Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Hols: Part One

Pay attention, bitches, as there will be a competition next week involving what I did on my summer vacation. And to make it worth your while, prizes will be awarded.

Anyway (Piggy’s favourite word), the first “leg” of my vacation was spent with my friend and travelling companion, “C.”

As promised, I managed to convince her to reveal another body part to you on this journey. On our previous trip to Las Vegas, we gazed upon her arm...

This time, we get a peek at her southern extremities…

And once I got her good and liquored up, the clothes came off!

Let’s pan north with the camera to observe the gorgeous gams of “C”...

I wasted no time in snapping pics once she got nekkid. All with YOU in mind, dear fellow bloggers. All with you in mind.

But in the end, she asked that only her legs be exposed … this time.

However, if you send me your credit card numbers, I’ll email you the pics that she's too shy to show.

Coming Soon on Infomaniac…“Summer Hols: Part Two” in which MJ participates in foreign relations.


  1. Yay! First!

    'C' has drag queen legs, we note.

    And where's our postcard?

    And our present?

    Did you acquire any nasty diseases?

    Did 'C'?

    Are there pics?

    Can you pick off some of the scabs and send them to Smunty Boy?

  2. I'll send you SID's credit card numbers. Does that count?

    *toys with idea of photoshopping those legs and that arm onto another specially selected body anyway*

  3. And is that a pox scar I can see on the back of 'C's' left knee?

    Yes. I think it is.

  4. And I notice that her heels are exactly the same shape (but much smaller, obviously) as SID's butt plugs!

  5. Is 'C' a tranny?

    *Carly told me to ask that one, as she was too scared*

  6. Yay! First, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth!

  7. PIGGY: Pressie? Wasn’t my absence pressie enough for you?

    Besides, I brought you back a stick of rock from my last trip. And a smaller stick for Tazzy as he’s accustomed to sucking on tiny objects.

    I already have SID’s credit card numbers. Who do you think funded this trip? Just replace the “Stupid” in “Stupid Irish Daddy” with “Sugar” and you get the picture.

    And speaking of SID, by “SID’s butt plugs” do you really mean to say “MJ’s fists”?

    Carly (the coward) can ask me herself about “C’s” gender. Carly’s as big a drag hag as I am so she should know. Maybe we’ll invite her along on the sea voyage we’re planning. If C and I fall overboard we’d each have a big tit to cling to.

    Now remind me why I missed you while I was away?

    Oh, and give someone else a chance to comment, would you?

  8. MJ's fists would appear like a tiny twinkling star in the dark space infinity that is Piggy's arse.

    Credit cards??

    Used by someone with no cents!

  9. Some good muscle tone on those legs. thanks for keeping us all in mind.

  10. Welcome back.

    I'm gonna skip sending the credit card numbers.

  11. Initial "C"

    You went on holiday with Condoleeza Rice?!

  12. Just out of curiousity..

    Where are the pics of your cloven hoofs?

  13. SID: Thank you for comparing me (again) to the stars.

    While we're on the subject of ass-tronomy, I'd like to take this opportunity to compare Piggy to Uranus.

    RICH: What's happened to your face while I was away? Too much espresso?

    CONNIE: Just send a cheque or money order then.

    KAPI: No, Condi couldn't make a break in her busy sked for me.

    CYBERPETE: Just out of curiousity, where is the pic of me smacking your backside?

  14. I reckon that "C" is actually MJ with body paint

  15. CONNIE: *makes note to photograph C and I together next time for the unbelievers*

    FN: Long Acting Reversible Contraception?

  16. I thought you took it with you the last time at the dungeon.

    You sure you don't have it?

  17. *reckons 'C' is actually an unwashed MJ*

    Carly is STILL pestering me to tell her if 'C' is a tranny or not!

  18. CYBERPETE: You are this far away from me forcing you to wear golf shoes.

    PIGGY: The old “it’s for a friend who wants to know” line is getting tired.

  19. Oh....You're back then?

    You already have my credit card number from the thing with the you know what. I shall be expecting pics before the weekend is out.

  20. EDDIE: You're gonna be paying off the thing with the you know what for a long time. I'll need your Platinum card for pics.

    Thanks for holding the fort so admirably in my absence you freakish bastard.

  21. I have a post office account number I can send ya I like Trannys.

  22. I will try anything twice but not golf shoes

    Now publish those cloven hoofs mistress

  23. Be careful what you ask for Cyberpete. The blacksmith's still attached to them - MJ employed him to try and prize the horse shoes off her spongy hoof and she accidently trampled him to a bloody pulp.

    Foreign relations, MJ? You incestuous hussy!

  24. KNUDSEN: I thought you were dead. Didn't you cough up a lung while I was away?

    "C" might consider becoming a tranny when she finds out you fancy them.

    CYBERPETE: Not 'til I've seen you in orthopedic shoes.

    IVD: Prize? Plonker.

  25. (Karol writes.....)Welcome Back MJ !Do Legs Run In C's Family?

  26. TONY: They'll run when they find out your real name is Karol.


  27. I think you're just teasin' and those legs and that arm are actually yours...

    I can tell by the high heels, which you have threatened me with before.

  28. WW: "C" is for real. We go back a long way. If she's ever in the Peg I'll have her look you up.

    Now quit bugging me about this before I throw my shoe at you.