Friday, July 25, 2008

Filthy Friday

At the office?

Loosen that tie (or the tie of the guy in the next cubicle) and get ready for the weekend.

It's Friday!


  1. That's what I call flexable. Is that a job requirement where you work? I know, I've been gone awhile, but I needed a good laugh, and for some reason, I came here. Thanks for the good laugh. I'll be back.

  2. CECILE: I don't see what's so funny.

    I take my work seriously.

  3. OMG! are so damn you do a warm up before you get to right down to business?! Just taking notes! This might work well at my next job interview!

  4. Flextime is derived from the German word Gleitzeit which literally means 'sliding time'..
    I kid you not!

    It's always encouraging to see highly motivated staff 'members' bending over backwards to meet the needs of the customer...
    although if we apply Occam's Razor and take note of the empty pizza box on the table they prolly should have ordered the X-large Nooner Special because they're obviously still hungry?

    and yes now I would like to take a shower so mission accomplished.

  5. Donnnnnn, that's not a pizza box! It is the 'in' tray.... and things seem to be going in, don't they!

    Is your eyesight failing you? Is there hair growing on the palms of your hands?

    It would appear this office has flextime well in hand.... er mouth.... whatever!

  6. ROBYN: Yellow is the most difficult colour for the eye to absorb, so it can be unbearable if overused.

    Wear in small doses in job interviews.

    DONNNNN: Gleitzeit and Occam's Razor?

    Surely this is a matter for Professor Wizenheimer.

    PONYGIRL: I can’t tell anymore which one is the “in box” and which is the “out box”, can you?

  7. What in the hells is she wearing?!? I'm sure it's not covered under the dress code.

    * disgusted *

  8. I suspect that Health and Safety might be an issue here.

    Those stockings are gross.

  9. Being upside down does wonders for the tits which is more than can be said about yellow stockings for the legs.

  10. So that's what Annie got up to in later life.

    She should have stuck to the singing.

  11. OH! Goodness me. Those shoes are just so passe`. They do nothing for her. However did she get that position anyway??

  12. IVD: Your new orange shirt would complete the look.

    Oh and Richard Simmons called and he wants his shirt back.

    CARNALIS: She’d be wise to accompany you on your next shopping expedition to Anne Summers.

    Good to see your flash of thigh again, by the way.

    KAZ: And note the lack of muffin top!

    GARFY: Bet your bottom dollar.

    KOOKABURRA: How did she get the position?

    She stooped to conquer.

  13. So, it's Dress Down Friday at the office?

  14. Help Wanted: Personal Assistant. Must be able to multi task and work well in team situations. Flex positions available. No experience necessary. Training will be provided. Excellent oral skills preferred. Salary to commensurate with skill level.

    Send Resume to Fag, Hag, and the Odd Slag Dating Service.

  15. XL: Didn’t you bring your fuzzy bunny slippers?

    EROS: Yes, what we could REALLY use at Fag, Hag and the Odd Slag Dating Service is a new telephone operator.

    We just can’t seem to keep ‘em.

    The last one ran off with one of our readers!

  16. that doesn't look very ergonomic to me.

  17. NATIONS: Don’t you recognize office yoga when you see it?

    The young lady is demonstrating the "Mouth of a Boa Constrictor Asana".

  18. I suppose its the young ladies terrible colour sense(WTF are those stockings supposed to be????) , but she is a bit too eager to please

  19. finally... something one could linger on even for just a moment... not too old poofs with socks on...

    *looks over shoulder to make sure no one at work is looking and checks picture again*

    yeah, the stockings are quite odd, i wonder what her original outfit was and if it had a cape!!

  20. BEAST: Too eager to please?

    Yet I saw you slip your phone number into her garter belt.

    VOICES: A cape?

    We’re not catering to your superheroine fetish here.

  21. Flexible lunch?

  22. Fish and wieners for lunch!! Ha!

  23. HEFF: Disappointed there was nothing to click?

    MYTOES: Fish on Fridays.

    It’s a tradition.

  24. In the UK its spotted dick and custard........where IS IVD ????

  25. If she's that flexible, I'm sure she could figure out a way to thoroughly enjoy her alone time.

  26. BEAST: IVD took one look and promptly passed out cold.

    When offered the surf ‘n’ turf, he pushes the surf away from the shore.

    Get away from me with your nasty British spotted dick and custard.

    CATSCRATCH: We covered that topic already for men.

    Perhaps we could use you to do an instructional video for the ladies?

  27. What a messy office.

    I'm so glad we don't have an Amber Lynn wannabe working at my office.

    I just don't want to see that side of my colleagues

  28. CYBERPOOF: *cues the office cleaners scene*

  29. i was figuring with stockings like those there must be a cape involved... or an invible car or something...

  30. VOICES: Invisible car?

    Can't you see he's already getting a free ride?

  31. About time too.

    Look at that mess in the window.

    I'm sure there'll be a mess on the table and possibly the floor too. Later.

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  33. gas, grass or ass... no one rides for free!

  34. CYBERPOOF: *cue CyberPoof dressed as hapless cleaner*

    *laughs as he discovers he's not on the set of the Hot Men Cool Boyz film*

    BOXER: Such a sensitive soul.

    VOICES: The Freeway of Love is filled with potholes, it's true.

    FROBI: You think this is filth?

    Have you seen the trash Beast is making us read for the Book Club?

  35. just shedding the light of culture on you dark and dingy corner of the colonies
    And what thanks do I get

  36. Nah I wasn't cast for that movie MJ.

    Good thing too with all that watersports


  37. BEAST: I'm cancelling my membership.

    CYBERPOOF: It must have been some other low-budget production.

  38. Bloke in wool jumper - Careful mate, one slip of the tongue and you could be in deep shit.

  39. ISTVANSKI: Thus giving new meaning to the term "shitfaced".

  40. No woman with any self respect pairs yellow with black patent leather. Shocking.

  41. "The young lady is demonstrating the 'Mouth of a Boa Constrictor Asana'."


    Seriously, it's impressive, but it doesn't look like she's having much fun. People should not attempt to play their strumpets this way unless they are virtuosos.

  42. It's Melanie Griffiths' screen test for Working Girl.

  43. ARABELLA: And no man with any self respect wears yellow and black stripes.

    Are you listening, Sting?

    BREAKERSLION: He looks like he’s going for Baroque.

    T-BIRD: She certainly passed the audition!

    You’ve heard the rumours about Don Johnson’s gigantic cock, no doubt?

  44. A new meaning to multi taskin' and double jointed. . .Lucky g i r l.