Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introducing “The Forgotten Musical!”

Those in the know have visited Thombeau’s recently created blog, The Redundant Variety Hour, celebrating the golden age of television variety shows.

Are you Bitches ready for more fabulosity?

Mae West and Timothy Dalton in “Sextette”

Thombeau has started a sister site featuring song-and-dance extravaganzas of the silver screen.

Visit The Forgotten Musical…Musical Madness from Hollywood to Bollywood...and beyond!


  1. When I saw the post preview, I though we were going to get Myra Breckenridge!

    [hums I've Got A Secret Place]

  2. lx or xl or xxl or lxx or whateva, you wish you were IN Myra Breckineidge
    hums I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts]

  3. OMG, Kabuki's fisting now? Oh wait, "firsting"... my bad....

    When Im good, Im VERY good... but when Im bad, Im better!

    Srsly, though, Sextette is not to be missed -- and BEGS the question, how on God's green earth did Timothy Dalton EVER get a career after this train wreck?!? Bless Mae, but... oh Lord is this one hot mess of a film! Perhaps the saddest thing about it is that it was Mae's swan song... but on the other hand, she repeats every quotable line she ever muttered on film, all in one film!

  4. I love some Mae! I have this on dvd. And if our girl Kabuki wants to fist , let her. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

  5. As long as no one's fisting Mae!

  6. do you think timothy had to stick it in her?

  7. I bet you a fortune she tried! Girl woulda looked like a porcupine if she'd had as many sticking out of her as got stuck in her.
    Beulah, peel me a grape...

  8. No Norma, I think she stuck it in him!

  9. Trust YOU BITCHES to turn this into a fist fest!

  10. Dear Mistress MJ,
    Thank you for bringing this delight to my attention.
    It is another tantalizingly, tasteful, treat from Thombeau...
    Now that girl has class...

    Though despite my attempts I am yet to find the clip of a fisting Kabuki anywhere on the site....

  11. I never forgot....

    Who do you people think was there on opening night???

  12. OK! This might be MY swan song here on Infomaniac because whenever I hear "May West" THAT is what comes to my mind!

    It's a cultural gap thing!

  13. *looks at DeepBlues link*

    I'd hit that!!

  14. @DeepBlueJon: Did someone mention gâteau?

    "May West" is on my list of "blogging ideas" ... yes, I do have one...

    I have an empty box of May Wests in the kitchen, as it happens!

  15. What?? Mistress still eats that JUNK??!!!

  16. Du calme, DeepBlue.

    Les gâteaux were purchased for the houseboys who are big fans of Vachon products...especially May West and Joe Louis.

    Mistress MJ likes the PACKAGING of the May West but not the cake itself.