Monday, September 04, 2006

Las Vegas Thrill Rides

Besides gambling and big ticket shows, Las Vegas offers a number of exciting thrill rides.

My friend “C” went on Insanity and the Big Shot located at the Stratosphere hotel/casino, and the Manhattan Express roller coaster at the New York New York hotel/casino.

I didn’t set foot on a single thrill ride in Vegas. Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon was enough of a thrill for me, thank you very much. While waiting for “C” to ride Insanity and the Big Shot, I waited safely in the Stratosphere’s observation tower.

View of the “Strip” from the Stratosphere’s observation tower

On Insanity, riders dangle and spin over the edge of the Stratosphere tower, 866 feet above the ground, at 40 miles per hour.

If you click to enlarge this pic, you can just barely see Insanity at the top right of the tower. Look up, look wayyyyyy up.

Next up: The Big Shot. At 1,081 feet above the ground, it’s the world’s highest thrill ride. The ride shoots you up the outside of the Stratosphere tower at 45 mph. At the top, you experience total weightlessness and then you freefall down again. The Big Shot offers a great view of the city if you dare keep your eyes open.

On the Manhattan Express roller coaster, riders experience a zero gravity sensation while the train does a "heartline" twist and dive maneuver, and for a brief moment you hang completely upside down.

Manhattan Express roller coaster

So if you’re one of those nutters who like thrill rides, you’ll love Las Vegas.

Photos © MJ, Infomaniac


  1. *squeezes Geo's bum*

    Yay! Second!

    Oh my gawd! Insanity looks FAB!

    You DIDN'T go on them? Oh you fool!


    Tazzy and I are just booking our flights now.

  2. Geo: Thanks Geo. You're alive! I hope they didn't bruise your bum.

    Piggy: I made "C" go on them so I could tell you about them since you're the "nutters" I was referring to. They wouldn't allow me to go up with her to take pics. She didn't throw up so they couldn't have been as spectacular as they sound. But afterwards, her head was spinning, she had to sit down, and she said she's glad she tried them out.

  3. if piggy and tazzy are coming to the USA, i'm leaving! cause you know they might try and stop and visit awaiting and molest jack.

  4. Seriously....I would not go up that Stratosphere one. Straight piss myself I would!

  5. PAUL: Welcome to Infomaniac!...

    whoever you are!