Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer Hols: Part Two

In which MJ engages in Foreign Relations.

Pay attention, bitches, as these clues may help you in next week’s new competition involving what I did on my summer vacation.

Moving along to the second leg of my journey, I met up with my very special mystery friend.

Here we are enjoying Happy Hour…


  1. Mickland bejasus.

    Did Sid come to prostrate his bald patch before you?

  2. You were in Dublin?

    And you never told us? We'd have popped over!

  3. That didn't make any sense, did it?

    By 'pop over', I meant pop over ACROSS THE STREET - We were staying in the Jury's Inn just 2 minutes away!

  4. Get pissed! Have a Dance and while they twist and turn aye aye aye...!!

  5. HEY! How come you didn't take mystery pictures when WE met on YOUR turf?!!

    And the fact that you only mentioned that YOU met a mystery friend lends credence to my assertation that you, in fact, are "C" although she (you) sure have a nice tan if that's the case. :-)

  6. Those cockles & mussels are a real aphrodisiac!

    Did he keep his stripey shirt on?

  7. Did you have another cocktail after drinks?

  8. GARFY: prosTATE, more like.

    My fanny batter is known for its follicle-restoring properties.

    PIGGY: Shame that I missed you but I was on a “foreign relations” mission if you know what I mean. A Mati-Hari-esque episode of espionage. Undercover(s) if you will.

    MUTLEY: You’re full of good advice, you are. I like your style.

    WW: Your toque and Molson Canadian beer bottle would have given you away.

    And "C" IS black. Really, it's not me. This Celtic skin tans only lightly.

    GEOFF: The shirt came off but he kept his socks on.

    CYBERPETE: I had a Dingle Dram. Topped with whipped cream.

  9. and nobody has wondered why they let you back in the country.... drank antifreeze
    2. someone in stripey shirt carrying a mysterious handbag sat down next to you
    3. your eyes met across the

    oh fuck it, i still say LARC.

  10. That'snot a snot cocktail is it?
    Thank god for the cherry.

  11. CYBERPETE: I know you are, but what am I?

    FN: Don't be misled by his poofy handbag. He keeps his Semtex in there.

    KAZ: That's the only cherry I have.

  12. Satan?


    The princess of darkness?

    Feel free to step in anytime

  13. I think you've pretty much got her covered, Cyberpete. Now, don't let her come up for air - she's bound to asphyxiate soon!

  14. Jumps out of a cake!Crumbs!
    Airline ticket?But what about your carbon-footprint?

  15. CYBERPETE: Oh how you flatter me.

    IVD: *enacts trial by drowning on IVD*

    If it floats, it's a witch. If it sinks, it's a witch.

    TONY: *inserts carbon footprint up Tony's arse*

  16. *barfs at thought of MJ's wrinkled and bruised old cherry*

  17. PIGGY: *vomits at the thought of Piggy's droopy and rotten old banana*

  18. They look bored, maybe you should have danced round yer handbag.

    Try taking a course on photography so then you might get the whole person in the frame.

  19. KNUDSEN: Photography course? Like that time you modeled for me in the thong?