Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Infomaniac is putting out a call for PINK OBJECTS!

You bitches must rummage through your photo folders or browse the Internet for photographs of PINK OBJECTS that you would like to see in the Infomaniac Pink Room.

kabuki zero (pictured above) would be the perfect centerpiece for the Pink Room were he not so busy packing, popping muscle relaxants and listening to Donna Summer.

Being kabuki is a full-time job, ladies and gentlemen.

But back to the task at hand.

Miss Retro Roxy (above) with her pink flamingo collection

Do not be distracted by the hair. Focus on the PINK OBJECTS.

Now pay attention...

Send Mistress MJ a photo of an object of any kind that you’d like to see in the Pink Room.

(Email address is in my Blogger Profile.)

It doesn’t have to be an item of furniture or décor…ANYTHING GOES!

It just has to be PINK!

We’ll post your pink pics in a PINK FEST post sometime next week.

NOTE: Please send only ONE pink object. Pick your fave. We know it's tough!


  1. FIRST!

    Choose only ONE photo to send, please.

  2. Actually I was first and already emailed you three before I saw your comment Mistress....

  3. No, four.... you enjoy as you please.

  4. Mistress MJ forgot to include the "send only one photo" when she originally pressed the "Publish" button.

    YAY! Wally is first!

  5. I hate to tell yo but you are getting 3 from me too.
    when it comes to pink... one item is never enough darling

    Oh hai Wally...

  6. We would like to submit a short story. Thank you.

    --Lola & RJ

  7. Ummm...I'll have to think about this one.

    *starts rumaging through cupboards*

    PS. It's going to be hard competing with XL and Roxy's garden ornaments. Thankfully, much better than garden gnomes.

  8. Oh my goodness... now there's a mission...

  9. My pink treasures (all three of them) are for male appreciation only. So there.

  10. BITCHES: Continue chatting amongst yourselves.

    Mistress MJ is busy sorting your photos.

    And may we remind you of the rules?


    And does it say anything about short story submissions?

    I think NOT.

  11. I don't have too many pink things left.

    Like I can't read your filthy minds--NO, you're not getting a look at THAT!!!!!

    At least not for free.

  12. I'm sending two MJ. I've earned the right dammit!

  13. this isn't going to be easy. I banned pink around the 8th grade.

  14. kabuki had always eschewed the color pink (or 'pank' as they say down south) until kabuki noticed how fabulous kabuki looked in it. so kabuki shall search and pack, search and pack, search and pack.

  15. My submission was entered earlier! I cannot wait to see what the others scrounged up!

    Hm, love the neon pink wig on Kabuki.