Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sizzlin’ Sunday

A busy day is in store for Mistress MJ so she’ll just give you the sizzlin’ highlights for now…

Want to know who won The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts?

Well, head on over to Donn’s to find out! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

AND it’s Hallowe’en!

We know how much you like trick or treating…

So before we run off, we’ll leave you with a little treat…a game you can play amongst yourselves until Mistress MJ returns…

(click to enlarge a little)


  1. I want to hang out with those guys!

  2. The Mistress is turning tricks for Halloween?

  3. Let's hope Beast doesn't land on 2 when he plays that game!

  4. Bitches, this is a shameless plug for todays post on my blog.

    Come by and remember those you love who have passed away. I've disabled the word verification and you can leave anonymous comments. Write their names and if you feel able, their relationship to you.

    In the meantime, I'll be spinning and hoping I never land on 14, my orthodontist would have a complete hissy fit.

  5. Oh...forgot to say it's journeying

    (many thanks to xl for his patient tutorial for embedding links)

  6. Mr Beastie is only 2hrs down the road... so I'm going to steal them.
    *evil pantomime laugh*

  7. Mistress MJ will try to get ‘round to visit all of you later today or tomorrow.

    It’s not even 9:00 am and already the houseboys are running around in various stages of undress, primping for Halloween.

    *slips in glitter on the way out*

    And one last “Hahaha!!!” at Beast before I go.

  8. Oh. I adore games one plays with one's self!


  9. According to the fine print in the corner, You don't "have" to use an apple on #14.

    Apparently a dead pigeon or small rock small enough to still float are also acceptable.

  10. or one of Miss MJ's falsies will do Donn

  11. Donn, you're not selling number 14 to me still.

    I'm obviously more fussy what I put into my mouth than you are yours!


  12. I stopped between 7 and 1.