Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dream Interpretation

Last night I had the strangest dream…

Your interpretations are welcome.


  1. "Hmmm...I think this one is just the right size...can I get this wrapped to go!"
    *cinderella looking at selection of dildos since Prince Chraming has taken off with one of the wicked step-sisters...that whore*

  2. Where on Earth do you get these photos from?

    Your dreams have taken a side trip to Germany, by the looks of things. At least they didn't stop into the scheize film part of the forest.

  3. You are sunconciously worried about Piggy's hanging haemariods

  4. You dream of your twin passions for Doris Day and salami.

    By amazing coincidence I just posted about last night's dream before I came over.

  5. Clearly, your subconscious is telling you to escape the heat by seeking shelter under some big trunks, playing with large, fleshy orbs, titillated by their aroma and delectable feel...

    ...or Eat more fiber.

  6. Little Bo Peep
    Gutted her sheep
    And hung their bladders in a tree.
    It made her most pleased
    To give them a squeeze
    Because she liked being covered in wee, the dirty bitch.

    I'm not quite sure what this means for you, but I'm going to go with ErosWings' suggestion, and say 'eat more fibre'.

  7. Doris Day visited the Fottere factory for air-dried ham in Piezo di Vica in Mai 1956.
    Nothing the generous donation of penis vulgaris couldn't resolve, dear.

  8. You are bonkers and should be committed?

  9. *briefly stirs from the arms of Morpheus only to find Robyn, T-Bird, Beast, Kaz, Eros, IVD, Mago and a poofy Dane in my dream*

    *takes to bed once again but vows to return later*

  10. no idea, but then again, i can't find my glasses and i learned long ago to never click on the pictures you post! ;-) xoxox

    (btw, he's on a plane tonight)

  11. I see everyone else is pussy footing about hehehehe.......

    COCKS, big swinging cocks..........nothing new there then.....

  12. The tree and it's branches represent your fallopian tubes and ovaries, and the phallic looking things hanging from the branches are your eggs. Your subconscious mind is telling you to have a baby before it's TOO LATE.

  13. ROBYN: Cinderella sticks umbrella
    Up the mansnatch
    Of her fella.

    T-BIRD: *pans film camera up under poufy white frock*

    BEAST: Banish all thoughts of Piggy’s anus horribilis.

    KAZ: Sausages, Germans...

    Doris Day’s real name was Doris Mary Ann VON KEPPELHOFF.

    It’s all becoming clear now, isn’t it?

    As for us both posting dream sequences, this proves we have more in common than just our shoe sizes.

    A mysterious force is at work here, Kaz.

    EROS: Well I won’t be playing with Jimmy Dean sausages since they reduced the size from 16 oz to 12 oz.

    Listen to this customer tell off the company.

  14. IVD: Just for that, I’m coming back over to your place to sit on your cake again.

    MAGO: Doris Day.

    Sleeping. Dreaming.

    On a Pillow.

    Yes, it all makes sense now.

    CYBERPOOF: What you need is a nice big cock up your arse.

    SAVANNAH: If you can’t see the image, just fondle the sausages.

    (tonight’s the night!)

    MANUEL: Don’t make me shove you into the meat locker.

    BETTY: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t want to be a mummy blogger!!!!

  15. My Bologna has a first name,
    It's B-O-N-E-R.
    Sometimes I get so damn hornay,
    For B-O-N-E-R.
    Oh I love to eat it by the way,
    And if you ask me why I say,
    Cause' I can't seem to find a way,

    to fit in my H-O-O-H-A-W!
    ((*cymbal crash))

  16. MJ: Your gapping wound would fit the lot. Where's that lube truck of Eros?

  17. You are due a visit from Mr Derek Porky White. He's in love with you and wants you to inherit his empire.

  18. Haunted by questionable past career choices: extra in that up-coming Tom Cruise WWII movie and sausage factory quality control inspector?

  19. DONNNNN: Are you trying to get me to hop on board your weinermobile?

    TATAS: There’d be plenty left over for IVD’s front bottom.

    GEOFF: Is Derek Porky White still known as Derek Porky White Nostrils?

    He’ll squander my fortune on drugs!

    XL: Sausage factory quality control inspector?

    A hot dog makes me lose control.

  20. If he had one.

    Which he doesn't.

    And if he did, one would be hard pressed to slip a credit card in it.

  21. I tried that, it didn't help.

    I'm still a cunt

  22. * eyes widen in horror at the bluntness of CyberPetra's comment *

  23. IVD & CYBERPOOF: Which one of you has the biggest front bottom?

  24. IDV: I was being blunt?

    It wasn't like I was saying it explicitly like MJ.

    MJ: I don't have a front bottom.

    Um, what is a front bottom?

  25. your dreams may be compensating for something your not getting enough of? i dunno, i think my girlfriend has the same dreams! hahahahaaa.... i wonder what this one is hiding under her dress...

  26. CYBERPOOF: According to IVD, and I quote, a front bottom "is only possessed by the female of the species. Otherwise known as her fanny (Brit, not American), vagina or queynte."

    IVD keeps a false front bottom in his handbag which he employs down at the docks for those sailors who do not wish to be identified as gay.

    VOICES: I'm not getting enough fat in my diet, it's true.

    *scarfs down another bag of Cheesy Wotsits*

    I have a feeling that Beast may be in hiding under that dress.

  27. Ew!

    I don't have one of those.

  28. When they say money doesn't grow on trees, but apparentally there is a special world where sausages are plentiful.

    Of course being a vegetarian, your dream would be MY nightmare.

  29. CYBERPOOF: You can borrow IVD's false front bottom.

    Just give it a good wipe down before you use it.

    BOXER: Could they be tofu hot dogs?

  30. Cinderella and the Hanging P.Niss trees.


  31. But why would I want to borrow it?

  32. You're dreaming of taking a leisurely walk through a giant tampon forrest.

  33. * gift wraps detachable front bottom and addresses it to gayest Denmark *

    You never know when it might come in handy, CyberPetra.

  34. Ew no!

    I already received one hideous item from you lot. I don't want another!


  35. CATSCRATCH: It’s a fractured fairy tale, isn’t it?

    CYBERPOOF: You won’t need it unless you’re cruising the Copenhagen Harbour a la IVD and want the sailors to think you’re a gurlyboy.

    BOXER: Donuts grow on trees in Canada.

    Why just the other day I looked up and a cruller fell into my mouth.

    All on its own!

    ISTVANSKI: How surreal.

    I’ll have to consult with Beast on this interpretation as he is our resident expert on feminine hygiene products.

    IVD & CYBERPOOF: *hands them a box of Wet Wipes and stands well back*

  36. Your dream fraught with phallic symbolism has obviously caused a bit of over excitement in Norwich and Denmark , or maybe its the equally appealing thought of squeezing Piggy's piles.
    Who knows

  37. BEAST: Thank goodness IVD and CyberPoof aren’t in the same city.

    Or the same country, for that matter.

    The competition for rough trade down at the docks would result in much hair pulling and wig snatching.

    CyberPoof might even resort to taking off his silver snakeskin stilettos with the diamanté trim and poking IVD in the eye with the heel.

  38. Not over that front bottom. I don't want that.

    I thought I'd made myself clear on that.

    I'm not working the docs and what is rough trade?

  39. CYBERPOOF: If you don’t know what rough trade is, you’re a rubbish gay.

    IVD: Take CyberPoof aside and educate him in the ways of the gays.

  40. We can't all be as experienced as IDV.

    But I manage alright without knowing the terms. Although I'm glad I know the the Belgian Chocolate term even if it is quite disturbing

  41. You're prolly, like, 70, right?

  42. whats she got behind her back.... hmmm. she has that lorena bobbit look in her eyes..... perhaps she is practicing for the big show!?

  43. CYBERPOOF: Experienced is putting it lightly.

    MATT: 97.

    You're way off.

    VOICES: Beast is under her dress and he's trying to wave to us for help.

    She's keeping him firmly in his place, as well she should.

  44. Putting it lightly?

    I thought you were insinuating or flat out telling that he took it roughly?

  45. I'm sure I have absolutely no idea what you two are talking about.

    Just because one has a healthy knowledge of certain matters, doesn't mean one is experienced.

    But I really don't know what this term Belgian Chocolate means, CyberPetra. I'm imagining it's not to do with actual chocolate, right?

  46. *leaves the Nor-WITCH and the Danish poof to sort it out*

    *licks Belgian chocolate from fingers*

  47. *cues up Benny Hill music and hides the Dynasty DVDs with the vases and stilletos so they won't be thrown against the wall*

    Have at it boys!

  48. T-BIRD: I fear some of IVD's twee crockery may get broken in the process.

  49. *gags by the sight of MJs actions*

  50. I won't be throwing the good stuff, that's for sure. I've got ordinary, stoneware crockery for tantrums. It's rather heavy and can cause a lot of blunt force trauma if thrown correctly.

  51. CYBERPOOF & IVD: Put down the vases and the stilettos and stoneware crockery and get to bed.

    Both of you.

    It's late there.

  52. You were either hungry, or felt that you needed lots of practice? Yeah, that's strange alright. Are you sure you didn't hit acid before you went to bed?

  53. CECILE: "I had too much to dream last night."

  54. You are anxious about returning that frilly frock you bought on impulse, before the
    30th day after the date of purchase. But did you remember not to remove the tag?
    Also, you declined pudding at dinner and are now hungry in the middle of the night for a salami sarnie.
    God, a Freud-less life is a dull life.

  55. ARABELLA: I'm Jung at heart.

  56. you were walking though a forest festooned with coccooned vampire fetii when ....

    the giant silkworms clustered about MJ, dressed in a Dacron frock, growling as she....

    nope, words simply fail me.

  57. Lights out!

    But it's not even dark yet...

    You too Melanie

    I love that movie

  58. NATIONS: My wardrobe is Dacron-free, I'll have you know.

    You had better let out the elasticized waist of your Crimpolene slacks because you're full of hot air.

    CYBERPOOF: Good grief, are you pulling an all-nighter?

    It's almost 3 am in Denmark!

  59. It's almost 3 am yes, I just finished playing on Facebook.

    I thought I'd just sit here and do nothing for a while. Until I decided if I want to go to bed or stay up all night.

    I've got tomorrow off work.

  60. Now why can't a tree like that grow in MY backyard???

  61. CYBERPOOF: If you stay up long enough, you'll be the first to see Filthy Friday.

    Warning: You'll be sorry you did.

    MAIDY: Aren't you getting enough wood already?