Thursday, May 12, 2011


Mistress MJ regrets that she is unable to engage with her Bitches until at least Sunday and even then, no promises.

Harper’s Bazaar, 1939.
Photo by Herbert Matter

A combination of work business, appointments at far-flung regions of the city, visitors from Montreal, etc., are keeping her from her blogging duties.

And did I mention the migraine that kept me confined to my boudoir for several hours?

Although I won’t be able to respond personally to your comments, please tell me what’s new in your world.


  1. I am listening to Chris Tarrant playing Status Quo and looking for a guillotine.

  2. The ceiling in my red room caved in...

    Oh hai Miss Scarlet!

  3. I see Mistress has lost her head. Hope it all comes back together real soon...

  4. I made the mistake of asking Carmen "How are you?" and getting a long, drawn out, boring account of her kidney stone condition.

  5. Well, it was time to perform some maintenance on the vodka fountain, so I'll use your AWOL-Ness for good, not evil.

    Sorry about the headache. Don't you Canadians just pop those 222's like candy when that happens?

  6. I was drunk and let Cookie talk me into buying 3 new wiglets from "Hair Hall of Fame". Damn things don't even match my natural platinum blonde locks.

  7. Between you and now Michael Guy and his medical emergency, I am all aflutter with concern.

  8. damn, sugar! take care of yourself! (and yes, kelly, MG & MJ are making life difficult ofr all of us now!) ;~D xoxoxoxox

  9. and almost nothing is going on here on the plantation, darlin! xoxoxox

    *she said in her almost comatose condition because TOO MUCH SHIT IS REALLY GOING ON*

  10. Miss MJ regrets she's unable to lunch today...

  11. Excuse this blokey intrusion into infomania MJ but I'm Cycling "The Way of The Roses" next week and thought it might be a neat idea to ask for small donations from Kaz Fans of the blog towards Ovarian Cancer Charity.

    The link is

    all best
    aka Rog
    aka Murph

    *I'll get me coat*

  12. [fluffs pillows]

    I believe you Mistress!

    [cough, cough]

  13. New?
    I finally met a deadline, I missed it only by twelve hours, that IS new!

    Anything you (have to) do, Mistress, you do it in style!

  14. I seem to have acquired a stalker.

    But it should go down in a minute.

  15. BITCHES: It appears that many of your comments on this post have been eaten overnight.

    Thanks to everyone who left a comment...wherever they are and wherever YOU are.

  16. that kapitano is the bees knees.