.

  30. Slip in your Sissi and stomp back. All that green bavarian Jancker-crap comes from the house of Wittelsbach - they wanted to recognize their subjects and thus invented the "Tracht", what people "traditionally" wear. Traditionally they wore tatters and rags and not expensive shoes, trousers and coats. Even the Lederhosen, not just worn in the Alps, in the known "bavarian" form were of upperclass origin - too expensive for farmers. Originates in the Wittelsbach hunting gear.
    Men wear trousers and shoes. Shorts and sandals is for boys.

  31. GEOFF: Moose knuckle and Molson muscle...

    Not only are they tongue twisters but the two are oft found together.

    MAGO: A pox on the House of Wittelsbach.

    And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out for a lunchtime stroll, where, no doubt, I'll encounter numerous sightings of offensive socks and sandals. And men in short shorts.

    I shall report back later.

  32. I don't think you could live without me.

    It's a wonder how you survived your first 72 years without me in your life.

  33. I hope you won't see any socks (i)'n crocks

  34. A lunchtime stroll , my ass . MJ is out brownbagging a nice bottle of cider

  35. LUNCHTIME UPDATE: *ignores taunts from CyberPoof and Beast*

    I hadn't been gone 5 minutes when I had my first socks and sandals sighting.

    A WOMAN!.. in her 70s, wearing short white ankle socks and black sandals with a dress.

    HORRIFIED, I was about to run into the nearest pub when I was distracted by an adorable wiener dog.

    Walked several more blocks and was most impressed by the sensibly, if not fashionably shod men and women of this city, when just as I rounded the corner to return to work, there he was.

    Man in his 70s, white socks, black sandals, and jeans. Scratching a lotto ticket in front of the Starbucks. I hope he wins the lottery so he can buy some decent footwear.

    Uh oh. Time to get back to work.

  36. Considering what women in their 70s had to go through for beauty. I can cut them a bit of slack. As long as they don't wear crocs.

    I did see a woman in her 70s in a 3 inch heel on Thursday. It was impressive but I felt like I had to be ready to catch her in case one of her brittle bones snapped.


    As the last report shows even in antiquity crimes against taste were committed.


    That's me saying no.

  39. Even if you don't have nail fungus, if you sport that combo, people will assume that you do. If you don't want to show the toes, wear low top sneakers with your shorts. Don't pull up the socks unless you want to look goofy.

  40. Ha!

    So can we call this a pet peeve of yours, then? In protest, I am going to start wearing socks with my sandals.

  41. CYBERPOOF: I've had several Crocs sightings today.

    I can feel my blood pressure rising as we speak.

    MAGO: Forget all their achievements and their engineering feats such as the aquaducts.

    Blame the Romans for socks and sandals!

    Thanks for the enlightening links.

    T-BIRD: That’s a NO from T-Bird.

    BREAKERSLION: Good advice regarding the slouchiness of the socks.

    Tightly pulled-up socks are… what is the opposite of a babe magnet?

    WW: Guess who I had in mind when I wrote this item?


    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

  42. I would like to think they did. . But it is really the girlfriends that DO.

    They don't hold it against them ( a few poinds here or few stones there. . )and Just love them.

  43. Ummm, I didn't see any sox and sandals in the first picture... however, if I did see sox and sandals, I'd forgive him.

  44. Totally with Cyberpete too. Socks and sandals? Urgh! Fashion faux pas lol.

    You ought to do a piece on men that wear nothing but a pair of socks in porn films too, lolol!

  45. GINRO: Will this satisfy your filthy desires?

  46. Plenty more sandals and socks guys here at my site

  47. KEITH: Plenty more sandals and socks guys here at my site

    Thanks for dropping by!

    We think your site is fab and we posted a link to it in this post.