Monday, May 18, 2009

Get Well, Winky Weinerhead

Long-time Infomaniac bitch Chris of "Snippets from Spaceship Orion" has been hospitalized.

You may know him better as “WW” or “Within Without” or “Winky Weinerhead” or as Donn’s best friend…

Chris (left) with Donn (right)

Or maybe you’re new here so you don’t know him at all. He doesn’t often leave comments although he reads Infomaniac on a regular basis.

In any case, there is a clot somewhere in his male brain…

(illustration blatantly stolen from Chris’s blog)

We’re hoping his condition improves soon so that he can go home to his loved ones and have fun again with the rest of us.

It is all very surreal and disheartening to have one of your blogging pals suddenly taken seriously ill.

As a result, Mistress MJ isn’t feeling her usual joie de vivre and has postponed the contest she intended to hold today.

Regular posts will resume after she takes her happy pill, swilled down with a vodka martini.

Chris, we hope your team of nurses is taking good care of you…

Come back to us soon.


  1. *Anastasia B raises his glass to the patient - get better soon mate*

  2. I'm sending good thoughts out into the blogosphere...

    and the ether...

    and just in general, in Chris' direction!

  3. um.... alls i can see is the nurse photo and totally forgot wot yer post was about....

  4. not really... im sure he is in the best of care and any friendly of infomaniac is a friendly of mine...

    cheers to a speedy and lasting recovery...

  5. Hope Chris is back to abusing Vegemite with Donn, ASAP!

    Best wishes.

  6. DAMIEN: *Anastasia B raises his glass to the patient - get better soon mate*

    Cheers, Miss Beaverhausen.

    LEAH: I'm sending good thoughts out into the blogosphere...
    and the ether...
    and just in general, in Chris' direction!

    That would be northwest, in your case. And thank you.

    VOICES: um.... alls i can see is the nurse photo and totally forgot wot yer post was about....

    Did the “attention span” part of your brain short circuit?

    XL: Hope Chris is back to abusing Vegemite with Donn, ASAP!

    Ha! Yes, who can forget the Chris and Donn Vegemite Nite?

  7. I wish Chris a speedy recovery.

    Get better quick and take advantage of those nurses but get a real doctor to look at it too, because they look a bit dodgy.

  8. Best wishes to Chris and I hope he gets well soon.

  9. I've been over to wish him well.
    I remember when you two met - he wouldn't tell us the truth about MJ.

  10. Thanks, everyone.

    UPDATE FOM DONN: Ok just left the hospital and Chris is getting admitted tomorrow which means that he will be shuffled to a quieter ward so that he can get some sleep..
    aside from his nagging headache he just wants to sleep...he did sleep a little but he is very uncomfortable and restless and the IV lines are driving him crazy.

    The Emerg was super busy when I got there at midnight..packed with people, beeping machines and anxious relatives helplessly pacing about. As you can imagine, it would be nearly impossible to sleep under such conditions.

    I told him that I loved him but not enough to donate one of my brains. Anyway, hopefully they can transfer him this morning so that he can get some real ZZZ's.

    The situation could be much worse so I am grateful for small mercies.

  11. Not a bad update at all.

    Lots of happy thoughts to both these guys.

  12. Get well soon Chris.
    MJ might even dress up as a nurse for ya to help keep your pecker up.

  13. good wishes for a speedy recovery, sugar! xoxox

  14. What better way to distract oneself in a time of worry than to think about oneself. Now's your chance: TAG!

  15. Wishing Chris a speedy recovery.

  16. Best wishes dude.

  17. God speed to Chris.

    And clinks a glass with MJ. Is it because Manuel is retiring? :-(

  18. Thanks to everyone (except Istvanski who is pushing his luck with his night nurse comment) for their wishes for Chris’s speedy recovery.

    And now a word with Mr. Muscato…

    MUSCATO: As a card-carrying member of the Knudsen Nation, it is my duty to inform you of the Knudsen Nation 13thRULE: Everytime you post a MeMe or a YouTube punch yerself in the head.

    Mistress MJ does not do memes.

    Even for the fabulous Mr. Muscato.

    Thank you and good night.

    Isn’t it bedtime there in Oman?

    Hope he's feeling better after some sleep

  20. BEAST: Hope he's feeling better after some sleep

    For heaven’s sake, Beast.

    It is a CLOT on his BRAIN!

    Not a hangover!

  21. I have been a bit poorly of late and no one has said anything nice about me... just thought I would mention that.

  22. MUTLEY: I have been a bit poorly of late and no one has said anything nice about me... just thought I would mention that.

    MANFLU is hardly in the same league as a brain clot, Mr. Mutley!

    I shall be over soon with my thermometer, if THAT is what you’re getting at.

  23. Hey, everyone. Just an update on Chris: He's admitted to the hospital I work at so I visited with him a couple of times today.

    He is very tired and has a constant headache, but is totally with it and being cantackerous with being cooped up but will probably be in hospital for at least another two days.

    He has a blood thinner running in his IV to prevent more clots from forming.

    He went for an MRI around 1 pm today so I am hoping to find out tomorrow what that showed when I go see him again.

    They really are not sure why the clot formed but I highly suspect his smoking as a huge influence. (Gonna have to smack him upside the head if he takes *that* up again when he's discharged from hospital.)

    So he is not out of the woods yet, but things are positive. Keep all the good vibes heading his way!


    And THIS just in from DONN...

    Chris looks much better than when I last saw him at midnight..he has been admitted into the Medical Ward and he had his MRA today..the results of which will prolly be explained tomorrow..along with the course of which clot busters they will use?

    From a layman's point of view, his spirits were up, he had some colour, he had slept, he could get up and go to the washroom..although he did see stars after..however he was much brighter today.

    I don't know if he is out of the woods or not because he is still on heparin and I don't know anything about the clot busting drugs that will be administered.

    Either way he was joking around and it was very encouraging..hopefully tomorrow will be even better.

  25. BAD NEWS: Just got word from Chris' brohter, Gerry, that Chris started experiencing more 'symptoms' and was sent by ambulance to the bigger hospital complex in town.

    I don't have any other information than that.

    I am scared for him....

  26. PONITA: Just when we were getting our hopes up.

    From here we wait for the medical team to fix him up (please!)and send him back to us.

    UPDATE FOM DONN: Quick Note..
    Just got a call Chris has had another stroke and has been transferred to another hospital????..I'm on my way...

    UPDATE FROM CHRIS'S BROTHER: Hi all - this is Chris' brother Gerry. I just got a call from my mom. Chris has been experiencing more "symptoms" which is not a good sign. He has been rushed to the Health Sciences Centre in an ambulance. This is the best equipped facility in Winnipeg for this issue. I don't know anything more. This happened around 9:30 or so.

    That is all I know - waiting to hear more back from my mom or sister who have gone to that hospital. - I may be on my way back to the Peg.

  27. This is sad.

    So sorry to hear.

  28. An update on Chris. He was taken to the bigger hospital because he had another little stroke where he had right sided weakness and slurred speech, so they decided to transfer him to where the neurosciences specialists are.

    Chris was transferred to the bigger hospital around 9:30 pm after having that little stroke. Once I found out that, I decided to go to the hospital. I couldn't just sit here and do nothing.

    Shortly after he got there, he had another stroke but a big one. He had right sided paralysis and difficulty breathing. They had to sedate him and intubate him and put him on a ventilator to help his breathing. After a short time, they gave him another drug to counteract the sedation so they could assess if he was having any spontaneous recovery (which he had been having after each small stroke). He couldn't talk because of the breathing tube but he did follow commands and looked right at the doctor. At that time, however, he was unable to do anything with his right hand or foot.

    Because he had had the first big stroke on Saturday afternoon, the original clot was too mature for them to use the clot busting drug on that one, but the new clot (they did a CT scan after this last event) would be fresh enough to hopefully respond. The risks are very high, though, because he has been on a blood thinning IV for two days plus he had a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) done on Saturday. Both of those are contraindicated for the IV TPA (clot buster) but they felt that it was his only hope of recovering any function. His case is very outside the box because of the location of the clot, the fact that he's so young and that he seems to be throwing clots from somewhere (the CT scan showed there is no injury to the artery in his brain).

    So what they did was give him the clot bluster over an hour, hoping like hell that he won't have any complications - like a massive bleed in his brain or his spinal column (from the blood thinner IV and the spinal tap). They expected to see some kind of reponse about half way through the infusion (at about 30 mins) but nothing. Just before it was done, he started moving his right leg. Then was able to move more and more of his right side.

    That is all good news but he is still so deep in the forest, you can't even see the edge of the trees. What they are hoping for is that by breaking down the new clot from this evening's stroke, it will let blood through to his brain to prevent the paralysis. And then, over time, his body will reabsorb the older clot. It is too mature to respond to the clot buster. That stuff only works when the clot is still rather jellylike.

    So it is touch and go but positive enough that I came home to try and get some sleep. He has been sent to ICU and the next 12 hours will show what his recovery will be like.

  29. PONITA: I’ll quote from Donn over in his comment on Chris’s blog…

    “Hang in there buddy, you've got a lot of people who love you..hang in there...”

    Last night I dreamed that Chris and I went to a diner for breakfast and I was gagging for a cup of coffee but the waiter kept ignoring me. The waiter was serving Chris but he wouldn’t get me a coffee which I badly needed to wake up.

    The symbolism is obvious…

    I need to wake up and realize how serious this matter is even though I’m trying to bury my head in the sand and pretend everything’s okay.

    I’m hoping this WILL have a happy ending but the reality is that this is no laughing matter despite the fact that I want to tell Chris that he’s missing “Titty Tuesday” on Infomaniac.

  30. UPDATE FOM DONN: As of 10:20 AM there is no change and this means that Chris is not experiencing any internal bleeding form all of the clot busting agents.
    Hopefully they can get him back to point B so that his body can deal with the first clot.

  31. UPDATE FOM DONN: Just got a call from his brother and Chris has suffered another setback and the paralysis on his right side has returned they are rushing in to do another MRI...
    another hour to see the results..

    c'mon Chris fight your way back to can do it..

  32. For those of you who are following Chris’s progress, you can visit the comments section of Chris’s blog for updates.

    Thanks to Donn, Ponita, and Chris’s brother Gerry for keeping us informed.

    And thanks to all of you who commented.

  33. Thanks for the update. I've been missing a lot! I'll go over his blog and leave some good wishes.

  34. EROS: Thanks.

    Go here instead of his blog…