Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cocktails for Two

Mistress MJ has RSVP’d to a cocktail invitation and shan’t be with you today.

Naturally, as you’ll see, the soirée starts out in an elegant manner.

In some secluded rendezvous,
That overlooks the avenue,
With someone sharing a delightful chat,
Of this and that,
And cocktails for two.

However, Mistress MJ’s nights on the town tend to end up in this madcap fashion …

Comment if you must but we're away ‘til Thursday.

p.s. Can anyone identify the three lovely ladies who appear in this clip, near the end, at approximately 2:22? We’re quite certain they’re Infomaniac bitches.


  1. is that vodka in those glasses?


  2. Drat! Foiled into second place.

    Oh, HAI, Boxer!

    I shall have to watch this when I get home from work. Bah!

  3. OMG! Fourth!

    *fans herself briskly*

    No ideal love. Enjoy your cocktails, mind they behave.

  4. Beast, Garfer and Vicus.
    Too easy.

  5. The big one in the floral frock is definitely Mr Beastie. This was in the old days when he kept his clothes on and didn't have his redbush on display.

  6. As The Mistress is away, may I take a Personal Day?

  7. 2:22 It's just me and the girls enjoying a Saturday night out. Damn those pesky CCTV cameras.

  8. Is that the famous "Cafe C" in Donington?

  9. Guns blazing, glasses breaking, and spontaneous singing! Now that's a party! You must either be having cocktails in a Bugs Bunny cartoon or you've had too much to drink.

    Then again, one look at those ladies, and I don't think you've drank enough. It's going to take a lot more alcohol to look past those hairy lips!

  10. BITCHES: *pleased by absence of bodily fluids left in comments section, for a change*

    As we are a wee bit tipsy, we must hasten to press the "Publish" button on Thursday's post before we topple over.

    Thanks to one and all who felt the urge to comment.

    Do drop in again.