Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kilt Day

Update! Scroll down for a new pic (NSFW) that I’ve added especially for those Yorkshire poofs Tazzy and Piggy.

December 29th was officially Kilt Day but here at Infomaniac, we encourage you to break free of trouser tyranny every day.


  1. Eww, Lord! I don't know what's worse: the blurry mess under the kilts on the right, or the vile undercrackers of those on the left!

  2. I will be getting my kilt out today!

  3. Looks like hes wearing a pink thong -who'd have thought it? Is the one second from the left the missing Frobisher?

  4. Two little boys hiking up their kilts, in front of eight full grown men waving their undercarriages or underwear around. In front of a church.

    Some people might call that a bit suspect.

  5. IDV: Click on the pic to enlarge, study the pic for an hour, then give us your final decision if you haven't gone blind.

    Spikey1: Mind those winds off the tundra!

    Mutley: It IS Frobi! I thought he'd had a testicle-related accident. Looks like he's back in fine form.

    Kapitano: It's okay, Kapi. It's not a Catholic church.

  6. ahhhh! my eyes! oh, the horror!

  7. Pink: You should know by now to avert your eyes on this blog.

    Piggy: Sorted. See updated pic in this posting.

  8. *faints*


    Where the fuck did you find that pic of me?????

  9. Piggy: That Dorset closet queen Steve sent it to me. Apparently he has quite a collection of nude pics of you.

    It was a bitch trying to Photoshop your penis to look bigger.

  10. Well, he does appear to be well hung.

    I suddenly have an urge to go to bed...with

    Yes, must 'sleep'.

  11. Looks like Piggys extension operation went well.


  12. SID: Don’t be fooled. It’s a prosthesis.