Friday, January 11, 2008

Filthy Friday


  1. 'The Road Runners' initiation ceremony often lead to cholera.

  2. MJ: What the fuck have you done to Tazzy?

    YAY! second.

  3. My God is it Friday already? Thursday was much filthier - unless that toilet seat hasn't been washed for some time.

  4. what is wrong with his nose?


    The connotations of this pic are very very wrong.

  5. The guy in the pic looks like someone that used to be a barman at my old local pub.

    Not that I've ever seen him in that pose.

    And look at the fat (it's certainly not muscle) under his armpits. The flabby cunt.

  6. TICKERS: He’ll need the Acme brand Imodium, then.

    TATAS: Piggy is testing out the Bristol Stool Scale on poor Tazzy.

    KAZ: You could catch something from that seat!

    Wash your hands on the way out.

    BITTERSWEET: ThereSnot anything wrong with his nose, is there?

    PIGGY: Your local…Ye Olde Girth and Mirth pub, was it?

  7. Oh look, it's Insphincter Gadget!
    Now there's a guy who definitely needs TIVO.

    Atleast he shaved his axilla...
    although he looks like he could glide from tree to tree with those flaps!

    I've seen more than enough ass kissing during the Presidential Primaries, I certainly don't need to see anymore out here.

    Hrumph..Good Day to you Madame!!

  8. Oh dear

    this place just goes further and further downhill


  9. He would give you a hell of a shock if he popped out of your U bend!

  10. his nipples are minging.......

  11. wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

    As a weird Canuckistanian once said, "Hrumph..Good Day to you Madame!!"

  12. i agree with cyberguy. this site is going to hell in a handbasket.

  13. HE: One wonders why the axilla is clean -shaven when all the other parts are hirsute.

    Don’t answer. I don’t really want to know.

    SID: For your clever comment you are absolved from potty training for today.

    MANUEL: Could you lend him your rhinestone pasties so he can cover up?

    ELLIE: But you must admit it would be a change from the usual python-in-the-toilet story.

    CYBERDANE, RIMMER, & MAIDY: If you don’t like it, take your business elsewhere.

    Ungrateful bastards.

  14. Is He A Polish Plumber ? Bloody Poles Get Everywhere............

  15. TONY: Everywhere...especially Hebden Bridge.