Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boxers, Briefs or Sacfree?

sacfree men’s undies.


  1. Awesome! I'll need 7 pairs, one for each day of the boys are dying to breathe free

  2. Where the HELL do you find this stuff?

    What, do you have a link to every bizarre clothing / electronic / gadget / photo site on the 'net?

  3. That is the worst idea since the Pet Rock!
    You would have to be NUTS to wear those during our Winter Months...
    forget shrinkage...
    think freeze dried!

  4. What, one size fits all?

    Seems like it would be a kinda tight fit, really...da boyz need to blow in the wind, they do.

  5. Seriously...what the fuck?

    Where the heck do you find this stuff, MJ?

  6. That's nothing new, MJ.

    Our vicar had a pair of these in 1969. He couldn't deliver his sermon without them.

  7. El Hombre has so many holes in his underwear it's basically the same thing.

  8. In response to those who asked where I find this stuff...

    I don't find it. It finds me. I posted these three items today (Princess Leia hat, Plural Clothing, and sacfree undies) simply by rummaging around in my bookmarks. I had intended to do a long post on something entirely different but I couldn't find the document I typed up to post. So voila. You get shite from my "clothing" bookmarks folder instead. More where this came from if you want it. I should just do a "stuff I found in my bookmarks" posting.

  9. If the mood takes me, I go underwear-free and the whole lot can flap happily in the breeze.

  10. oo, billy goes commando!

    there was a fairly well-known flasher up at Lake Padden who used to lay on the lawn where two paths intersected with his nasty disgusting nuts all pulled out of his bathing trunks. i busted him out to the bicycle cops. i mean, ew. who wants to see all that laying there on the grass when you're walking along with your toddler?

  11. If people want to keep their testicles from overheating, they should invent underpants with a built in fan.

    Insert line about blowjobs here.

  12. The Nemisis wears ginch that are three sizes too big and they're always haning free. Quite disgusting really.

    Nice... now were's the gals "fanny" free undies?

  13. Billy: Breezy Billy Balls-Free.

    FN: The beaches of Vancouver are full of such nut cases.

    Kapitano: Music may be your first love but based on this and previous comments, you're an inventor at heart.

    Pissoff: Those would be otherwise known as "crotchless panties."

    Everyone: I kid you not. My word verification is "mybaig"

  14. be worn to the soundtrack of that famous Tom Petty tune "Free Ballin'"