Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dirty Dentist

British dentist Alan Hutchinson was found guilty of using his surgery sink as a toilet.

His dental nurse is quoted as saying, “Dirty bastard. He has peed in the sink. He has. I can smell it. It stinks.”

Alan Hutchinson

The dirty dentist is also accused of using surgical equipment to clean his ears and fingernails, then placing the equipment back on trays to use on patients.

Hutchinson has been suspended from practicing in his Batley, West Yorkshire dental office.


  1. Yay! First!

    The dirty cunt.

    I understand he does Tony's teeth.

    Besides, most Yorkshire folks mouths give the appearance they've never visited a dentist.

  2. PIGGY: So that's why Tony keeps his mouth shut when he smiles.

  3. A Sink! In Yorkshire your Posh to Have a sink..........Mind you , Batley is full of toffs.its the posh part of the county!
    (Ive been on my pc for 5 minutes & it hasnt conked out yet!)

  4. TONY: *pictures the folk of Hebden Bridge rinsing and spitting 'round a communal trough*

    Good luck with the PC, Tony. If we don't see you for awhile, we'll know it's in the shop.

    And if you don't post a pic of you with an open smile, we'll know Piggy was right.

  5. MJ complaining of a filthy tool in the mouth????

    Happy Easter my bitchslut!

  6. Maybe he just thought piss was a natural disinfectant.

  7. The military use to teach you in survival school that piss could be used as a sterilizer if needed. So remember that the next time you use listerine.

  8. so the next time anyone needs a bit of evergency dental surgery out in the wilds of the congo, they can just piss in your mouth and start in with the visegrips??
    sounds like oregon.

  9. SID: Happy Easter to you too, my Numero Uno Bitch.

    Ooops. You’ve dribbled that chocolate egg Creme all over me. Clean it up now!

    EMMA: Thanks to Geo, we now know that it is.

    GEO: I want a posting from you soon on all the tips and tricks you learned in military school. Get to it, Trucker Boy!

    FN: Yes, Oregon. Or Surrey, British Columbia.

  10. I fuckin' love stories like this, as long as they don't affect me in any way that is.
    The best part is this fucker is a member of the rotary club too....or was. A fine, upstanding citizen. Just a bit of a lazy cunt.

  11. EDDIE:

    You'll be a dentist.
    You have a talent for causing things pain!
    Son, be a dentist.
    People will pay you to be inhumane!

    -- from 'Little Shop of Horrors'

  12. Typical of Yorkshire this is, ever since clinton tugged the lad into a sink its anything goes.

  13. That urinal really scares the hell out of me ... you know the teeth thing is scary

  14. KNUDSEN: A sink or a sink estate?

    RICH: The teeth thing? Two words to scare the hell out of you: Vagina Dentata.

  15. The dirty bastard. Everyone knows you're supposed to run the taps after.

    *watches tumbleweed pass by*

    OK, just me then.

  16. TICKERS: No one should take an illicit piss without consulting you first. I've a feeling you know all the angles.

  17. He pissed in the sink. Sorry - I'm not getting this.

    Obviously, he pissed in the sink. What else was he supposed to do? What kind of a fuckin dentist would have a toilet in his surgery?

  18. BOCK: Are you taking the piss or wot?

  19. He makes Laurence Olivier's Dr Szell(Marathon Man)look like Yorkshire Dentist of the Year.

  20. Well, it isn't like he took a shit in someone's lap or anything like that. Christ almighty, this political correctness is really starting to get on my tit.

    He had a piss in the sink? Who didn't? I bet the Queen has the odd slash in the wash-hand basin when no-one's looking.

  21. HE: There's not enough Novacaine in the world to allow me to watch that film.

    BOCK: Some people would pay good money to have someone shit in their lap.

  22. Was I drunk blogging again?

    I coulda sworn I was first!

    *walks off mumbling about taking medication*

  23. AWA: You were first on the Blogging Roundup posting ya drunken cunt.

  24. Dang it...I pulled you up through my history and I guess it gave me the old I saw not the new posts...only this.

    I am giving up the bottle.

    Too much stress.