Sunday, July 22, 2007

Maidy’s Bitch – Continued

Geo’s bitch training continues as MJ hands the reins to Maidy

Later that day, MJ and Maidy put their bitches through their paces…

Maidy: Your bitch is hung like a horse!
MJ: And he’s hot to trot. But enough about them. Howz about spending a little quality time together this evening?
Maidy. Right. Let’s put these bitches out to pasture.

Later that evening…

Maidy: This isn’t quite what I had in mind when you mentioned “quality time.”
MJ: Any more sass from you and we’re up for another bitchfight.


  1. That last pic gives a whole new meaning to the name 'dickhead'

  2. What exactly is going on in that last picture? Milking?

  3. PIGGY: Stay tuned. Tomorrow is YOUR day on Infomaniac.

    KAZ: Proof that you’re obsessed, as your latest post says, with rampant sex.

    IVD: Beware her secret weapon in the next bitchfight: lactating breasts.

  4. wow, harness trained! now he has a whole new career in front of him, pulling carriages around central park! or maybe the budweiser beer wagon; i'm not familiar with the mans' build.

  5. Eh? What?

    What do you mean MY day?

    I supported you in the battle with the witch!

  6. FN: According to Maidy, Geo's built like a Maus (tank, that is).

    PIGGY: Oh relax ya big fairy.

    It will be a little pocket of pleasantness to look forward to.

    A wee ray of light in your otherwise dreary existence.

  7. Wha'fu?? Piggy? " ...with the WITCH"???

    Why you evil little porcine twat!

    You are soooooooo lucky I am in the midst of reading HP and the DH or else I'd ... I'd ... do something very very mean!

    And yes, Geo is built like a fireplug with the ability to do a roundhouse that can take off a person's skull.

    And now, as for you, MJ.

    *grabs a thing of Armor All and a chamois*

    Come here, sweety. This shouldn't hurt you or your leather outfit one bit.

  8. MAIDY: Piggy is shaped like a butt plug.

  9. I am not sure that your manslave is best used pulling a little waggon. Maybe you should get him to clean and tidy up? Your place was a pit last time I visited...

  10. MUTLEY: My man slave is a lazy cunt.

    He doesn't like to put his hands in the soapy dishwater lest they chafe his soft, smooth girlie hands.

    I'm off to buy him a pair of rubber gloves.

  11. Maidy darling, I meant IDV the witch!


    Which MJ knew, the bitch!

  12. PIGGY: I did know.


  13. I fear that these days, becoming a pony boy, is the only way I'll get my oats.

  14. Too much boobage

    must have David Beckham fix


  15. CYBERPETE: We cater to all tastes here on Infomaniac.