Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Orgasm Faces

Our Prunella has transformed into “Prunella of the Seventh Level of Blargh!” and her new avatar scared the bejesus out of me when I saw it yesterday …

Piggy had the cheek to say, “I imagine MJ looks like that as she cums. I know IVF does.”

Piggy, that is indeed IVF’s orgasm face.

THIS is my O-face…

And now for the rest of you…

Are these people engaged in sex? Or doing something else?

Take the O-Face quiz and find out.

Ahem! I’m not finished with you! …

There are numerous types of male orgasm faces and all are dependent on the situation during which they occur. How many of the following orgasm faces have YOU made, lads?

e.g. The "I'm So Old I Can't Believe I Can Still Do This" Orgasm Face as popularized by Old Knudsen


  1. Whoopeee! I'm first!

    Take that to the head folks!!

    I don't have an 'o' face. Maybe that's because I never have an 'o'.

  2. I never orgasm unless Watford win an away game on the same day I have sex.

  3. I wouldn't know what my O face is as I have my eyes shut.

  4. You cunt, you surprised me there alright. I bet you do monkey lips when you have an organism.

  5. AWAITING: You must be using the wrong shampoo. Haven’t you seen that woman in the TV commercial?

    TICKERS: What do you do in a draw?

    CONNIE: My guess is that you have the "I'm So Excited to be Getting Laid" Orgasm Face.

    KNUDSEN: And I bet you’re hung like a pygmy marmoset.

  6. Actually, I should correct myself - that's IVF's face at the mere offer of an orgasm.

  7. PIGGY: How many offers do you think IVF gets as a go-go boy?

    And where do they stuff the bills once the thong comes off?

  8. MJ: No, that's the face that I used to have.

    I think they stuff the bills in IVF's coin slot.

  9. CONNIE: I wonder if the Canadian two-dollar coin, the "Toonie" would fit in IVF's coin slot?

    It's rather large... 28 mm in diameter.

    Oh who am I kidding? I could probably fit a whole roll of toonies in there!

  10. Sideways. Don't forget he's got that broom he's always riding.

  11. CONNIE: If IVF does one more "Broom" posting, we'll have to shove broom sideways, won't we?

  12. who looks? i'm too busy to look. they should be too. at that point looking should be the last thing on your mind.
    (you all look like the first photo of lance armstrong, only with varying degrees of sweat driping off the nose and chin. and it's totally hilarious, too.)
    not that i've looked.

  13. ...particularly you, mj.
    dirty, dirty canuckie.

  14. FN: Me? *shocked*

    Sounds like YOU'VE done a lot of research into this matter.

  15. Scottish pygmy marmosets have penal facilities off 9 inches and over so thankyou.

  16. * wakes up and takes painted ping pong balls off eyes *

    What in Christ?! I was asleep! That was my "I'm not really asleep, I'm really paying attention" look.

    Go-Go dancing always takes it out of me...

  17. KNUDSEN: Penal facilities? I don't believe marmosets should be imprisoned.

    IVF: Rest up as you're needed on the dance stage at Steve's coming out party.

  18. Radioactive Howler Monkeys for example - are as you say!

  19. MUTLEY: And I recall the Bridport Radioactive Howler Monkey infestation.

  20. Whoopeee!I,m 21st!:(............i take a long time to come!

  21. Seeing as I'm one of the few bloggers on Planet Earth who have actually met you, I must say that IS a good likeness, MJ

  22. TONY: *listens to sound of Infomaniac readers scratching down Tony's phone number*

  23. WW: Hey! How did you sneak in here? Cunning Canucklehead.

    Hey you cheeky bastard. It was only a drink, not an eye-popper.

  24. That's YOUR story and yer stickin' to it..I love these he said/she said thingamabobs..
    where there's smoke there's always a little fire..and in this case, it would definitely have been a very little fire.

    'Cause your eyes had a mist from the smoke of a distant fire"
    (Sanford-Townsend Band)

    I hope that you follow up with a collection of refractory period faces.