Monday, January 16, 2012

Delurking Day


Today is Delurking Day here on Infomaniac.

We know that some of you have been peering through the keyhole for some time now, watching the goings-on in silence but never leaving a comment.


So all day today, we here at Infomaniac ask you lurkers to come out from hiding in the closet and join us …

Afterall, would it kill ya to comment?

Mistress MJ doesn't bite. Much.

Tell us a little about yourselves, if you like, or tell us why you visit Infomaniac or how you found us. Or just pop in with a “Hello, bitches.” Whatever you please. And there’s no pressure to comment ever again if you wish to remain in the shadows.

Regular Infomaniac Bitches can help make the newbies feel welcome by telling them a little bit about your fabulous selves. After all, you were all new here once too!


  1. My name is Boxer and.... oh hell, I came out on delurking day YEARS ago.... maybe 2007?

    Don't be shy!!

    FIRST! First! First!

  2. Miss Boxer, it should also be said, is responsible for setting up the vodka fountain here at Infomaniac.

  3. Come out, come out where ever you are! And the Mistress is right, she doesn't bite, well not much, and if she does, you don't need any shots or anything, just put some gin on it!!!

  4. Mistress Maddie's one of our newest Bitches (since October) and so far the worst I've done is knock her wig askew.

  5. I had to pay extra for biting.

  6. *slap!*

    That was complimentary.

  7. ....knocked my wig askew.... and some spilt gin on the drapes, but who remembers? Thank God we had straws to suck up the gin. And my bite marks still show!

  8. you simply cannot lurk in a kimono. it can't be done. so kabuki doesn't. lurk. you know.

  9. HELLO! I'm the Mean Dirty Pirate, aka (ayem8y) aka Mr. Nude Infomaniac!

    My official duties include baring me arse for the pleasure of the Mistress and her public.

    I delurked, bared my ass and now I'm an internet sensation with wide openings at super markets and truck stops across the world. My life has never been the same since.

    I encourage each and everyone of you to delurk, disrobe and diss-abandon your inhibitions for the greater good of the inner-webs viewing enjoyment.

    It's in your best interest. The Mistress demands it.

    Free membership for nude pictures and a nominal fee for perversity and depravity.

    Let the delurking commence on the feeding of the uninitiated...

  10. Hello Lurkers

    I'm Roses. I mostly read blogs drinking coffee in my Pink, Fluffy, Dressing Gown, waiting for the time when Robert Downey Jr will realise that I am his one true love.

    I have been known to drown my sorrows in the vodka fountain a time or two.

    C'mon, don't be shy.

  11. I should warn all you lurkers that you might innocently just say hello and suddenly MJ is spreading all sorts of lurid, titillating rubbish about you. Sad, I know, but you just can't trust the bitch.

  12. @Mistress Maddie: Put a dickey
    On that hickey!

    Oh, look who I'm talking too!

    Surely, I meant a feather boa!!

    kabuki is a Gigastar and is currently running for President.

    Perhaps you have seen kabuki’s classic water ballet, set to 'Let's get Physical', by Olivia Newton John?

    Bow before kabuki. Stop over and he’ll give you candy.

    Mean Dirty Pirate aka AyeM8y, is indeed Mr. Nude Infomaniac. Surely you’ve seen his assets?

    His is also the Offical Penis of Infomaniac.

    He is also the proprietor of the Mean Dirty Pirate Leprosarium but let’s not get into that dirty business that’s being dragged through the courts in his legal battle against The Infomaniac House of Beauty.

    When Roses says “coffee” she means “vodka.”

    We shan’t mention the restraining order Robert Downey has out on Miss Roses as a result of this little episode.

    MR. PEENEE is, in his own words, a “teensy bit too fond of pharmaceuticals.”

    And, of course, he is still bitter over the publication of The Peenee Diaries.

  13. Ok, I'm out of the closet. Where is the bathroom,....gotta pee!

  14. GROUCHY: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I’ve seen you over at our Hair Hall of Fame!

    The toilet is at the end of the hall. Please sanitize before exiting to prevent The Scourge.

  15. Hello Lurkers!... Where are you all? I'm sure there are more of you than just one... I myself was a long time lurker here at Mistress MJ's abode thinking that I was safely observing the shenanigans from anonymity... then I plucked up the courage to make a comment and well...The rest is history really... I became an Infomaniac Bitch" some years back now... But since then I have Proffered my Arse for the Mistresses "Inaugural Rump Reading" and I'm also "Miss Congeniality" as a result of the "Infomaniac Miss Cocks in Frocks Competition"

    My life is now so much more complete since I inelegantly stumbled through the door...

    So come on... We know you're out there...

  16. Hello, bitches! I've been peeking in on you for a couple of years now. You're all so naughty! It makes me blush.

  17. Princess has had more than her courage plucked, if you catch my drift.

    MISTERMASTERS: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Another lurker delurks!

    Mistress MJ is becoming overexcited and may have to lie down with a cold compress.

  18. Hi, Im Vato Diablo, and this is the first vodka fountain Ive seen at an AA meeting... oh wait, I think I took a wrong turn... n/m.

    Ive heard legends, though, of Ayem8y's "wide openings"....

    *swan dives into fountain*

  19. VATO DIABLO: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    There’s a good reason why AyeM8y is known as the “Truck Stop Trollop.”

    Grab onto your snorkel and enjoy the vodka fountain!

  20. I'm Jon aka Deep Blue and I'm hibernating now but that doesn't keep me from commenting during my pee breaks.

    I'm still trying to fulfill my only goal in life which is to be gangbanged by a bunch of hot, sexy, raunchy, ruggid, sweatty, dirty cowboys!

    *puts on boots and spurrs and awaits legs wide open*

  21. Oh! Hai Grouchy and Vato Diablo!

  22. Also known as HUGGY JON, it appears that Deep Blue has mistaken Infomaniac as a dating service.

  23. They bark but seldom bite unless you take away the vodka fountain and replace it with say, kool-aid. Seeing a picture of your arse on the internet is a humbling experience and ensures that you will never hold public office (and why should you- you read this blog).

  24. Here’s Topher’s tush for those who may have missed it.

  25. I'm an unemployed manic depressive off my meds so I feel right at home here. If you're a shy lurker worried that you might say something bizarre or crazy, no worry, you'll fit right in. I think that it's a requirement for posting.

  26. If you look in the candy dish, you’ll find some leftovers from Wally’s pill party.

  27. Come out, come out wherever you are...

    Cookie here. Living large in Central Ohio. My hobbies include genealogy, art pottery sucking cock, being involved in local organization governance, general perversions (though nothing illegal or involving Hello Kitty) and being a good house husband.

    Welcome aboard.

  28. Hello, my darlings...FirstNations here. They don't get any madder, badder or more dangerous to know.
    I count coup on the souls of the lost and debauche the innocent. I drink whiskey from the neck of the bottle and put my cigars out on the Devils' neck. I ride a Harley, carry firearms, and feast on the warm hearts and livers of those who oppose me. Unless I have to babysit.

    Come. Share the fantasy. Join us.

    The Mistress requires it.

  29. ...was that louche enough? Did I do it right?

  30. But what if you get off on lurking? wouldn't coming out into the open ruin it?

    AS IF I had a shy bone in my body. Sending nipple picture.

  31. Oh yes, COOKIE and his pottery and cock sucking.

    Cookie was one of the original Plaster Casters, you know.

    MS. NATIONS neglected to mention her fear of fennel.

    This may be valuable knowledge for you, should you wish to oppose her.

    She is also the author of the best-selling “Creating a Backyard Paradise: Turn Your Old Toilet or Truck Tires into Decorative Planters”.

    TWUNTY: Still too shy.

    Take it off!

  32. I feel misplaced here. But there's always l'oubliette ...

  33. MAGO is our token Franconian and Mistress MJ’s Official Foot Masseur.

    And he is referring to The Oubliette…where bad Bitches are taken for punishment.

  34. Greetings all you new sick and depraved people! Oh I mean that in the very best of course. I am a secretly wild Mid-West woman who visits this site everyday like it is crack. No, not ass-crack, although that is accepted and encouraged if you so wish. None of my friends understand my general amusement with my fellow Infomaniacs except for one who I have turned to the dark side. So welcome welcome don't be shy.

  35. KELLY RED won our Fave Shoes Photo Competition with her Pradas thus inciting serious shoe envy.

    And as you can see from her avatar, she also enjoys displaying her ass…minus the crack.

  36. It only hurts the first time!

    *wanders over to join Roses and Vato Diablo at (in??) the vodka fountain*

  37. Aw geez, MJ. I'm an albino practically. I have the Dracula of nipples. I'm not sure that they show up in mirrors or photographs.

  38. "unto thee o lord do i lift my soul"

    the only things lifted here are wallets.

    don't say you weren't warned.

  39. Now now. Lots of exotic weenis has been hoisted aloft by it's own petard here.

    I have no idea what I'm saying, by the way.

    *wanders out into snow, begins licking passers-by*

  40. Why, I can't believe any of us would make someone blush.....and I have been trying different dickies all day isn't I found other things to do with them.......

  41. "dickies"?.....Perhaps a "Big Richard" would help.

    More vodka, please......and where is that bathroom?

  42. The INFOMANIAC run by Mistress MJ is a place of enlightenment and recreation. You just have to send in a picture of your bare arse - and all is settled: Making an arse out of yerself, by yerself, on the web - it can't get better. Jump over the threshold and be happy: Arse among arses, grope the fella next to you, just be yerself. Die Speerspitze der Avantguard.

    And there's alwas time to lube, as Soren Knudsen wisely remarked.

    Some Silvaner does the trick too. And FN has really big gazongas.

  43. Hooray to all former and current lurkers!

    Since I comment so rarely I might as well be a lurker, although sometimes when I'm quiet it's only because I passed out on the overstuffed circular chaise in the Ladies' again.

  44. BITCHES: Thanks to everyone who delurked today. We hope you’ll cum again! And thanks to all the regular motley crew who let down the drawbridge over the Infomaniac moat and welcomed the newcomers inside. Let’s do it again next year!

  45. Hello Bitches! Delighted to Delurk! :¬)