Saturday, September 09, 2006

Behold: The Power of MJ

Maidink mentioned recently that I could probably kick her ass with one leg tied behind my back.

Too right Maidink. Too right.

MJ warms up as she prepares to give Maidink a good swift arse-kicking

MJ vs. Maidink. Who’s your money on?


  1. Cool pic.

    I can barely get my leg off the ground, let alone do that.

    Damn these old folk and their plastic hips!


    alas I don't know much of MJ or Maidink, so I'd have to bet via some quirk, like the fact MJ are my first two initials...but then maid ink is a cool nick too...


    gonna go look at profiles, i'll get back to this...

  2. sorry, being a comment hogger...

    this time, i'm gonna bet on Mai-Dink. Just 'cos I misread the name as Maid Ink...and it'll save her having to try and kick my arse if I use this bet as an apology :)

  3. Minion: You know who's gonna kick your arse? Midget Arse, that's who. She was on a "yay I'm first" roll until you came along.

  4. Minion: You're in luck. Midget Arse is at the Robbie Williams concert so she won't be kicking your arse ... today.

  5. well, just for fun i'll try again tomorrow :)

  6. I don't know...when I picture you I still have visions a a 50's housewife or Betty Crocker from all those vintage ads you post. Maidink seems like she can seriously hold her own and there is a certain toughness in her voice 'yeah, I look good but I can tae-kwon do your ass from here to next week".

  7. Geez, that must hurt...

    But you haven't shown us what Maidink might be capable of. And flexibility isn't everything.

    When does the big battle start?

  8. Minion: You like to live life on the edge, don't you?

    Awaiting: Mr MJ will tell you I'm no Betty Crocker.

    WW: There won't be a big battle unless one of us royally pisses the other one off. I'm fond of our Maidink and this grudge match is strictly hypothetical. It's good to know who's the biggest arse-kicker just in case we ever have a falling out. :)

  9. Ewwwwww! The hand that's grasping the pole looks like it's coming out of her minky!

  10. IDV: As the title says, "Behold: The Power of MJ."

  11. minion - it's taken me this long to realize it's mai-dink. i'm really slow, apparently.

    mj - i think you could take maidink. we've seen what she looks like, but you are still an enigma.

  12. Pink: At first glance I thought you said I'm an enema.

  13. As long as there's a mud bath, a bottle of Jameson's whiskey and "whipped" potates on offer while I watch, I really don't mind who wins.

    Can I fight the loser?

  14. *casually walks in*

    Hello, MJ

    So, it's the MJ vs Maidink Battle Royal, eh?


    Oooo, this could be good.

    SID, tie her leg.

  15. No way, Canuck!

    I got this on my site now.

    We are talking pure WWE material here!

    *smacks SID in the head*

    Back off, potato boy!

    Mj, you are SO going down!

  16. Suck it up, SID!

    *hands him a bottle of Jameson*

    Here, now hush

  17. throws a bowl of poutine at SID and Maidink.

  18. My moneys on Maidink. She's got 50 years more youth on her side.

    And less cellulite to weigh her ankles down.

    We think.

  19. Piggy: My tits are bigger. I can give her whiplash with one fling of a knocker.

  20. Now I'm startin' to like this...and MJ's brought breasts back into the equation.

    Women's mudwrasslin', super flexibility, knockers, minkies, poles, tied legs...

    Will FN take on the winner? Are you charging yet for tickets?

  21. *Eats poutine while watching MJ pouting*

    *swift kick to MJs temple*

    Nice one Maidink!

  22. Pardon my absence. I was waiting for the Jello to set for our upcoming nude jello wrestling round.

  23. go MJ, kick her snotty American ass!

  24. well, it's not bragging if it's true.

  25. *sticks 11 cans of soda pop in brown bag*

    Hey, MJ, ever been brown bagged?

    *whips brown bag at MJ's head*

    *takes spare soda can and wings at CeCe*

    No talking from the Canuck Peanut Gallery!

  26. Well I'll be neutral on this one.

    Wow the old woman is the bomb! She is like this old lady on this Coldplay video

  27. *waves to WW and CeCe*
    Didn't mean to ignore you but I was busy disrobing for the next event.

    Phlegmfatale: Exactly.

    Maidink: *ducks and springs back up*
    Get nekkid and into the Jello vat.

  28. Charles: Traitor. What if there was money riding it?

  29. Time out! Is that cherry Jello or peach Jello?

    I have a preference.

  30. Maidink: You'll find out when I push your face into it.

  31. *walks over to MJ with a beer*


    *scrapes jello off feet*

  32. In the interest of foreign relations I accept your truce.

    But first I'm blasting Celine Dion tunes through your window all night.

    *chugs beer*


  33. *grabs ear plugs*

    Go ahead.

    Dink can sleep through a nuclear fallout, Geo's not home, and I'm partially deaf but I have ear plugs as back up.

    And I hate my neighbors. So, feck'em.

    *hands MJ another beer*

    *throws empty beer can at CeCe*

    That's for being a traitor!

  34. No! No truce!

    I once read a story in the newspaper that reported the death of some woman.

    Not funny that she died, obviously, but funny that they found her slumped at the table with her face in a bowl of jelly. Strawberry, if I remember.

    Yes. That's the pic we'd liek to see of MJ - found at the breakfast table, face in a bowl of jelly, nickers at ankles and a small puppy licking the drips from her gash.

  35. Hopefully someone will call the RSPCA to save the puppy before any serious harm comes to it.

  36. MJ, where the HELL did they come up with that one?

    *starts feel a buzz from the beer*

  37. Hopefully MJ will feel the buzz from the beer bottle when you hit her with it.

  38. *burp*

    I hate fighting 'cause I love too many Canucks.

    *wipes tear*

    I love you guys!!

    *realizes now she is pissed*

  39. I can't take sides. Thus I put my money on both....

  40. Welcome Gautami Tripathy! We've called a truce (for now) so all bets are off.