Sunday, November 14, 2010

Contest - Coming Soon!


  1. Scarlet cocktail, elaborate 'do and slutty dress? Yes, it does look like fun!

  2. Pssssst! Look at that woman over there, she doesn't have butt cleavage.

    The shame!

  3. Is that IVD's mangina peeping at us ??

  4. Oooh yes...
    It does look like fun.
    More red cordial please...

  5. Dear MJ,

    your fans are really taking the flying penis theme much too far. Inappropriate! This isn't your furry shin, by chance, is it?

    Love, SSA, aka FN's girl

  6. ...that would be the Stainless Steel Amazon, bitches. Kneel and WORSHIP.

    This whole 'butt hanging out' fashion fad has gon too far already. Don't encourage it, MJ.
    next thing you know we'll have Beast and Coppens all up in here in spandex sipping daiquiris and wearing far too much Aquanet. And that most assuredly (see what I did there? Huh?) does NOT look like fun.

  7. ...please god don't anyone go to that link. everyone back to your regularly scheduled buttcrack zaniness.


  8. it does look like fun! pour me one of those, will ya hon?

  9. uh oh, what's going on? the header i mean. is this intentional? is this another one of those fucked up things or have the ruskies taken over for our beloved mistress?


    WHAT?! Oh my god WHAT IS WITH THE FLYING PENISES!? .. Seriously!?

    Nice cleavage.. That fuchsia dress really accentuates your, ahem.. Assets.. Dahlin'

    Contest?! Weeeeeeeeeee!

  11. Bring it.

    Along with another pitcher of that slut red cocktail.

  12. OMG - I'm holding my noonie in excitement !!!!!!!!!


    **fell over trying place single chaste kiss on Mistress' feet as is proper WHILST holding said noonie***

    oy vey.

  13. BITCHES: Have mercy, if it isn’t the spawn of Ms. Nations (SSA) come to wave her own personal flock of flying penises in our faces!

    Duck and cover, bitches!

    What is Norma talking about with the Russian header thing and will someone please tell Damien to put his “noonie” away?

    I’m going to have to post the contest soon so none of this sort of thing continues.

    *puts up barrier to prevent further sightings of IVD’s mangina*

    *hopes AyeM8y will bare his ass to take away Beast-in-spandex imagery*

  14. Oh, MJ. If ONLY I had a flock of flying penii. I'd be like the Wicked Witch of The Castro. Might need more glitter herpes, though.

    Obviously being my mother's spawn hasn't taught me how to behave in public. I blame her for all.