Saturday, January 28, 2012

Muscato's Back!

YOU heard me... Muscato!


  1. BITCHES: For those of you who haven’t met Muscato (he's been away a long time,) here’s a summary, in his own words…

    “I'm an ex-New Romantic, onetime personal assistant (and lady-in-waiting, for that matter), would-be dandy, sometime hair-hopper, show person/survivor, and very definitely a dowager in-the-making. I am far too fond of character actresses and fallen stars, poverty row pictures, minor royalty, Arabic pop, and melancholy cabaret songs.”

    Welcome him back, Bitches!

  2. Another Bitch comes back to the fold!

  3. We missed you lots, now you simply must stay with us forever! (evil laugh)

  4. I went over to Cafe M but as usual word verification did not allow me to comment.

    Hello Muscato!

  5. Lawsy, I'm thrilled, thrilled, thrile, thank you so much for letting us know. Can't stop, I'm off to Muscato.

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  7. I just burst into tears! Or flames. the side of my head...

  8. do you think he was frozen
    with disney, then thawed?

  9. Well hello back to you!

    Muscato, of yore, the
    terrapin that is royal flees not; nor
    hath he many shoes.
    Miraculous waving, bright-
    virile placenta, bright like the
    charm of a taxicab
    the bright charm of cabs like wine.
    The sweaters and socks of the blessed forever adorn thy
    dappled frenum.
    Top Ramen.

  10. someone please restrain Firstnations AGAIN!

  11. Thanks for popping by, Bitches!

  12. Thank you darlings - I'm a little verklempt (and maybe just a little afraid, in the very best way possible of course, of FirstNations), you know, but it's all very nice, but I feel like I have so much catching up to do!

    (Did you know, by the way, dear hostess, that you are blocked, outright censored unavailable blocked in the UAE? You have, at some point, been reported for pornography! I don't know about anyone else, but I can't say it comes as much of a shock...)

  13. MUSCATO: Blocked, you say?

    Let them eat cake!

    So good to have you back.