Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Farewell, Piggy

We are gathered here today to bid farewell to our cute wee Piggy (John) who passed away on October 2nd.

Today is Piggy’s funeral in England. Our thoughts are with Piggy’s loving partner Tazzy (Martin).

Through the tears of the past month, I’ve had laughter too when I think back on all Piggy’s pranks and cutting jibes and the fun we had together.

It’s time to dry my eyes as it was Piggy’s wish to go out with a laugh.

Piggy asked that the song “Nellie the Elephant” be played at his funeral and sure enough, Tazzy is seeing to his request.

And we here at Infomaniac would like to honour that request as well.

So grab the beverage of your choice and raise a glass to the spirit of our cute wee Piggy.

Consider this an online funeral … with a difference. It’s a sing-a-long!

Sing along with us to “Nellie the Elephant”. Lyrics are provided below the video clip.

"Nellie The Elephant"

To Bombay a travelling circus came
They brought an intelligent elephant
and Nellie was her name

One dark night she slipped her iron chain,
and off she ran to Hindustan
and was never seen again


Nellie the elephant packed her trunk
and said goodbye to the circus
off she went with a trumpety trump
trump trump trump
Nellie the elephant packed her trunk
and trundled off to the jungle
off she went with a trumpety trump
trump trump trump

Night by night she danced to the circus band
When Nellie was leading the big parade
she looked so proud and grand

No more tricks for Nellie to perform
They taught her how to take a bow
and she took the crowd by storm



The head of the herd was calling far far away
they met one night in silver light
on the road to Mandalay


[Chorus x2]

Farewell, Piggy. Your spirit lives forever in our hearts.

Off you go now with a trumpety trump.


  1. Mach's gut, Piggy.

    And now for NELLIE ... yay!

  2. Michael Algar looks rather disturbingly like my son. Piggy would have approved!!

    Goodbye, my darling! *trundles off*

  3. Bye Bye Piggy
    Thanks for all the fun and frollicks
    ****Farts last post****

  4. Have fun wherever you are Piggy!

    * trumps in a very demure and ladylike manner as befits such an occasion *

  5. Bye Piggy. Safe journey home.

    *waves arm around at the smell around Infomaniac*

  6. CUNT !!!!

    I had to say goodbye as Piggy would.

    Dearest Piggy, I didnt get to know you as well as I would have liked. I wish you well in the world to come.

    Go up to HaShem and call him "cunt" - he'll get the joke.

  7. Farewell Mr Piggy... and bless you for all your quips that made me laugh.

  8. Farewell Pigster. I had a lot of pleasure reading your blog. I hope that when you pass through the pearly gates you'll be greated by the greatest sight anone could wish for. A monkey in a dinner jacket, bearing quality cheese.

  9. Dyslexic cunt I am! I meant 'greeted' not 'greated'.

  10. Peace within the universe, Piggy.

  11. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....

    Piggy wee ginger cunt packed his trunk and said goodbye to the circus
    Off he went with a trumpety trump trump trump

    Will miss your irreverent rants. thank you for being you...

  12. The lovely Nellie with her enormous grey pair of flappy flaps.

  13. I can't even be cheeky at a time like this.

    Good-bye, John. :(

    - Maidy

  14. Goodbye Pigster - thanks for the laughs over the years! Frobi x

  15. Thanks for all the laughs, Piggy. Have a wonderful journey!

  16. our wee piggys funeral was a lovely send off ,martin did him proud
    he will always be in our hearts
    and martin will have our love to help him through the hard times ahead RIP pigster love you mils xxxx

  17. Farewell Little Piggy.

  18. Ditto what wee Midgetarse said above. It was a fantastic send off, and as he would have wished it was a mix of laughter and tears.

    Goodnight mate.

    Thank you so much MJ, you are gentleman and/or a scholar.

  19. best version of a song ever - xxx

  20. BITCHES: Thank you, one and all, for paying your (dis)respects to our cute wee Piggy.

    I’m pleased that Midget Arse (hello!) and Smunty (ta for your email) went to the funeral in England.

    Although I stayed here away across The Pond today, my spirit was with you.

    My day began by listening to a Tazzy and Piggy podcast. When I need a laugh, that’s just the ticket!

    Cups of tea were next up, sipped from the Coronation Street mug that was given me by Tazzy and Piggy.

    Then onto a tin of Grolsch; a beer that Piggy favoured.

    But it wouldn’t be a send-off for me without dipping into the Irish whiskey.

    And so I’ll leave you all as the rest of the evening will be spent imbibing the “water of life” and toasting to Piggy and Tazzy…two of the most wonderful cunts a gal could ever love.

  21. I'd just like to reepeat what Steve and MidgetArse (Helen) said... the day was a lovely day... loads of laughter and a few tears (mainly done by myself). John would've been proud I'm sure.

    I spent a wonderful 7 years with John, making lots new friends along the way, without him I wouldn't have known even existed... so for that John... I thank you xx

    Later today I will be going to the cremotorium to bring John home, he will have pride of place in my bedroom, and when the time comes for my funeral, John will be placed in my coffin with me... so yeah the little bugger will be cremated twice, serves him right for putting me through this hell for the last month.

    One again, thank you so much for all the messages from people I don't know and probably will never ever meet... the messages have really meant a lot... thank you to you all xxx

    I'm sure wherever John is now, he'll be looking down still reading the filth MJ puts on here giggling to himself, but just not able to comment.

    So on behalf of John (Piggy) I'll say it for him one last time...

    You're all a bunch of CUNTS!

    Sleep well John xxxx