Sunday, April 06, 2008

Album Cover of the Week

This being the Sabbath, Infomaniac brings you A.A. Allen's Great Eight Hits: "The Healer of Broken Hearts."

Go and sin no more, bitches.


  1. I want jesus to be offence all round me.

    Yay first! because God is on my side of the fence.

  2. I really want to hear "When it's roundup time in Heaven." I'm picturing some sort of gay rodeo.

  3. old knudsen's sermon this morning said it was ok to sin .. now i am confused.

  4. Me Too Bittersweet , old knudsen told me masturbation isnt a sin as long as I send him pictures so he can pray for me.
    MJ said the same about nekkid arse shots.
    Religion is just so complicated

  5. Does the AA stand for Always Alarming?

  6. KNUDSEN: Drop kick me Jesus through the goal posts of life.

    DINAH: You’ll have to wait ‘til July for the gay rodeo nearest you.

    BITTERSWEET: Old Knudsen still holds a grudge toward me for posting a YouTube.

    He is trying to confuse you so you’ll come over to his side.

    BEAST: Knudsen also says, “I always makes sure the lady cums first.”

    Just follow his advice and you’ll go far in life.

    And CC those nekkid pics to me that you’re mailing to Knudsen, wouldya? The full frontal ones. That’s a good lad.

    GEOFF: Autofellators Anonymous.

  7. thats not a heart. thats a pancreas.

  8. Yeeeuk! That man has six fingers!!

  9. FN: Since when did you become a health professional?

    Were you involved in the George Clooney medical records scandal?

    Where they found out that George contracted a social disease from Old Knudsen?

    But what they don’t tell you is that YOU passed the social disease onto Knudsen.

    Six degrees of separation, I tell ya.

    Wait…how did this posting turn into a comment section all about Knudsen?

    MUTLEY: Sexadactyly!

  10. 'Always make sure the lady cums first' your just being silly , thats a fable or something

  11. If I don't do a sin a day I get these terrible headaches . . .

  12. BEAST: It says so in the Bible.

    FROBI: You are beyond redemption.

    Your unnatural desire for hot man meat makes you unwelcome at the Pearly Gates.

    Even though you're wearing pearls.

    Which don't go with that frock you're wearing, by the way.

  13. I don't think theres enough Old Knudsen in these comments.

  14. Satan wants you for a blood bath.

  15. George gave it to me, he was way too curious.

  16. ANON: Gog Almighty himself has spoken!

    KNUDSEN: Ha. I laff in Satan’s scaly face for all things are cleansed with blood, and apart from shedding of blood there is no remission.

    Like Frobisher before you, you too will be punished for your man love. George should have worn a condom.

  17. Before I scrolled down and saw the whole thing, I thought you'd goatsed us.

    It really looks like goatse.

  18. T-BIRD: Go to Knudsen's blog if you want THAT kind of smut.