Friday, August 21, 2009


Long-time Infomaniac bitches will recognize this long, lean fellow as Inexplicable DeVice aka IVD …

(click for biggery)

We ask that you take a good long, hard look at IVD’s photo, above.

Why, you ask?

Because Infomaniac has uncovered scandalous film footage of IVD during his misspent youth!

Yes, we here at Infomaniac believe the bloke in the clip is Inexplicable DeVice and if you compare and contrast with his current photo, you’ll have to agree.

Click and watch … if you dare!

Note: Sensitive readers who are unaccustomed to viewing gaping manginas should EXIT NOW.


Oh what the hell. You've scrolled down this far, you may as well watch it.

Bonus points to anyone who makes it to the end of the clip.

Note to IVD: Blame Piggy.

Note to everyone else: The clip seems to have disappeared! Well, if you think you're getting anything else out of us today, you're sadly mistaken.

UPDATE: Oh all right then. Since the video clip's not working, here's a photo of IVD's warty wand...


  1. Big deal, who hasn't done that.

    Good for you IDV! Maybe you started a bit earlier than recommended?

  2. Oh, that IDV! He's wearing his blue and white bracelets to show his support for cystic fibrosis and cancer research! Such a flexible, limber humanitarian!

    How did that Piggy find this and how often has he viewed it?

  3. Oh HAI Cyberpete and XL.

    Nobody likes a tattle tale, MJ.

    But Happy FF!

  4. Incredible likeness, but I REFUSE to click on it, lol !

  5. My yes, what a talented and capacious performer IVD is. Pink as a bucket of strawberry ice cream and probably just as sweet.

  6. Do you know? Even after all that effort, he still couldn't retrieve his front door key which I'd accidently swallowed when he left it in my cereal bowl. I was livid, I can tell you.

    * curses Piggy *

  7. Oh bugger. The clip's disappeared.

    At least from where I sit, I can't see it anymore.

    Did you put a spell on it, IVD?

  8. Yes, now I see it again but I refuse to update the update.

    Let's leave his warty wand up as a bonus, shall we?

  9. I think somebody used magick to make that clip disappear!

    Oh Hai Pete & Boxer!

    I.T. tip for The Mistress: click the refresh button on your web browser if the clip disappears.

  10. Oh hai Boxer and XL!

    I think it's unfair to keep in the warty wand photo though.

    Not only to IDV.


  11. Well, I've seen that clip, and all the other clips that were recommended on that site featuring him. That was ten hours I won't get back, but I feel strangely exhilarated and slightly breathless.

  12. Well it's Friday and that was Filthy!

    That last picture is a whole lot of wrong.

  13. *whistles*

    I imagine IDV whistles too.

  14. Yup I got the clip and the warty wand, what a marvellous dietary aid

  15. BITCHES: Well, we've all seen enough of IVD.

    Does anyone else have filthy film footage of themselves they'd like to share with us?

  16. It's not often you watch porn and fixate on the face. But yep, it does look like the inexplicable one.

    So IVD, who's your blond young friend? I bet he's straight and married now.

    Nice knob. Making me hungry.

  17. Drat! No clippy for La Diva! As for the warty willy, I was warned....why? Why must I always LOOK?!!!

  18. Mistress MJ, the picture of the warty wand - is that a public service announcement not to leave thrush untreated?

    Cause quite frankly - Ewwwww!

  19. Had to get my fill of filth before I leave on vacation. Okay, I'm done.

  20. That poor nobby certainly isn't a French Tickler..
    looks more like an Albanian Scraper or an Irish Charmer?

    Yes! I can see pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers ((OUCH))on that Leperchaun's wenis.
    it's magically vicious

  21. MJ: Had I known the Warty Wand - WHICH IS NOT MINE, FELLOW BLOGGERS - would make an appearence after I 'disposed' of the clip, I wouldn't've bothered.

    xl: Just how many times have you 'refreshed'?

    'Petra: "Good for you IDV! Maybe you started a bit earlier than recommended?" Certainly not! It'd gone 10am...

    Betty: Oh, now I'm really embarassed! I was informed that those other clips had been devoured by a Pac Man,

    Piggy & Tazzy (but mainly Piggy): Whistle I might, but a tornado through a tunnel I certainly don't!

    And don't think I won't forget this. That goes for you too, MJ!

    Frobi: I think it's for the best. Besides, it's nothing you probably haven't seen before, anyway.

    Kapi: Me! And I can assure you that I'm definitely not straight and married.

    I mean: I have no idea what with being just an innocent party in this whole (no pun intended) tawdry affair.


  22. IVD: Oh I see. You're the cute blond one getting ruthlessly drilled. My apologies. But you're still cute now.

    And your anus is almost enough to make me turn top.

    Must be the other one who's straight and married.

    MJ: I was going to turn over that photoshoot and those videos from years ago. But not if you post that knobbly knob beneath Master IVD's fine performance. So there.

  23. I feel your pain Mr IVD as another innocent blogger who has vile picture posted claiming to be me
    ***Glares at MJ ***

  24. BITCHES: Right. I think we’ve all seen quite enough of this filth.

    Thank you IVD, for your responses to one and all and kudos for your attempts to rejuvenate your sullied reputation. Nice try.

    Kapitano, try to keep it in your pants at least until you’ve seen what Saturday’s post has to offer.

    Beast, shuddup.

    The rest of you: Thank you for dropping by to view (in Donn’s words) this “LEPERchaun's wenis”.

    Now, let’s move along to Saturday, shall we?

  25. I think the warty thing needs a shave... just a point of view - ho hum.

  26. JASON: adorable!

    WE think so but we don’t let on to him.

    MUTLEY: I think the warty thing needs a shave... just a point of view - ho hum.

    Shall we hold him down for you?

  27. lovely video. Well, except when IVD (whom I assume is the blond bottom boy) was staring at the camera.

    Everyone loves a happy ending...uhmm...well maybe not those two boys neither of whom seemed to have said happy ending.

  28. DAVID: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Apologies for the late response.