Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. Peacock!

The entire staff of Infomaniac (Mistress MJ, The Houseboys, The Infomaniac Dancers and The Infomaniac Orchestra) wishes a happy birthday to Infomaniac Bitch Mr. Peacock!

Mistress MJ insists that those of you who haven’t yet visited this stylish San Franciscan, get over to his blog at once.

Having said that, Mistress MJ doubts that any of you will benefit from his sage advice on style and grace but at least you can look at the pretty pictures.

This being Filthy Friday, we have a special gift for you, Mr. Peacock.

Seeing as you’re a Gemini, it’s twins!...

And seeing as the twins are unclad, perhaps you could advise us how to dress them? The rest of you can get in on this too if you have suggestions.

Cotton trench coats? Epaulettes? Chambray? Plaid? Seersucker suits? Smoking jackets? Trilby hats? Belgian loafers? Lilac Oxfords? Schoolboy Style Blazers? Paisley ties? Boutonnières? Toile de Jouy?


  1. Happy Birthday, Mr Peacock!

    As for the twins, let's start with some pants...

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Peacock .
    What no cake ???

    A for the twins(they don't look very happy) , I would suggest a weighted sack !

  3. Happy Birthday Mr Pee Cock.

    Like Beast I would suggest large sacks with rorschach blots printed on the fabric.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mr Peacock!
    I bet that Gemini pic is done with mirrors.

  5. Which one's yours, Scarlet?

  6. Happy birthday Mr. Peacock!

    There is a whole twin fetish going on out there, but I doubt these two would be part of it.

    Or are they like Miss Kaz says, just the horrors of the funhouse mirrors?

  7. Ah vanitas vanitatum ... but all in style: Happy Birthday Mr. Peacock.

    The mirror twins, diaper Dons, could use an old style trench coat for flashing on the campus ...

  8. happy birthday, mr. peacock! xoxo

    re the "twins", i think boxers would be a good start!

  9. Happy Birthday Mr. Peacock!

    I for one feel the twins are overdressed for the occasion.

  10. Happy Birthday, Mr. Peacock.

    Looks like the twins have a pillow in the middle just for you!

  11. I'm blushing...
    what a great birthday wish!

    Thank you Mistress MJ for the naughty
    birthday greeting on this "Filthy Friday"...
    and "twins" no less!!!

    And thank you everyone for the b-day shouts...
    I appreciate it!

  12. They're not identical! One is a "lefty" and the other is a "righty."

  13. Happy Birthday, Mr Peacock. Dress should be none other than a leather SS uniform.

  14. MR. PEACOCK: It’s a pleasure to be part of your big day.

    As you can see, none of your savoir faire has rubbed off on any of my bitches.

    BITCHES: Really, is that the best you can do?

    *points to Istvanski for using his somewhat outlandish imagination..we don’t want to know what Istvanski gets up to at home*

  15. Happy Birthday Mr. Cock.

    As far as dressing the twins, how 'bout one of those old Chinese "Finger trap" thingies between peni ?

  16. Happy Birthday Mr. Peacock


  17. MAybe Istvansky is big in Mosley video production Inc. ... the twins could hide their beefiness in a nice Ash-gown, greenish Paisley with violet tights. No epaulettes for me, I am glad when I can get rid of the "authority clothing" I have to wear at night ...